Understanding the Market’s Reaction to RIM’s CEO Switch

Thorsten Heins
By Chris Umiastowski on 25 Jan 2012 01:19 pm EST

So here we are, after two full days of digesting the RIM CEO switchover to Thorsten Heins. The stock declined almost 13% in that time, although it's recouping some of that loss today.

A few weeks ago I got an email from a friend. There were rumors of a change of leadership on the board of directors and the market was reacting positively. The email from my friend said, "Wow, imagine what kind of reaction we'd get if Mike and Jim stepped down!"

It seemed logical enough to me. Investors wanted change and the rumors were causing investors to cast stock market votes with their dollars. So when the news broke on Sunday night, I thought we'd see a positive reaction when the market opened on Monday.

I wanted to write this article to address the problems that Wall Street has with the changes that RIM has made. I'll offer my perspective, and I'll raise some questions that I have.

First of all, the Street wanted to see more drastic change. I read more than a handful of analyst reports from my former competitors. Almost everyone wanted to see an outsider brought in to take on the CEO role.

I feel it's important for the incoming CEO to understand the real issues going on at RIM. He needs to understand the problems with the corporate culture, yet not be a part of the problems that go back 10+ years. Thorsten stepped into his first role at RIM when the company had already peaked. The culture was well established. To me he is an outsider who spent 4 years inside the company learning about its issues.

In my opinion, the biggest issue at RIM has been the company's unwillingness to demand more from itself. Much more. Many analysts point out how Thorsten was in charge of handset engineering, and how he must have therefore have been a contributing factor to RIM's problems. But I think we all realize the real problems have been related to software, top-level product vision, and ecosystem development. Those are not handset engineering problems.

I have a ton of respect for Mike and Jim. But what I think doesn't matter. There was a cultural problem and a large number of employees and former employees believe that the former Co-CEOs were at the heart of the problem. Regardless of how effective Mike and Jim were in building RIM to a $20 billion dollar company, it seems to us that the community of employees is energized by the fact that there is new leadership at the top.

RIM was a manage-by-consensus company, and all disagreements floated to the top. This was not healthy. It was also not healthy to have a culture where you were either part of Mike's organization or Jim's organization. Simply eliminating the Co-CEO structure looks like it will be helpful to getting things done at RIM.

The second major argument made by Wall Street is that Thorsten intends to simply maintain the company's existing strategy and not make any drastic changes. I admit that in his introductory videos and interviews (watch below) he could have pleased analysts more by spending time discussing his straight-up views on where RIM needs to improve. Thorsten showed a lot of excitement for the future, but if you read between the lines he did make some pretty easy-to-spot comments about where he sees RIM needing to change.

I don't think RIM would benefit from drastic changes in strategy. It could benefit from drastic changes in leadership beyond the CEO level, and it would certainly benefit from drastic improvements in execution ... but strategy? I don't think so.

I've seen analysts say that RIM should ditch BB10 and adopt Android. And in the exact same article I've seen the same analyst say that RIM should license BB10? WTF?

Let me lay my opinion clearly on the line here. If RIM adopts Android and dumps BB10 they are done. Over. Finished. It will never happen. Can you imagine how long it would take to forklift everything they've build to make it work on Android? And they'd have to completely give up control over the OS to Google too? Yeah, that sounds like a wonderful change in strategy.

Sometimes drastic is dumb.

I'm really anxious to see what kind of moves Thorsten makes. Who will lead the hardware engineering team now? Who is really in charge of software engineering at RIM now? Will they make additional executive changes surrounding the cloud infrastructure? I feel that RIM has some incredible opportunities to leverage its network infrastructure but they have been moving far too slowly, almost as if they've been waiting for Apple to come along with iCloud and cause them pain.

I don't know who could have been the alternative external CEO for RIM. But I do know that Thorsten is an improvement over what has been happening at RIM. I look forward to watching him work.

We'll be all over this at CrackBerry.

TV Interviews with RIM CEO Thorsten Heins

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Understanding the Market’s Reaction to RIM’s CEO Switch


Nope, a bunch of people realized that yesterday's down turn was a bunch of bunk and now some day traders made some money.

