Unique Themes From Elecite!

By Bla1ze on 7 Oct 2008 12:10 am EDT
Elecite.com Themes

Everybody loves new themes for their BlackBerry right? Of course ya do, but did any of ya's reach the point where the "typical" style of themes just are not doing it for you any more? I know I have.

Enter elecite and their serious collection of premium themes. Some of you will remember elecite from when the Bold was first announced. They had one of the hottest Bold -"esque" themes out there and were offering it up for free. Since then they have expanded their selection of themes and each one of them is uniquely amazing.

Read on for my look at 3 of these works of BlackBerry art.

Distinct Theme

First up we have..Distinct, with a whole lot of green coloring involved in this theme I do have to say this is my least favorite out of them all, but that's just me. I'm not a huge fan of neon green. With that being taken care of, my personal thoughts on the color should take nothing away from your decision in picking this theme up, I love the background on this one and the custom icons and just the overall abstract art feel of it.

Scion Theme

Next on the list we have Scion, with a circular motion set for the main screen and clearly identifiable icons designed with a minimalist approach this theme just rocks. If you are looking for a nice theme that presents it's self in a unique way while still keeping a elegant style with colors and fashion be sure to check Scion out.

Scortched Theme

Finally on the list, my favorite... Scortched. As some of you may have been able to tell these themes were all tested on a Pearl, however I do use a Bold as my daily BlackBerry and I truly hope this one gets a Bold makeover.

Right down to the custom icons to the icon "focus", this theme is just gorgeous, this is truly one of those themes where pictures of it will never do it any real justice, you have to have it on your device.

Now while I have fell in love with this theme, I did come across a unique situation..not really an issue for me but might be for some. When you change the background wallpaper, you have to consider that the icons when highlighted will still have the "flaming" highlight, therefore may not work well with certain wallpapers. Did not bother me as the wallpaper that comes with it looks awesome.

There you have it folks, 3 unique themes to get you away from the norm. You can grab them over at elecite where they also offer customization options for the icons as well. Please note though, these themes are for devices with 4.5 OS. All of the themes reviewed can be picked up for $6.99 and all of the themes are compatible with 81XX/83XX/88XX devices.

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Unique Themes From Elecite!


The Scion theme is super sweet looking on my Curve. There are quite a few other themes on this site that are great and I highly reccomend picking one up!!

Why wait!!CrackBerry gives you the best way to use a non carrier OS,they even give you links to download and info on how to.

I have a BB Curve 8300, running on 4.2!!!! I want to up grade my OS,.....HOW?!!!!! I'm with AT&T desparately waiting on the BOLD!!! But want to upgrade now!!!

Hope the boyz at CB won't get to mad but u can find all the info you need to upgrade your BB at Pinstack.com,that's where I grabbed mine,there's even a good write up on how to!Check it out..:)

No, but you can use VMware Fusion or Parallels to run a virtual machine with Windows. Upgrading my Curve under Fusion in Windows XP was as smooth as can be.

yea parallels on mac os x is great I have used it and tested it many times .. I have over loaded it and it still did not lag on my Intel Imac so you should be good to

I got the email to download the theme but when
i enter my email and hit the send email botton it's
not doing anything?? any one knows how to fix this?

Had the same problem my self,what you need to do is check your email on your PC or Mac for download info then(either SMS or Email) they well send you the link to your phone and then you can download the theme,make sure you are running OS4.5!Hope this works for ya.

I'm having the same problem. I had the link sent to me via SMS, but when i try to download it on my phone, it won't work.

Any possible way to have the theme work with a Blackberry Curve 8330 with 4.3 OS??? Accidentally paid for it too quickly and it's not working..

Any possible way to have the theme work with a Blackberry Curve 8330 with 4.3 OS??? Accidentally paid for it too quickly and it's not working..

Just downloaded the Scion Theme really looks sharp on my BB 8310 Curve.I like the way the Icons work,they have put your most used on the wheel or dial,haven't tired to change the wallpaper yet.Give this one a try I think you well like Scion.Iam back just tried to change the home screen image,you can change it but you lose some of the coolness all you get is the icons in the ring and you lose the name of the icon but if you can live with this go for it,but as I said this theme is cool!!

