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Un-carrier 6: T-Mobile frees music from your data limits

Uncarrier 6: T-Mobile frees music from your data limits
By Chuong H Nguyen on 18 Jun 2014 09:51 pm EDT

T-Mobile is announcing music freedom as part of its Uncarrier 6 announcement today. With 67 percent of music streamers listening to music on their mobile devices, T-Mobile's un-CEO John Legere says that he doesn't want users to limit their streaming due to fears of overages. As such, streaming from all the major music streaming services won't count against your data limit as part of Uncarrier 6.

So, if you stream from the following services, data consumed from the following services won't count against your data plan, no matter how much you stream:

  • Pandora
  • iHeartRadio
  • iTunes Radio
  • Rhapsody
  • Spotify
  • Slacker
  • Milk
  • Beatport

Additionally, even when you exhaust your high speed data bucket, your music will still stream at high speeds!

Customers can tell T-Mobile which services they want. The carrier will crowdsource customer opinions and add more services in the future.



First to comment on the first comment!


First to comment on the first comment, commenting the first comment

Posted via my STILL NEW Zed30


First to comment on the first comment on the first comment.


But don't stream music people! Support new artists and buy their stuff! The industry is struggling!

Posted via CB10


Dude, this is how I find out about new artists and new music. The last half dozen albums I purchased were because of first hearing them on a stream!


Same here. I find out about new music from Spotify, and if I find myself loving it, I buy it.

Posted via CB10

Prem WatsApp

This is how "piracy" (their terminology) actually works for them...

I hear it, like it, buy it...

Sad that BBW no longer supports this soon, we'll get something else.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "


The streaming company has to pay the artists to use their music,they charge Pandora 50% of their revenue. There not struggling they only want you to belive they are

Posted via CB10

tripple dunk

fuck that... pirate it.. much better.

Not my problem if they are struggling.

They don't pay my bills when i struggle.

White Z10


First to call you a douche for not saying anything related to the article!

Gaaaawwd [in my Napoleon Dynamite voice]


First to tell you all to fuck off with your first comments.
Also fuck yeah tmobile but when is this coming into effect.

Posted via z30 STA100-5 the only high end business device on the market


I concur with Douche


When does this begin? Sounds pretty sweet.


This Legere is a "Crazy BlackBerry Hating Mo Fo", but this is another great idea from him...

When will he and Chen kiss and make up... I want to bring my 3 BlackBerrys to TMob from ATT, but I need some assurances that I will be able to get support and new BlackBerrys in the future.

Founding Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile



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I think this is a great idea. I had talked to a tech rep (not service rep) and he told he loved BlackBerry and still owned his z10 and z30, and was hoping that Tmo and BlackBerry would come to an agreement within the next year. I think Tmo is waiting for new devices and how sales go. I'm still with Tmo and have my z10. They were more concerned as to why I wanted to leave and what they could do for me. They never once offered me a new phone. I told them I was perfectly happy with my BlackBerry and would never consider changing to the service rep. She asked me reasons for iPhone and Android so I told her my reasons. Android is vulnerable and iPhone is non expandable in short.

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Posted via CB10

Iggy City

T-mobile may seem like the devil to BlackBerry....but damn, they've got some pretty good plans.


100% agreed!

 BlackBerry Q10  Keep The Faith 


I don't think I'll be leaving T-Mobile I want BlackBerry T-Mobile phones.

Posted via CB10


I'm rockin my Z30 with T-Mobile!

Swiped via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing  ) new  BlackBerry Z30 (STA100-5), son! The Thor's Hammer of phones! Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile. Once you go BlackBerry, everything else is wack-berry! #longestsignatureeverthatishortenedabit


Wow good move t mobile. Even though the ceo is a prick.

Signature - Google wants your info. What are you gonna do about it?


He is, but he has done some VERY good things aside from the BlackBerry farce.

Posted with my  Q10.


Love the CEO and the company.
But they are only bashing Verizon and ATT which makes me nervous about Sprint. Sprint sucks.

Z30 / STA100-5 / / T-Mobile USA


He did sprinkle in some jokes and at least one stat about Sprint.


