Create your own inspirational proverbs with Unique Keep Calm Generator for BlackBerry 10

By Alicia Erlich on 2 Jul 2013 02:49 pm EDT

For those of you who can't get enough those Keep Calm and Carry On posters here's your chance to create your very own personalized image and saying. This novelty application allows you to design your own motivational phrases to save to your device or share with friends and followers. Not only does it contain its own default text but users can customize each line and set the background.

A recent update brought with it the option to include shape or symbol at the top, change the text color, and select from built-in or your own personal backgrounds from your library. Images may be exported, shared or set as wallpaper to showcase your witticisms.


  • Change background with pure colors or pictures in your gallery or just take a shot. Some perfect built-in pictures you can also easily choose.
  • Each line the words can edited whatever you want, also each line of the color can be changed.
  • One key set as wallpaper.
  • Share them with your friends on twitter, facebook, bbm, email, messages.

For me, a wider array of color options and symbols would be nice as well as the option to insert personal logos. This popular meme generator is not for everyone, but for those that are fans you'll never lack for possibilities. Keep Calm Generator by MMMOOO is $0.99 and supports the BlackBerry Q5, Q10, and Z10.

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Create your own inspirational proverbs with Unique Keep Calm Generator for BlackBerry 10


This has been the only thing "on time" from BlackBerry as of late....actually had a chuckle.

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

Someone went to a lot of trouble to create this. Giving a negative sentiment like this just doesn't work. It may not be an app for you but it is for someone. Encourage developers to create apps. Don't suggest that it's useless. That's just my opinion and i am allowed to provide my opinion. Freedom of speech and such. Lol.

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Keep calm and don't worry about getting 10.1 update just be happy you have a BlackBerry. I guess that is a good marketing tool.

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Hey the company is shite but at least developers are producing 'keep calm and . . .' apps so everything must be OK! Drop dead I'm very drunk

I made the keep calm bla bla bla.. all the time using a website and its free.. i am sorry to say i agree with the poster above that this app is basically useless or at least dont have the wow and 'i must have that' factor.. come on bring us something.. fix the pic app at least.. no panorama pic, self timer and the effect is bad either.. come on blackberry wake uppppppp!!!!!

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Everything this app does can be done for free on the Internet. Maybe if it had more features I'd consider.

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If I see one more person wearing these shirts with some lame ass slogan I'm going to heave all over them.

No one I've asked thus far has the slightest idea what the sentiment is even about.
I personally think people should know their history before joining in with the masses and not wear things they know nothing about.

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I wasn't going to get a BlackBerry 10, but now it's a done deal.

Psyche. I have two BlackBerry 10's already. Haha. Werd

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Why would anyone go to the trouble of posting that a new app is useless? Maybe there's somebody out there that is waiting for this app so that they can finally get their BB10 device! :)

Keep calm. Period.

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