You don't think RIM's problems relate to their hardware? Where have you been for the last 3 years? The Tour's track ball issues? The Storm 1's screen issues (both required silent recalls). The decision to make the BB OS7/7.1 Flagship Touchscreen an all plastic device (including a plastic screen, bezel and raised plastic buttons) rather than the styling of the top of the line materials used in the bold? The decision to give tiny incremental boosts in application space? Even the newest devices boot out the box with the same or less memory than some OS6 devices - which in-turn affects the applications written for the devices. The absolute headwind RIM created against themselves to using things like cameras and storage? Like football needs good offense, defense and special teams; companies like RIMM need good software (OS), good hardware and a decent application ecosystem. RIMM has serious hardware issues. A failure to recognize that will result in an incomplete fix.

Whats bad about the 9900? I love mine. And even the Storm 1 could be made to work reasonably well with a business card folded behind the battery! I missed mine when I changed to the 9800.

RIM's hardware may not be perfect, but neither is anyone elses.

The 9900? Really? Who made the decision to not have an autofocus camera on a device in 2011? Did anyone consider that any application which relyies on an autofocus camera will not work (such as ANY APPLICATION TO READ BAR CODES AND/OR QR CODES?)

The head of the handset division is responsible for these calls. To elevate him to CEO shows the BOD is still in Mike and Jim's pocket and either refuses to see the issues or is powerless to change them. Last January I predicted RIMM under $20 in the forums and was lambasted - I tell you once again, any negativity in March's call (earnings, delays, profit, write offs etc) will drive RIMM below $10 and ripen them for a not too hostile bid.

Wow, I was reading your blog warming up to totally tear you to pieces only to find myself agreeing with you. I'm not goint to judge the new ceo without giving the guy a chance to succeed or fail but as far as defending the bold that could have been almost the PERFECT Bold with a couple of decisions that were simple then you can't really defend that engineering was not part of it.

At the same time though the article also stated that everything went through the twins so who's to say that the new CEO's hands was not forced back then but now he gets to express his productive side. Pure speculation but I wouldn't put it above the twins considering that it took forever just to get a camera.

Can't you couldn't afford a decent camera? Not like they're expensive.

Having said that I use the camera on my Bold all the time, and to be honest have never noticed the lack of autofocus. And QR and barcodes aren't an issue either. Though I look forward to when we don't need barcodes because everything is NFC. NFC is fantastic.

And I have a rather nice Nikon that cost me a small fortune that I use for photography.

As for RIM's future. I suggest you investigate the new board member. If RIM's price falls any further I expect them to go private. Prem Watsa doesn't invest money unless he KNOWS he'll get a return.

but really is a very small amount who can truly complain about those things, since some of these cases were pretty much new tech at the time at least for RIM (full touch surepress and full touch non-surepress for example). Anyway, I think the PB is a good example as to their focus on hardware. The 7th paragraph (the one you are referring) highlights the issues that most of us blackberry users face, and of course those should be the ones with most priority

+ 1,000
other hardware issues i would like to ask Heinz about: The original, underpowered Torch 9800, the disaster of the entire Storm series, the Suicidal 9900's that to this day no one has offered a solution for....
C'mon! This guy was the head of the handset division. He was directly responsible/accountable for these messes.

MATCH! Exactly this is the point. In Germany (Thorsten will understand this) we have a proverb: "...den Bock zum Gärtner machen!" It means something similar like to set a fox to keep the geese or to set a thief to catch a thief... RIM is a backward manufacturer and they produce backward and uncompleted products. They have overslept the market and react like every helpless manufacturer with no ability to take critism: job cuts! Siemens (where T. Heins came from) dies in germany (and the rest of the world) in the handy/handheld-division cause of disability to produce suitable phones... Bad omen? For my opinion RIM has to be aggressiv and offensive and has to purchase expert knowledge from outside to get manpower! Other companys are able to produce suitable products cause they invest in the future. Okay, RIM does buy QNX in the past, but why? To have more properties? I cant believe, that it needed around three years to adapt QNX-know how into an not full developted and non-competitive playbook...(f.ex.)
We have to face the fact, that RIM becomes third-class with no will to have the balls... When BB 10 will arrive the market (in 2013?) nobody will have a look for it, cause all the other manufacturer wont do RIM the favour to go asleep for a year! And some of them have even korean balls...!!!

RIM tends to run after TOO MANY devices at a time.
Two low tier, two mid-range and two top of the range is enough. And that is only because they pride themselves in catering for emerging markets.