I guess amazon prime is not there considering they went with at&t

Signature - Google wants your info. What are you gonna do about it?


Lol exactly. And the entire event Legere kept taking shots at Jeff Bezos and the Amazon phone. Sooo not butt hurt over AT&T getting the exclusive.

Prem WatsApp

Anyone else think these US exclusives are silly and only hurt the brand(s) / the market / the users?

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "


I'm not do sure this is a good idea IF it leads to the data service getting slowed.

Generally anything not metered gets abused.

Posted via CB10


It doesn't, that's part of his point.

Posted via CB10


Care to elaborate? The service is not metered. It shares the same data channel as everything else.

Sounds like a good way to reduce my bandwidth.

Posted via CB10


Apparently, they're not going to throttle or count music streaming from the apps above against your SC limited data plan, so you get unlimited data for streaming, and limited for everything else. And since they're prioritizing one type of data, that's technically a net neutrality violation. Legere was asked about it, but he deftly dodged the question.


Big deal...they don't carry BlackBerry...

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Posted via CB10


Oh yes gimme gimme!

Z-10'ing it on the T-mobile Network (USA)


They are also doing a 7 day test drive. They will send you an iPhone 5S for 7 days. You give them your credit card number. If you decide you don't want to keep it bring it back to your nearest T-Mo with no penalty. Sounds like an interesting plan.



Right, UnCarrier 5. But did you stick around for the media Q&A? Someone asked Legere why just the iPhone and he said one of the reasons was that not too many people know that TMO has the iPhone. I forget the percentage or stat he said along with this, but I found the comment interesting.

JP Yow

No Songza?

Posted from the bottom half of my Z10 / my brand new, custom Z5


..."Customers can tell T-Mobile which services they want. The carrier will crowdsource customer opinions and add more services in the future."...


Yah, doesn't look too good on that front.

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Posted via CB10


Again who cares about crappy T-Mobile. My friends still barely get 2x download speeds. It's embarrassing. Thank god I have an grandfathered unlimited data plan from Verizon.

Posted by Antoniius via my sexy Gold and White Q10.


Agreed. My wife and I tried T-Mobile for a week. Wait s pain, the 5s had almost no reception indoors or out. And I tried a Nexus 5 which is a great device, however it too could not hold a decent signal. We are in eastern Palm Beach County, FL which has fantastic AT&T coverage, yet T-Mobile just could not hack it.
Back to AT&T and BlackBerry.
I like that he is stirring the pot and shaking things up. Good luck to T-Mobile, the competition is good for us all.


I've been very happy with t-mobile! Since I didn't get grandfathered in to some exclusive unlimited club, I'm not willing to pay more than my $80 a month super unlimited plan. If the only thing people are willing to brag to me about their plan with their provider is a specific download or upload speed, they need to get a life.

Posted via CB10


John Legere is the best CEO ever!!


Hardly. His company's about to be bought out by a bigger company (pending FCC approval.)

Costas Stavrou

What a great idea! Thanks T Mobile

Posted via CB10


Awesome. I love T-Mobile!

Posted via CB10


When does this start? Because this is huge to me. Virtually all of my data goes to data streaming.

Posted via CB10


Are you listening Bell Canada?

Posted via CB10


I'm lucky to be grand fathered into an unlimited data for 30. I will hold onto this as long as it is possible, but Bell, if you ever change me, you better offer unlimited streaming as that is my biggest consumption point as well!

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!


This is awesome. Rogers would NEVER do something like this. Bastar***

Posted via CB10


Is this included for the people who have 500mb a month


If it's Simple Choice, it should be. But remember, you have to use one of the services listed above.


They already automatically increased 500MB to 1 GB on the Simple Choice plans.


What is the catch I'm waiting...?

Using Z10, wanting Z30, eyeing Windermere


I'm wondering the same too. Maybe you need a minimum monthly cost to qualify? Not that it matters to me in Toronto.

Posted via CB10


For Uncarrier 5,
-$700 hold on your credit card. If you don't return it, that hold becomes a charge that posts.
-Cracked screen or water damage: $100.
-Domestic usage only.