Because every time I do I find something else to spend money on! Love these themes. Looks like I'm buying at least 3 of them lol.

Try pulling your battery out let your BB set for a few replace you then should see it works fine on my 8310(4.5):)

You need all the Dimension themes installed on your BB to see these themes. If you have removed them just put them back and you should be good to go.

When I first looked at the Schortched theme I had to have it. I thought it was one of the best theme ever! Totally fits my style.

Then I started noticing things. When you create a theme that detailed its’ annoying when the alarm, Bluetooth, and message icons aren’t changed as well. They jump way out at you and their colors take away from the theme. Also, if you’re a “Day Walker” like I am this theme probably isn’t for you. In my office I can’t truly appreciate this theme (or even read it) with the lights on. In the car or outdoors forget it, I can’t even see what’s on the screen! This theme’s graphics are dark and there is no contrast to any of the icons so you don’t know what you’re selecting.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s beautiful. It’s just going to need more work to actually be useable somewhere other than the club scene.

I've downloaded the new iBerry theme to my Curve, and I can see it in my applications list but I don't know how to activate it. I don't see it in my themes list and I don't see any icon for it on my home screen. I've tried a battery pull to see if it would refresh my themes list, but nothing.

Can anyone help me with some advice? I'm afraid someone's going to tell me that this theme doesn't work on my device.

I've already sent a couple of emails to elecite but there's been no reply yet. I guess they're quick to take my money but aren't as concerned with getting their product to work.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Guys!

With the amount of emails that we're getting, it is impossible to answer each email instantly. Our costumers are very important for us and all emails are being answered within 24 business hours.

Now as far as making 'em work, please check the following:

1. Make sure you do a battery pull after installing a theme.
2. Make sure you have all default dimensional themes installed.
3. Make sure you're running OS 4.5 or higher only!

As far as theme delivery, Elecite downloads can only be received via OTA. You must have BlackBerry data plan in order to install these themes.

Thanks and I hope this resolves some issues.
If there are any questions, please email our team info@elecite.com

I'm sure a lot of people have purchased themes from these guys since they are supposedly receiving so much email that they can't keep up (reference to their Crackberry message).

My personal experience with this company was awful. I bought the iBerry theme and it didn't work on my Verizon 8330. I thought maybe I was doing something wrong so I sent Elecite an email along with an email to Mobihand (the guys you pay at checkout). No one has replied yet, and it's been several days.

It wasn't until I left a message here on Crackberry that those jokers at Elecite responded (with a general message on this site) giving the requirements for their themes, which my 8330 didn't meet (we still have the older OS), which were **nowhere on their website** (maybe they've put them up since my purchase). Nice. Sell the product first, then give the requirements for use. Idiots.

In their Crackberry message they said they respond to all emails within 24 business hours. Okay, fun little wordplay but I get it: 3 business days. Fine, they left a cheery little message on this site, which looks nice to the public but don't you believe it. It's a lie. I sent two emails from different addresses several days ago and I've never received any reply. Furthermore, I've also emailed mobihand letting them know the theme I purchased doesn't work and asking about their refund policy. Also no reply.

It's really not a monetary issue. It's just $6 or $7. Even in a recession that isn't much, but I simply hate businesses that rip people off. It's not okay to treat most customers okay as long as everything goes smoothly, then just ignore those few who have problems. A lot of people have Verizon BB Curves. I'm sure I'm not the only person who has had this problem.

I never do business with any company who conducts itself in this manner. I don't like rewarding jerks and con men. They have nice themes but I'm hoping this message will deter some people from feeding money to a business that doesn't care about its customers.

Sorry about the length of this message but I wanted all the details out there. Your experience may vary but this is what happened to me.


I just got a BB BOLD, and downloaded a theme designed for the BOLD from ELECITE. In addition to it being inflexible, and not showing the menus, and slowing my phone way down it will not delete or turn off, even when i select a different theme. I know that the the instructions for deleting don't work, i tried the suggested method of going in through the advanced options feature, and it still will not go away or even turn off. And the ELECITE people have no phone number and will not return my emails. if anyone has any ideas, HELP! THANKS!