PS as for Android on BBs - this is not so far from what's happening now anyway. The new OS does not work over BES. It has not worked over BES. It works by creating a VPN over/on Microsoft's Exchange Server. How different is that than using an Android on Exchange Server? And they both use the same base programming language. Not the direction I would go in, but it's not that far from where they are now - - which is by the way at least 9 months from releasing a handheld with a new OS on it.

hiring a chief marketing officer is a great move. that's one of the things they needed desperately. I hope they have enough time to get the word out on some of the new changes in pb OS 2.0.

I for one agree completely. Those that listened carefully heard what you have indicated. I believe this is a good change and disagree with the analysts. They only see the company from the numbers and really don't know what is going on within RIM beyond that and runours so their only solution is to make drastic changes. I can't even believe the suggestion that BB10 be abandoned and RIM move to Android. They would become just another player in the already overfilled roster of Android vendors.

Drastic change is not what is required, RIM just needs to build on their strengths and fix the issues that are preventing them from realizing their full potential. I believe that 2012 is going to be a great year for RIM and am looking for to seeing it happen. Hopefully it will shut up at least a few of the haters and greatly reduce the noise levels.

The problem with BB10 is what happens a year or two after they release it. Will there be many 3rd party apps? The smart money suggests that developers will continue to ignore the Blackberry QNX platform as they have ignored BB OS7. RIM has traditionally had terrible SDK's and lukewarm Developer relations.
The advantage to Android, is that there is immediate access to 400,000 apps the Android Market offers. Really, RIM just needs to port BBM over, a solution to BES/BIS, and skin Android and they become immediately competitive.
I know it is painful to suggest dropping QNX this late in the game, but it does make sense.
For the record, I would like to see RIM give QNX a shot before fleeing to Android. QNX is a pretty cool alternative, IMHO. And I am still hopeful for some TAT UI goodies to appear.

RIM put itself in a terrible place when it announced BB10 as a totally different platform from their previous software. It means development now, before anyone really knows what BB10 will look like on a smart phone, is out of the question. It places folks currently on BB7 to worry that anything we have currently won't work on our next smartphone and we will have to buy everything all over again. So developers don't develop and buyers have reason to postpone their purchases. Not a very good place to be.

I was very happy first when Mike and Jim were down as a CO-CEO cuz RIM needs changes !
but then after all interviews and news that I sow, I don't think Thorsten will make anything new, I might be wrong but realty says that RIM is working to slowly which is not good !

Great article. I too agree there are a lot of positives. His own introduction to the public on Sunday night was very positive but, as usual, folks latch on to certain words and then twist it to the opposite of what he probably meant. I appreciate his professional approach and he'll soon hire someone who says exactly what everyone wants to hear. The company offers great form and function product and I firmly believe Heins eyes are on RIMM's own backyard. Hopefully he can direct the nose of the plane to an upward, vertical ascent by shedding what took them downward. The next 2 quarters will be interesting.

A Crackberry reader for 3 years. This gotta be the IMO, best article ever written. Not biased and totally gives me a reader a good big picture.

Well thoughtout :)

It's true that RIM's approach has been part of the problem with it's fall from grace.

But the fact is the devices still do a pretty good job at their core functions. Which is why in many parts of the world RIM is still selling at a phenomenal rate.

The key is carriers. In North America carriers make more money selling cheap Androids and so push Androids. Just check Verizons online site if you want evidence. Something like 90% of the phones for sale are Android. Very little focus is placed on BlackBerry. Up until recently Androids have been dumped on the North American market and carriers have done very well.

And you don't need to read too many "financial analysts" sites to realise RIM's stock price is the victim of massive (coordinated?) short selling. So that the price no longer has any relationship to the performance of the company.

I would argue that that alone already indicates big changes @ RIM. When did you see Mike & Jim talking to people? Not often, they were not comfortable talking with the public. That in it's self is fine, but then they should have hired a spokes person to get out there talking to people....instead no one ever knew what was going on at RIM.

Chris is right on the money.

Let's be honest, none of us really know RIM's actual strategy. What are they really planning for the next calendar? We know there is a strategy in place. What a great deal of this has to do with implementation and marketing. As 'Thor' has said, those will be his focus. He doesn't want to release too soon and he wants to improve marketing. This, by itself, could change everything. RIM has, for too long, been complacent with marketing itself - to their detriment.

I expect that the stock will continue to rebound, that PB OS 2.0 is going to continue the impression of the PB. I'm expecting that the number of models will be reduced and they will streamline how they are released.

If you listened to Thorsten's comments and still have warm and fuzzies, you are truly a fanboy of the highest order. Wall Street reacted as it did because RIM simply replaced the old Guard with a younger member of the old guard. Some of Thorsten's statements are hilarious, if not incredibly stupid.

