Union hosting huge sale on BlackBerry PlayBook games

Union games for the BlackBerry PlayBook
By Bla1ze on 16 Aug 2012 06:32 pm EDT

Since the release of the BlackBerry PlayBook, Union has been adding plenty of new titles to BlackBerry App World. Keeping up with all the titles has been a task on its own. A good task mind you, but possibly detrimental to ones funding resources.

Knowing that everyone likes a sale, Union has now gone ahead and dropped the prices on a whole slew of their most popular titles. If you're looking to pick up some games on the cheap, now is the time. Hit the link below to check all the Union titles in BlackBerry App World.

Union Games for the BlackBerry PlayBook now on sale

Reader comments

Union hosting huge sale on BlackBerry PlayBook games


I don't buy games on sale. I did that before. I had to reinstall later after a wipe and it said the price changed and would not let me reinstall without a purchase.

I have the same issue with a few apps. They weren't important enough to buy up, but still frustrating. There have been a couple I did buy though.

I just think if I buy something on sale, it should be mine to use as I see fit. If I decide I don't want it on my device until a later date, then I shouldn't be penalized because of it.

No blame to the vendors, but the system should be fixed. If you own it, then own it. (This is excluding paid updates should a vendor choose to go that route)

When is that screen cap from? My App World looks different, the apps are in 2 rows on the bottom of the screen as opposed to the 3 x 4 box on the right of the screen. Also, some of the games are cheaper for me. Not sure if the differences (screen layout and prices) are due to it being an older screen shot, me being in Canada or some other unknown reason lol I'm also running the latest Beta 2.1