United States Postal Service Embraces The Mobile Web

By Bla1ze on 22 Oct 2009 09:02 am EDT
United States Postal Service Embraces The Mobile Web

The United States postal service has launched their mobile website for all to utilize. The mobile portal allows for tracking and delivery confirmation, zip code look up and USPS location look up as well.

“Our new mobile capability makes USPS services even more convenient for our customers,” said Robert Bernstock, president, Mailing and Shipping Services.

Any mobile user with web access will be able to log on to the Postal Service mobile site no matter where they are, without having to use a personal computer, Bernstock said.

“If they’re on the road, they’ll be able to use the Post Office locator function to find a Post Office that’s close to them. And they’ll also be able to track and confirm delivery of their mail or packages using their mobile phone,” he said.

The press release also mentions the fact the USPS is working on further applications for smartphones which takes advantage of more features such as GPS search and more. Mobile web use is on the rise, it's great to see more and more adoption of it go live.

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Reader comments

United States Postal Service Embraces The Mobile Web


Too bad their service in general sucks so bad that it wouldn't be worth it. Use UPS if you REALLY need to get something delivered.

Track and Confirm.. hahaha.. too funny.

This would be useful if the USPS actually DID update package status.

I understand the negatives that folks are posting. But there is some value to it. For instance, my wife has a small antiques business and every now and then sends stuff to buyers via USPS Priority with Delivery Confirm (we usually give the buyers a choice between UPS Ground and USPS Priority as the prices can vary depending on the package size).

When we are on the road and without access to our home computer, it will be nice for us to be able to see if a package was in fact delivered to a recipient. We don't really need in-transit updates. Typically just a simple "it got there" is all we need.

Let's look at it this way too, the more all kinds of organizations embrace the mobile-web, the better off we will all be in the long run.

Yes but consider, when it's 5p.m. on a Saturday and you know the mail man comes between 12-4p.m. and you begin to panic because there is no timely confirmation. Will the package arrive this week as intended or should you call your customer before they call you complaining?

The point is even if you just want to know it was delivered, not knowing whether it has actually been delivered yet or not means you should assume that it hasn't/or may not for some reason.

It would be like sending a next morning fedex package which should arrive by 10a and not getting a notification that it arrived until 1p. You'd spend all morning wondering or calling the recipient asking if its there. Maybe you're thinking calling isn't that burdensome, but If I'm doing the tracking myself it kinda makes the USPS tracking pointless.

The lack of timely notification makes it unreliable to the point that notification is only marginally useful.

Understood, but I think you are taking a bigger business approach. For us, finding out at 1pm that something did in fact arrive at 10am is ok. We're just don't need anything more real-time than that.

But I do understand. We just fall into the group that the "marginally useful" works for.....

It's about time the Post Office Realized they have to try and catch up to modern times. It's a small step but a step in the right direction.