RIM is in shambles and needs an IMMEDIATE 180. Not a younger member of the same old same old.

Prediction: RIM will be sold or partly broken up in 12 months. If they are still around after that, they will be a WP7 or Android licensee. I have always felt RIM had a chance, but after hearing Thorsten I believe it is only a matter of time.

I'm not sure what "warm and fuzzies" has to do with anything. However, the more statements I read from you, the more it seems your statements are not your own thoughts, but of those who demand instant gratification.

Your statements are vacuous and without substance.

I believe RIM's strategy is sound. Their execution of it will determine their success.

Yes, Berrybait, their strategy is so sound their stock has lost over 80% of it's value. It's so sound their market share is now in the single digits. It's so sound they are being sniffed by healthy Mobile companies as aquisition bait. It's so sound that respected Tech journalists write story after story asking if RIM will survive another 12 months....
Listen, I love my Blackberry. I own a Playbook (and love it). I want RIM to succeed for a variety of reasons. But this blind allegiance to what amounts to Incompetence of Gigantic Proportion is not helping RIM, it is hurting.
I was hoping, and apparently all of the Market was hoping with me, that an outsider would come in and immediately point out that they are on a sinking ship and double time it.
I understand if you misconstrue some of my comments as trolling. But listen to what this new guy says...it is mind boggling to suggest that RIM "innovates too much". That right there should have even the most hard core Crackberrian's attention. To say my statements are "without substance" shows just how out of touch with reality you really are.

BS Wall Street reacted the way they did because as usual they don't really have a clue. If they did everyone investing based on their recommendations would be very wealthy now. They reacted to all the negative press which also spooked many investors following their advice. Interesting that one of Canada's most savvy investors and businessmen is now on the board and been buying RIM stock while these "analysts" have been panicing everyone to sell.

As someone else here haas stated, no one really knows what is going on in RIM except RIM. Everyone else including the analysts are on the outside looking in. They may as well be using a crystall ball.

RIM didn't achieve what they have by accident. This is not a fanboy speaking since it is true no matter which technology leader you can bring up.

This is not a lot different from Apple when people were preaching doom and gloom. They also changed CEO's from within in spite of what all the outside arm chair execs were saying was wrong with Apple.

So true. The only people who agree with this article are the diehard fanboys.

The first time I heard the news I had so muh optimism. Then when we learned that the dynamic due was still in I realized that this whole change is just a dog and pony show in an effort to appease the market, the media, and critics.

The article is very biased and in denial. I hope I'm wrong but I fear this is the first step toward the end of RIM as we know it today.

Having been a Blackberry addict for a long time I can say that RIM lost they way somewhat.

Once apon a time it was a market leader and now it is struggling but they are in an excellent position to make a massive comeback.

Thorsten needs to be a leader like the late and great Steve Job.

I wish I was in his place right now!

The battle has only just begun RIM ,QNX and Blackberry in the right hands OMG what a combo.

Will he see the light or will he crash and burn lets see.

By the 2nd Quarter the writing will be on the wall so not long to wait.

I am not sure he is the right man for the job but I hope I am wrong.

"Thorsten needs to be a leader like the late and great Steve Job."

No one is like Steve Jobs. He was the greatest salesman this world has seen in a centry. (regardless on what I personally thought of him as a person)

If Thorsten is half the leader Steve was, RIM will do great :)

Improving marketing is definitely necessary. Take a look at Facebook: every now and then North America has a trade up program. Such programs are not available in Europe.
But this just half the rent. RIM has to implement a sense for quality in software engineering and development. While the hardware is really excellent, OS7 is far from competitve!

I really like how Thorsten said one of his main focuses will be on process efficiency and getting things done on time. He also doesn't have time for any bullshit, as you can see in his interviews. He tells people the facts without embellishing. Finally, RIM is out there COMMUNICATING. Go RIM go!

But yea, when you want to get shit done and done right, bring in the Germans ;)

Mike and Jim's skills and ego got RIM to a certain plateau and at the same time were limiting factors in getting it to the next level. RIM is so close yet so far to recapturing much of its former shine.

IMO it was best for an internal candidate to succeed and I don't think it will be more than a quarter or 2 to witness big steps towards improved execution, communication and marketing.

Also I think Prem Watsa's addition to the board is a major coup.

The bear argument against RIM has been sliced and diced ad nauseam.

