Unboxing the white Rogers BlackBerry Q10

Let's see what Rogers has in the box...

By Simon Sage on 1 May 2013 11:02 pm EDT

What, did you think we were done with our unboxing of the TELUS BlackBerry Q10? Hoho, no siree. We got our hands on a white BlackBerry Q10 from Rogers (which obviously is going right to Kevin). 

We've already taken a look at some of the apps that are loaded up on a Rogers BlackBerry Q10, and on the hardware side, not much is different from the TELUS model. Again, branding is kept to a bare minimum, which I think a lot of end-users will appreciate. One thing included in the box that we didn't see elsewhere was a postage-paid baggie for shipping your old phone to a recycling center. The ribbon-style headphones are included, and bear the same classic white look as the Q10 we were using. MicroUSB, charger, and instruction booklet were all there, of course.

So, that's the white BlackBerry Q10. Have you guys decided on a color yet? Personally, I side towards the classic black, mainly so that the screen melts seamlessly in with the body when it's locked. 

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Unboxing the white Rogers BlackBerry Q10


First ...... Wow .... that looks like a smoking hot phone.

I hate to say it .... but I'm loving my Z10 way too much.
Simon .... honestly ... which one do you and Kevin like better? Kevin won't tell me.

I am all for the black. I might take a different colour if there was a limit of 1,000 of any one colour.

I am fast on the Bold 9900 keyboard, but I am faster with the Z10 because of word prediction.

Your answer please?

A big shout out to Georgia

I know this is an old article but, now that it's been a year, can you give me some feedback on the use of the white phone and whether it appears dirty after long-term use or does it keep it's luster? Thanks.

Seriously, how many BB10 devices does Kevin have?!? He's like "The 1%" of the BlackBerry world.

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I like the Q10 in black a lot, but white is just so damn sexy. Can't wait to wrap my hands around this baby. So good.

annnnndddddd what other comapny provides you with a holster?!?!?!?!
so you should generalize your comment and say HOW CHEAP ARE THESE MOBILE MANUFACTURERS!!

cause i didn't get one with my S3, or my Nexus 4, or any of my other phones i've gotten in the last 7 years.. except for Blackberry!

geez! some people just BAH

1. That's not Kevin.... it's Simon Sage!
2. The trilogy has already started!! First Telus, then Rogers, which leaves Bell!

C'mon son!

Thanks for the quick reply! Do you have any reason to believe the black Rogers Q10 would NOT be a -3?

Hard to say. Rogers has been touting this 2600 MHz LTE business a whole lot, so maybe the Bell/TELUS versions aren't compatible with it. 

Going strictly off of network bands, the -3 (or the -1, for that matter) should not get 3G on WIND, as both lack (on paper) the AWS band WIND uses.

Rogers is offering two different versions of the phone in both white and black, one working on LTE bands 700/850/1900/2600 that works on their LTE Max network, and the other running LTE bands 700/850/1700/1900/2100, which uses the standard LTE network. The latter is being sold to Manitoba residents and frequent US travellers, the former to everyone else.

Does Rogers have more or less equal deployments of LTE 2600 and LTE 1700 MHz across their markets? How else could they get away with primarily selling the 2600 variant of the Q10 while selling the 1700 variant of the Z10?

They claim 90% of their standard LTE coverage is 2600 compatible now, and I believe it is an overlay on top of the existing LTE network. I suspect the reason the Z10 never got it is the same reason the Q10 on Bell/Telus doesn't use the 2600, the network buildout isnt substantial enough to warrant it at launch.

Hey Simon,
The (white) Q10 looks crazy. Nice video!

Hey Kevin,
Are you going to rate the Z10 & Q10 (xx out of 10) like how you did with OS 7?

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I like black, but this white is looking pretty nice! Hopefully Sprint has the option of white or black..

What do the backs feel like on the Q10. I know it's glass weave but does it feel grippy or smooth. And if the blacks grippy is the white smooth like the Z10

Is the back of that Q10 smooth? It's definately not glass weave like the black one, but it doesn't look like the textured surface on the back of the Z10 either.