For Uncarrier 6,
-Streaming options limited to the eight apps.
-Rhapsody unRadio free only for the $80 unlimited tier. Unlimited streaming only, not unlimited on-demand.
-Either the unRadio or unlimited streaming on 8 apps is not available to BB or WP8 users (I forget which of the two offers it is, and can't find the link where I read this. Sorry.)


Unradio is not available for bb as Rhapsody isn't available on bb. But you could just download the android app when it releases June 22. See small print at the bottom http://www.t-mobile.com/offer/free-music-streaming.html

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!


So unRadio it is, thanks. I felt that's what it was, but I wasn't sure.

Interesting point about downloading the Android app and sideloading it. I wonder if TMO will look the other way despite clearly saying "not available on BlackBerry."


Wow, that's pretty cool. I just got my Z30 back from being repaired by the RMA team, so I'll definitely be taking advantage of this from T-Mobile.

T-Mobile is great where I live (Los Angeles), and I never go anywhere too remote, so my signal is always 4G LTE or 4G.

Posted via CB10


Wish AT&T would adopt this one but doubtful. Still crossing fingers

Posted via Z10 @ CrackBerry App

Aljean Thein

Hoping other carriers will follow this approach soon!

Posted via CB10


Yeah, I'm pretty happy with T-Mobile but will surely miss WIFI calling when the BB Classic comes out. I'll be upgrading to that ASAP (assuming I can just buy it from BlackBerry directly and use it on T-Mobile. I hope I'm not wrong...)


Another great idea.

Posted via CB10


I think they must do this because of their bad coverage :(


I've been with T-Mobile since the release of the Z10. The customer service has been excellent. Coverage in Colorado is 4GLTE no matter where I am. Couple that with all the "UnCarrier" promotions and low price plans and you the very best carrier for me. The key going forward is BlackBerry immediately offering newly released devices on their website.

Posted one-handed via Q10


Chuong H. Nguyen, this is AWESOME information!
Thank you for sharing! I don't know how I missed this one earlier!


This is dope, I hope they include Songza, Soundcloud and Mixcloud.

Posted via CB10


Awesome! Details! Where are the details?

Posted via CB10

Bacon Munchers

When exactly does CrackBerry stop caring about the clown and his neon pink signage?


Maybe when everybody who reads CB is off TMO. But even then, if it draws eyeballs, they will still care.


I got unlimited data with Tmobile so it doesn't effect me but damn that's a enticing deal for people who can't afford a lot of data

Posted via CB10


If you're on the $80 unlimited tier (and not the $70,) you get free Rhapsody unRadio.


That's already working on T-Mobile in Germany for a while now

Posted via CB10


They better add tunein!
Allot use that.

Posted via CrackBerry 10 (CB10) application using my BlackBerry Q10.


You can vote for it. I did. It's tied for 3rd right now. http://musicfreedom.stuzo.com/index/tab/#/results

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Im old
But both my io7 and BB10 devises have a wonderful old technology called FM radio. This even works miles past the 4G coverage and is completely free. This makes my BlackBerry Curve a far superior ipod than my old iPod
Ever was, especially with a 32 GB card.
The best part by far is I don't need a contract with the Virgin CEO wannbe.

Posted via CB10


Vote for your favorite streaming srvc. Love Tunein Radio due to the massive amount of streaming radio and internet channels they have available. The app is available on Blackberry world and is a native BlackBerry app too! :)


Just signed up with T-Mobile this week with my Z10. Looking forward to giving this a try.


Does anyone know if there will be any problems streaming from Spotify as an Android port on the BB? Since it's not a native app....


Haven't had any problems with Spotify yet


How different is this from Net Neutrality we are fighting against?! Nice one T mobile..

Posted via CB10


Preferential treatment on Certain Apps don't throttle your data which only goes to show that these Mobile hounds have coded to make profit and control the internet is the last frontier.

It's ok, we'll find another way to indulge ourselves with illusion of freedom. :)

Posted via CB10