A big part of RIM's future hinges on QNX so I look for Dan Dodge to play a pivotal role in RIM's future. Who isn't anxiously awaiting to see how Thorsten brings PlayBook OS 2.0 to market? On time, promotion, functionality and a sneak peak at what customers have to look forward to BB 10? I have a hard time embracing BB 10 as I did BBX. Too bad they don't explore other alternatives. For example, QBNX?

My take is that "hot money" from arbs and hedges, looking for a break up or sale, took their money of the table.

Very nice article. Just proves analys dont really know anything, just a bunch of retarded writers who think they know something when all they know is nothing. And why should we really listen to these wall street turds anyway. Arent these same ppl who are responsible for the state of our economy today. Is it not in the best interest of the US that Rim dies, just so that some corporate vulture can buy it out cheap. Suggesting to abandon bbos in favour of andriod or windows? Are these analysts thinking with their brains or their arse?

Sure Rim has alot of internal issues but how are we supposed to to know actually what they are. And i can assure you no matter who gets appointed ceo, its gonna be negative simply cus too many ppl wants them to Rim. Qnx is rim ace card and the future of mobility. Once Rim fully intergrates this powerful os into its infrastructer the enterprise sector will truly appreiciate this advantage. Rim's stragy is sound but like alot of ppl are saying its excution that needs alot of work. I am for this ceo and i hope he does well for Rim


I think the drastic change some wanted to here was that the new CEO would try to sell off the company. That to me is irresponsible thinking. However, don't forget that there is a huge volume of open interest in RIMM shares. This stock has been the whipping boy of day-trading options players for nearly a year. It will be tough to shake those people off the shares, and RIMM shares will not advance until open interest vastly declines.

Did anyone else hear Thorstain say (first video to Global TV - Calgary) that they "revamped the EMPIRE"? lol he corrected himself, but I bet he's a "RIMPIRE STRIKES BACK" fan....we already know he's a CB fan :)

And thats the biggest problem Rim is facing. i truly thought when Rim announced the new ceo, investors would be more confident, but as it turns out their still not happy. Wat possible good can come out of selling and spliting the company other then short term gain, like those idiots @ jaguar. Everybody wants to shift their interests towards andriod or ios, but they are gonna run their course. Unless Google is able to handle the fragmentation issue, that os is gonna crash and burn one of these days. And then you have ios, which will becomes stagnant and victim of its own success. You have windows which is unproven in the mobile space, no real world track record. If you look @ allof these factors what you u have left but qnx. This is most likely why Rim is sticking with playbook (imo) and why Rim is taking so long to release bb10.

Rim knows its future and where they stand. Just so long as they dont heed or yield to idiots like jaguar they will come out on top evetually.

RIM has problems, this guy was here when these problems occurred, so in some way he is part of the problem. I don't see how you go from being part of the problem to part of the solution. I feel that this guy is somewhat of a puppet and there will be no real change. It is the "good ole boy network" that believe everything is"ok" and this change was made to appease the shareholders. Unless there is some earth shattering changes.....licensing of BBM, maybe extending the secure enterprise to other platforms, reducing the amount of handsets produced, those are the drastic changes that need to happen to really make a difference. At this point, unless they come thru with incredible new software.....and fast...then they have to admit defeat and focus on where they can make the most significant impact.
I hope I am wrong, because I love me sum Blackberry.....but I am rather skeptical at this point and they will have to show me!!

I want this guy to succeed...really. But all we in the market hear so far is...

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Some of the blunders in the past year almost seem to hard to believe. could it be all part of a takeover plan. i was involved in potash when it was approached by bhp (similar to rims shares) pot traced downward for a extended period while its peers advanced. market sentiment became extremely negative in a short amount of time and downgrades were a dime a dozen. its a method to shake out the faint at heart and reward investors who can read between the lines. these guys have people working round the clock on the financial side of things. they know of changes in their market place in a milla second and are prepared to respond just as quick if they choose to. some sticking points that defy logic for me was the purchase of the nortel patents with apple?? no in depth financial media coverage on how this relationship came to be or what is the plan to share these patents. the dec 2 guidance?? why guide down in advance having shares hit that day and then again on dec 15. ...so one troubled quarter hits the stock twice....somethings up

I love my BB and PB but I don't invest my future in faith and hope. I haven't seen any move from RIM to stop the hemeraging of stock value. I'm not buying a single stock for the novelty of it, I'm buying for my future retirement and right now RIM hasn't given me any reason to invest into them.

