Union releases Burn the City, Falling Fred and Kona's Crate to BlackBerry App World

Union Unity
By Bla1ze on 19 Oct 2011 03:51 pm EDT

As noted in yesterdays BlackBerry DevCon general session keynote, the folks from Unity have now started their roll out of games for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Burn the City, Falling Fred and Kona's Crate have all been approved  to BlackBerry App World and are available for download. Surprisingly, they're not priced nearly as high as some of the other games we've seen released most recently. All three titles are available for only $.99 cents.

Check out all the Union titles in BlackBerry App World



looks good! My playbook is becoming stuffed with new games, I can hardly keep up...


It's good to see something, finally, come from Union/Unity. However, it's somewhat surprising that the three games that have been released are not the ones that were initially spoken about or shown in May 2011. For example:

Samurai II: Vengeance
Racer by Luma Arcade
AirAttack HD by Art in Games
Battle Bears -1 by SkyVu Pictures
Chop Chop Tennis by Gamerizon.

Samurai II: Vengence has been on my must buy list for so long :)


I look foward to more games from this company!! keep em coming at .99 cents please!


I bought all 3 games starting with Burn the City last night. Both Konas Crate and Falling Fred stalls and crashes at the loading screen just before the actual game starts. I'm sure it works properly with any OS version other than OS

BTW... Burn the City is amazing. Maybe BlackBerry doesn't need a Angry Birds.


know what i dont like? devs who dont include ample screenshots. ... i'll pass


I agree but was convinced to buy after looking at these game's reviews on the iPhone and iPad's. Plus I felt you can't go wrong when only spending $.99.

Now I just gotta wait for the 2.0 downgrade tonight. Ugh


Gameloft and EA have my full attention haha, I woulda risked it before. But after coughing up big bucks already, I'm gunna hold off on any risks for a bit ;D


Playbookgamer dot com have a lot of screenshots for Playbook games.


I bought falling fred and crashed on my PB 2.0. Downgrading now to hopefully play this sweet games.


I haven't tried the other two yet, but Burn the City is awesome. Angry Birds is a little played out and this is a well done game that is similar, yet has a fresh take on it.


Burn the City is a great game, for me and my taste (the family pyro) it is better than Angry Birds.