Ultimate ScreenSaver for your BlackBerry PlayBook

Ultimate ScreenSaver
By Adam Zeis on 5 Sep 2012 04:10 pm EDT

If you keep your BlackBerry PlayBook in a dock or stand when you're not using it, it can look pretty boring. "If only there were something amazing I could put on the screen" you said. Well here to save the day is the Ultimate ScreenSaver. These screen savers not only give you something great to look at, but they take it a step further by adding in a clock, RSS ticker, weather widget and more. You can run it on your PlayBook when it's not in use and instantly have access to the latest news, weather or just stare at some cute kittens (among other things).

Ultimate ScreenSaver is available in a variety of flavors including Beaches, Cats & Kittens, Dogs, Space, Mountains and Aquarium. I'm a big fan of the aquarium with the kittens holding a close second. Each one is available in BlackBerry App World for just $0.99. 

Download Ultimate ScreenSaver:

Beaches | Cats & Kittens | Space | Mountains | Aquarium | Dogs

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Ultimate ScreenSaver for your BlackBerry PlayBook


"should have been part of the OS from the start..."
Yep !

Just last week I chkd wondering if there was a aquarium app for Pb nothing similiar to pc seemed to pop up at the time.

Many of the free Android screensavers have ad pop-ups.
The good Android screensavers/live wallpapers with no ads are also $0.99.
I have an Android and also a Playbook and I've had the Aquarium Screensaver on my Playbook for a while now and it works flawlessly.

But do we have at least the choice of getting those ads screen savers here?? No, and trust me android got a lots of free nice screen savers

If you want an Android free screensaver - get an Android. Duh........ What is with you people. 99cents is too much for you?? Get a new job.

I think you should take that DAH back to yourself!... Isn't about not having 99 cents, is about options, if bb10 os is such a great thing, why the only way to get a good app we need to pay for it!! I saw a couple YouTube videos showing blood and glory on a PlayBook and I bet you when blood and glory finally make is way to PlayBook they will got the nerves to charge for it when is 100 % free on Android, my point is.. Why People really will buy bb10 when the only way to get nice apps or games you must use your credit card UNLIKE android and ios you don't have to pay all the time! That's what I'm trying to say, isn't about not wanting to pay freaking 99 cents!

good god..seriously you cheapskates!! either you buy it or you dont. i'm sure down the road there will be free ones.

These are animated correct? Not slideshows. The aquarium version looks like the serenescreen version for the pc.

i also would like to know if these screensavers are slideshows or not. all except for aquarium LOOKS like they'd be slideshows and thats not what i want. and if they all are, aquarium prolly is too..... can anyone with these apps tell us if its animated or not?

Does this app open on its own after idle time? or would i have to open it?

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