Excellent analysis! Main reason stock is down - Short term stock players hoped for quick profit, & don't see RIMM being acquired now.
RIMM now has CEO with experience outside RIMM and inside RIMM!
RIMM is doing everything right given its marketplace!
Go RIMM. OS2 will be best tablet by far!

it seems all these analysts cant see beyond their own feet. They think a massive change is going to happen over night.. RIM is building a new Operating System, that takes TIME and they want to get it right. BB7 is good enough to hold down the fort until september. If more people just gave the PlayBook a chance they would see that things are moving in the right direction.

I think what the analysts are mindful of is that in Tech, Time is of the essence. The further RIM delays it's handsets, the more difficult it will be to gain Market traction.
Palm is a great example. They dilly-dally'd around and the market moved on without them. By the time HP got products shipping, they realized what an uphill battle it would be to compete (costing billions) and decided it wasn't worth it.
The quicker RIM ships BBOS 10, the better for everybody.

Call me simple minded, but really....REALLY....there should be strong emphasis in STICKING to the keyboard and get this.....invest in future battery development! There is untapped opportunity for a company like RIM to jump on this! Keep the your standings in battery life, but there is always room for improvement. We have the technology damn it; the one to come out on top with the latest in battery technology will be GOD in this market. Put that bad boy in your portfolio and watch the dollars and future innovations start to skyrocket at RIM.

To hell with the OS, for now (still focus on BB10), and get this battery game in motion under lock and key!

I know I'm not even close to going below the tip of the iceberg where RIM's issues are at, but I'll be damned if that is not one area NO ONE in the game is at right now.

F$%k it - GO FOR BROKE!

I don't have confidence in the new follower, Thorsten. He said it clearly in his interview that he will follow Jim and Mike's footsteps and continue on the same path. He will even consult with them from time to time.

Anyway, we'll see.

maybe Thorsten is seen as someone who they could depend on not to stray from plans while giving the market the change they called for. but they re real focus of importance is in having a coo who can deliver in terms of executing bb10 internally. if they had just made a coo change the market would of jumped all over it an put some negative spin on it. so they killed to birds and didnt disrupt their direction

When my team changes the GM the last thing I want to hear about is all the things we have been doing right around here...the change happened for a reason.

Now saying that, no one is their right mind expects that the new CEO will come out and say boy what a POS this company is good thing I got here when I did because oh boy it's bad here. It would be nice to hear from behind the scenes in the next few days that the guy is kicking butt and taking names as I think that needs to be done even so.

I have been a BB owner since the 7520 and have taken a new one every year starting with the 8820 to the current 9810 I want to believe that this guy is the goods and understands what it will take to get RIM to compete with iOS and Android and not head down the same road as Palm.

Like my analogy above my team made it's move and I will come back this season and buy tickets. I think it's lucky for the new guy that it looks like OS2 for the PB is ready for prime time and the market doesn't expect a new BB10 handset till Q3 or Q4 but that better Albert Puljols when it gets here because Thorsten the market will judge you by that phone right or wrong.

I still believe RIM has a lot of work to do both hardware and software wise and I have made that case in my recent posts. Nothing more to do now but sit back and hope past performance is no indication of future results

This is the market's reaction: RIM replaced its terrible co-CEO with an insider that no one has heard of who plans to keep RIM on the same disastrous course as his predecessor. 'nuff said.

Drastic is jumping off a sinking ship. Is RIM sinking? Well, according to investors it is. However, according to hard data, RIM's doing okay. Some setbacks but not a sinking ship: no debts, no losses to report.

Indeed, all tablets are doing poorly, except the iPad. Hey, didn't HTC recently announce they won't meet projected targets? Investors expect the meteoric wireless growth to continue. That is just not sustainable! It is foolish not to realize that.

Apple releases an iPhone every year, just about the same time, so that folks on one-year contracts can buy the relatively new next gen iPhone. RIM cannot wait 2 years to release a Storm 3, as they did with the 9860. Those looking to buy full touch devices had to go with the 2 year old Storm 2 (unlikely!) or hitch a ride with iOS or Android -- now those folks are locked in for at least a year or two with someone else.

What killed the Storm line is RIM's inability to recognize that many users wanted a full touch device! They ignored that form factor and Apple and Android exploited it. Yes, RIM builds the best keyboard devices, but almost 2 years without a Storm 2 replacement was a huge oversight and a very serious mistake.