Unboxing the Bell BlackBerry Q10

Last, but not least, we unbox the Bell BlackBerry Q10

By Simon Sage on 2 May 2013 10:47 am EDT

We've reached the thrilling conclusion of our Canadian BlackBerry Q10 unboxing trilogy. We ran all over Toronto yesterday picking up Q10s and visiting with carriers, including Bell. Incidentally, my visit to the Bell store coincided with that of some CBC folks, so I talked to them a little bit about the Q10. I swear I had more interesting stuff to talk about than the shape of the keyboard.   

The Bell model of the Q10 very closely resembles the TELUS one we unboxed earlier, so no branding on the device, and light on preloaded software. Bell told us that they'll be launching a streaming TV app on BB10 down the road, but for now, it's a nice clean slate. With any luck, American carriers will be as humane. In the box we've got the standard fare: documentation, USB cable and charger, battery, and ribbon-style headphones with a smattering of replacement gels.

I've been using those headphones a little bit this morning, and so far I'm really happy with them. They're very similar to the Bose in-ear headphones that I (and Android Central's Phil Nickinson) use on an ongoing basis. They've got all of the snugness of an in-ear headphone without the discomfort. I'm finding the sound amply bassy and clear, but I'll let the real audiophiles be the judge when they give these headphones a shot.

With that, we've done our whirlwind tour of the three major Canadian Q10s now available in the market. We have no idea if Mobilicity is getting it, though WIND has confirmed it's coming. Canadians, where are you going to get your BlackBerry Q10? Will the Rogers exclusive in white win you over? 

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Unboxing the Bell BlackBerry Q10


It just got delayed because this question has been asked/answered for the 1000th time. Plus it has nothing to do with this topic. Good Job.

Feels good to see blackberry making giant strides...I'm still confused bout a choice to make buh I'm definitely getting a Z10 or Q10...plus blackberry needs to create some serious awareness in Nigeria

No matter how many times you unbox a brand new Blackberry, it never gets old, does it??? You guys have the greatest jobs! Can't wait to see some US boxes being cracked open!

I find these unboxing redundant and pointless. I will appreciate it if the contents of the box from this carrier is different from the others. If it is for another color, maybe it's worth posting.

Posted via CB10

Simon, any news updates on sales here in Canada for the Q 10? Would love some feed back brother thanks long live blackberry!

Posted via CB10

the Rogers store by my office said they received 8x Q10's for launch date, and that did not include any for those that pre-ordered (including me). They also said they would not sell off-contract this week. YMMV.

Am I the only one that noticed the two ladies in the background? :)
Regardless, Q10 in black in sexy!

Hey Simon I can't help but to ask why you don't have a small pocket Knife to cut that annoying tape when opening the box? Maybe it's to cause anticipation and excitement. I'll just say I'll be happy when all these unboxing videos are over with but I can't wait to unbox my very own Q10.

Nice vid. A little constructive critism. We could probably get a better feel of an unboxing looking down at the box rather than an upshot. Just my opinion though...

I will be waiting for wind to get it and that will be during the holidays when they have that discounted holiday wish plan. New blackberry and great plan!