I haven't gotten mine yet! I preordered a white one and my number is showing as 147! It was 160 a few weeks ago. So, I don't understand how preorder numbers are assigned. People who preordered before me got pre-order numbers in thousands.
Maybe it's pre-order # per store?

Well, I gotta say that, personnally, I like Z10 way better than Q10, Even both of these two are BB brand new phones. I suppose that the keyboard on Z10's full screen with the word prediction can somehow be a genius conception. On top of that, in comparison with Q10's Sumsung galaxy series like screen which is way too bright, Z10's LCD screen is more préférable.

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Simon I remember during the live chat while you were in Toronto you were drooling! Over this phone.

Also you still seem very sleep deprived hahaha

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As a Black Z10 owner, love the white Q10! Black, White, Z10 or Q10...we should all be excited for BB! From 2012 till now, this has been quite the first few months for them and has definitely been a positive move forward! We all now have lightning fast browsing and gorgeous phones!! We should all be excited for the months ahead!

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I usually like white phones (my 9900 was white, so is my Z10) but for some reason the Q10 looks way better in black to me. The screen just look a bit funky in a sea of white and it doesn't have the awesome carbon glass weave back, which is incredibly sexy!

I'm stocking with my Z10, but if I got a Q10 it may very well be a white one.

Had a chance to play with one (it was off unfortunately) at Costco and... Wow! It has without a doubt the best qwerty keyboard I have ever used. The keys are huge and almost soft to the touch. Awesome.

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God this phone is sexy! Great review Simon sage, felt like you were as excited to open the box as i was to see it open.

Props to the Canadian carriers who all decided to go branding free for the bb10 devices, love that. It should be a law, I'm already paying more than enough to my carrier so why putting your adds on my phone? This has to stop and i hope all carriers around the world will follow that path soon. Maybe the governments should work out something to forget them to do so.

Anyway, great video and article, will pass by the rogers store tomorrow and try to still one with full cash in hand ;)

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Berry I agree!

I have a feeling that BlackBerry delayed the shipment of both z10 and Q10 so that there wasn't enough time to brand them ;)

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Just saw the video, definitely not a fan of the plug of all of Rogers Services - even in a positive note with fee price announcements Simon you're better than that; was the Rogers PR rep that drove you to it?

Crackberry should remain neutral to wireless providers; Telus' un boxing video did not have any such plugs!! This is the reason I loathe un boxing videos amongst a few other things.

All in all a busy day for Simon and good video with the exception of the plugs.

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So, this kind of goes hand-in-hand with another comment below - why so many unboxing videos? Basically, if I didn't highlight anything new on the software/services sides, these videos would all be very much the same, especially without any physical carrier branding across the board. Obviously I don't want come off as too much of a shill, though - will keep it in mind for the next round. :)

I'm too afraid to try the Q10 because I'm really enjoying my Z10 and I can't afford to buy the Q10 as well.

On a critical note, I think BlackBerry® could have finished the white package nicely with a white charger and a white usb cable. I'm glad they did that with the Z10.

I think the white one is sweet. But i still prefer the z10.

But the battery life has me thinking!!

I love the white version of the Q10 (I have the white 9900) but having it only offered by Rogers is not very smart. A lot of people think Rogers is the worst cell phone company out there and I agree.
Also,for everyone's sake,use a knife or something when you're opening the box.

Just hurry up and get these to the Australian carriers already!!!! My Z10 is great but I want this one to replace my business 9900

Very nice phone, the wife has it and me the Z10, my friend at work just saw my Z10 and was impressed, said it is "A very sexy Phone" haha

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I played with one at rogers.i already have the z10'but I'm loving the feel of the q10 also,maybe down the road if I can justify having 2 phones!!

Ok, I want ot know. Does the white Q10 have the same rubberized back as the Z10 or is it a smooth plastic plate like the Curve series? I seem to be seeing some that look rubberized and some that look smooth but we don't have the white ones in person yet for me to investigate.