Unity 4.2 Pro and Free version now fully support BlackBerry 10

By Adam Zeis on 22 Jul 2013 11:56 am EDT

Back in May we saw the Unity game engine offered up free for developers on Android, iOS and Windows Phone and while there was no BlackBerry 10 support, it was said to be coming soon. Today, Unity Pro 4.2 has released an update that now fully supports BlackBerry 10. This means that BB10 devs can take advantage of all the great tools that Unity has to offer and create some awesome game titles for the BlackBerry 10 platform. 

BlackBerry has also teamed up with Unity to offer select Unity Pro License holders a free copy of the add-on license if they submit a game developed with Unity to BlackBerry World, plus they will also be eligible for a free BlackBerry Z10.

Press Release

Unity 4.2 Pro and Free version now fully support BlackBerry 10

WATERLOO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - July 22, 2013) - BlackBerry(R) (NASDAQ:BBRY)(TSX:BB) today announced that with the release of the Unity 4.2 update, Unity's more than 2 million strong developer community is now able to use the free and Pro BlackBerry(R) 10 add-ons for Unity to publish their games for the BlackBerry 10 platform.

To further foster the development of high-quality games for BlackBerry 10, BlackBerry and Unity Technologies have teamed up to offer a number of select Unity Pro License holders a free copy of the BlackBerry Pro add-on license until November 20, 2013, if they submit a game developed with Unity to the BlackBerry(R) World(TM) storefront. Additionally, BlackBerry will provide these developers with a free BlackBerry(R) Z10 smartphone.(i)

"BlackBerry 10 is a great platform for gaming, giving customers an immersive experience that's fast, fluid and responsive," said Alec Saunders, Vice President of Developer Relations and Ecosystems at BlackBerry. "Unity developers can now deliver that same immersive experience to their customers with BlackBerry 10. The new add-on makes it very easy for Unity developers to create rich and visually stunning games for the powerful new BlackBerry 10 platform, and we encourage developers to take advantage of the limited time offer and see what BlackBerry 10 can do with their games."

"We want to open paths for our incredibly talented community of developers to find success on the most exciting mobile technology and ecosystems," said Tony Garcia, Executive Vice President at Unity Technologies. "BlackBerry 10 provides an excellent opportunity for all of our developers to connect with an incredible user-base hungry for high-quality BlackBerry 10 games."

Developers can visit http://unity3d.com/unity/download/ today to download Unity 4.2 which includes the BlackBerry deployment add-on.


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Unity 4.2 Pro and Free version now fully support BlackBerry 10


Adam, where have you found this info "BlackBerry has also teamed up with Unity to offer select Unity Pro License holders a free copy of the add-on license" ? I'm one click away of making a new game for BB10 :)

Sounds like a great promotion and incentive for devs to jump on with developing with the new Unity engine.

Posted via CB10 on my white Z10 & lovin' it!

Check out the forums. EVERYONE is upset because they were expecting something better. Spoiled and snobby haters filling the boards!

It is good news though. 2 million devs can now easily port their existing titles to bb10. It may also mean games like Temple Run and DeuxEx will be available soon after the 10.2 release.

It also means way more app service revenue for BlackBerry. The game category generates more revenue than any other app category.

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Actually it works just fine on 10.1

I've been using it to make and test on my z10 for weeks now :)

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If a BlackBerry exec, with a "Games" affiliated title says something great is coming, expect it to be about games. If the exec is a "Security" title, expect a security announcement. How hard is that to figure out? Seriously, Jeppers puts out a tease and y'all think it's about some great world changing BlackBerry wide announcement? Jeppers tease is GREAT! For HIS area of expertise. Get a brain.
. . . smDh . . .

Nice, should get some good titles. I ported Temple Run and Temple Run 2 a couple of months back and they work great as it is.

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I just got this in my inbox :)

We appreciate all the valuable feedback you have given us on the latest tech from Unity and BlackBerry. That’s why you have been hand-picked to receive a Unity BlackBerry 10 Pro publishing add-on worth $1500 and BlackBerry Z10 device for free.

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aaand it turns out that, indeed, earlier mentions of the PlayBook, were entirely on the provision PB got BB10. Oh bother. :/

I just ported my game to bb10. I'd appreciate people checking out the very buggy but very fun prototype. Daggasoft.com.

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