Unique Ulterior Theme From Elecite

Hot New Ulterior Theme!
By Bla1ze on 18 Jun 2009 07:20 am EDT

Elecite is back with another creative theme. This one takes on the "Alienware" look and has some creative implementations in it that set it off from any other theme out there.

It’s crafted with glowing “ribs” just like the real deal, which are actually fully functional and represent the power of your Battery and Signal meters. It’s extreme quality in the palm of your hand.

2 buttons next to the time control the hatch. Use the right one will open the hatch and reveal a handful of customizable icons. Closing it gives you quick access to your Messages, Media, and Calendar

Ulterior is available for the 8900, Bold and Storm from my testing though while it looks great on all the supported devices, it really shines on the Storm with the big display available to it. You can grab Ulterior for $6.99 from Elecite today. Check out all the screenshots as well as they do differ from device to device slightly.

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Unique Ulterior Theme From Elecite


Its an okay theme but the portait view is flawed. Where the Messages, Media & calendar is located. The other applications are faded behind them. My first Elecite them and it's not what it seems. Not worth $7 for a flawed product.

...with the Mechanism theme I bought a couple of weeks ago. I was not happy with it at all for the same reasons. The Chiron theme, which I bought a few months ago works perfectly though. I think they might be moving a little too quickly and are not fully testing the newer themes.

i totally agree with you.
i also bought the mechanism theme and was disapointed at the bugs it had. not using it anymore :P
This theme looks good but i would not buy it before some reviews are posted. I wont fall again for those 4 beautiful snapshots at the elecite.com...

I LOVE this theme! Yes it has a memory leak, but I'm already doing daily pulls anyway on my Storm. I never owned an Alienware (too expensive for my tastes) but this theme is the next best thing. I really like the opening and closing hatch, and the functionality even with it closed. Quick access to ALL your icons is just a flip of the device away or a press of the screen away. Get this theme you will not be disappointed!

This theme looks great (I do not have it yet). As for your Alienware comment, yes they are expensive but well worth the money.

Hmmm I have not found a single bug. My only complaint would be the memory leak, but most themes are worse on the Storm.

Looks cool, and has a cool concept, but I DL'd it and now its making the rest of my phone run slower. First theme i've DL'd becuase I was very happy with the one my storm came with, but I'll try this one for a few days and worse case I wasted 7 bucks.... What's the memory leak i keep seeing on the post about?

this app looks so awesome. but i haven't heard if it
run on my STORM without lag or any other issues.
anyone down load yet for their STORM?
whats it like? DOES IT RUN SMOOTHLY?


It runs pretty good on my Storm, but my only complaint is the memory leak. However I reboot (battery pull) my Storm once a day anyways and that fixes it. :) It runs fast thou, even with lots of memory leaked out.

This is Junk. Looks cool, but does not work. Loaded and it slowed down and continuously locked up device. Now I cant even remove it, keeps reverting back to this theme.

Maybe none of their themes work well on the Storm. If i get another phone I'll try them out again but otherwise I am staying away from Elecite

Mem went from 51 normal to 48 after initial batt pull.. and withing 30 min it was down to 25! no other apps changed but this. After 2 emails i keep getting them returned... anyone know how to contact this company for a refund?

but after I purchased and launched it on my storm, it showed all my hidden icons. and all my folders went missing.. I guess You can sit there and reconfigure/ re-arrange all your icon/folders. But I didn't want to deal with it. Will swap it for other theme with anyone. PIN 305DD987