The Ultimate Tease: New BlackBerry Theme Coming Soon!

By Kevin Michaluk on 24 Jul 2008 05:03 pm EDT

Check out the video above and the screenshots after the jump! Talk about the ultimate tease. You're looking at the latest theme creation coming out of the Bplay/Magmic studios. It doesn't have an official name yet (I'd call it "FRAK'n SWEET") and it's not available for sale yet, but it IS coming soon (hopefully next week!). I'm pretty sure this will take over from Crossbar as being the most sought after BlackBerry theme to date! So whaddya think, pretty HAWT?

New BlackBerry Theme

New BlackBerry Theme

New BlackBerry Theme

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The Ultimate Tease: New BlackBerry Theme Coming Soon!


It is an interesting theme, but not for me. I like Today-style themes that display appointment and other information on the main screen. The Crossbar theme has some of this integrated into it (although still doesn't display as much as I would like, leaving lots of empty space that could be used more efficiently). This new theme has no "Today" features built into it.

I think I'll stick to iBerry Plus 2.0 until a better (color) Crossbar theme comes along.

I'm not a fan of the icons. However, they are a step-up from the crossbar icons. Otherwise, I'm interested and will possibly buy it.

I've never been a fan of paying for themes. It has to be something pretty darn extra sweet for me to pay. I always have a personal picture in the background so all the theme options that come on my curve are just fine. I'm quite content with my T-Mobile Zen theme.

They killed it by giving it a "Mac Dock"..the first screen shot looks sweet, then they show the icons and the dock..I;d almost prefer it more if the icons were just shall we say..hanging there and not on a dock with a background.

That is a really cool theme. soo excited. now if I can just have my BB Bold to put said new theme on!

Not trying to be a downer, but I really don't like the dock - I like the clean taskbar, but the dock really kills it for me.

Now, the funtions look super, but I really can't tell how it functions by the video.

I think I'd like it better if it were a cleaner interface.

Just my honest opinion.

But I really appreciate the effort.

I love my BB and all, but this is just more of the same old stuff, rearranged.
Themes are not a strong point on the BB.

All thousand themes out there all look the same. It's a limitation of RIM's BB O/S


This is a FUCKIN joke it is a complete copy of apple products are you kidding me. If you dispute this you are only denying the fact. I love blackberry but come on be original.

They hire developers to make their themes and come up with ideas. Their version of originality is Star Wars and College themes. LMAO!

I just bought the iBerry 2.0 Today Plus Theme (killed me to pay for a theme with all the freebies out there) and I am sticking with it.

Love the originality coming out with the new plazmic release.

Another coming soon thing. Seems like every day for the last year Ive been hearing this about something new. We live in a good time in the history of technology.

I must agree the doc needs to go.... The coverflow style main menu is great...but the mac icons are overused. I changed most of them on my mac already cause I was sick of looking at them, I fear this would be more of the same. I think I'll be passing on this one.

...why would i wanna walk round using a theme that looks like im trying to be an iphone wannabe- i like macs i have two, they are brilliant, but i like blackberry's as a device unto itself- this theme would be ace if it took its cue from the bold OS?!