UMA Coming to Rogers?!

By Kevin Michaluk on 19 Mar 2008 01:31 pm EDT

Rogers Wireless

If this turns out to be true, then consider me one HAPPY Rogers customer. I just received word from our loyal Rogers tipster (who has been right many, many times before) that  Rogers will be following in T-Mobile's footsteps and will soon be offering Unlimited Mobile Access aka UMA support.

A soft launch date of May is being rumored, but I'm told Q3 would be a safer bet for seeing this come to life. What's the big deal about UMA? Ask any T-Mobile 8320 User... Adding UMA to your account allows you to add your WiFi-enabled BlackBerry to your home wireless network, which then allows you to make unlimited nationwide calls without minutes being deducted from your monthly allowance!!

I hope this rumor becomes reality... I'm sure if it holds water we'll be hearing a lot more about this in the near future. I also hope this means we'll see some WiFi-equipped BlackBerrys on Rogers soon!!

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UMA Coming to Rogers?!


I for one am a T-Mobile customer using UMA on my CB Curve and I love it. Basically, I have a mini cell tower in my house when I connect to my WiFi and any other non-secured WiFi network. The plan is $9.99/month and gives me unlimited minutes anytime I call over UMA. So all calls at home and at most work places and some restaurants are included!

Great plan and if Rogers Wireless implements it will be a boon to their customer base.

I will also chime in that UMA is awesome. I use mine all over the world as well as at home. Good stuff and hopefully it is true that Rodgers is heading that way. May be good for some Rodgers people to go register over at !

UMA on Rogers would rock...but if rogers plans on rolling this out..they will need to roll out some more wifi devices as well with their lovely 3 yr contracts and horrible upgrade programs :p

I ordered an unlocked BB 8320 from ebay thinking about saving money on the data plan, since most of the time I'm in a wifi hotspot, Then I started looking into VOIP options to save on my minutes.. This is good,... looks like I'm ahead of the game if this all goes according to plan.

Maybe it's time to move from Fido if this becomes a reality. I hated Rogers back in the day of Cantel but might switch since now we can bring our existing number. Looks like Fido is sticking with Windows Mobile services and Rogers will only be Blackberry. Hard to leave per second billing on Fido!

Rogers and Fido are both getting UMA
From what I hear the phone they will be launching with UMA initially will be a lower end Nokia and a Blackberry Pearl...

I'm assuming the Pearl is going to Rogers while another low end Nokia is headed to Fido. :) Wish that Fido would offer Blackberry models too so I wouldn't need to switch or buy unlocked.

UMA be gobsmacked, where's my reasonable data rates? Where's my unlimited data for less than the price of a luxury car per month?!

*shakes fist and get's all Kirk-on-Khan*


Does anyone know if you had UMA set up a wi-fi in your home in Canada could you use a T-mobile phone in your home in Canada and not pay roaming rates?