Ultimate Lock From Epic Applications Now Available

By Bla1ze on 23 Feb 2010 09:36 am EST

If you happen to follow @epicapps on Twitter you may have already had a look at Ultimate lock. Maybe you even got in on the sneak peek testing. If not though, now is your chance to grab it. The list of features here goes well beyond just locking your device and takes security with functionality to a whole other level.


  • BBM, SMS and Email notifications (even see senders name for SMS and Email!)
  • Switch between any two profiles with the swipe of a finger
  • Secure your device with a keycode required to unlock
  • Prevent against tampering by locking the device out after too many failed attempts
  • Fully customize screen with custom backgrounds, font colors and icon colors
  • Lock on call, on device start, on lock key, or after a timeout
  • Allow emergency calls to any number while locked
  • Reset LED notifications (even from BeBuzz!) without having to unlock
  • Entirely, 100% original custom graphics from Wayne at WJD Designs
Right now, until February 28th you can grab ultimate lock for only $3.99 from the Shop CrackBerry store. A small price to pay for such a great app looking and working. One current issue however is with OS The lock key function does not work correctly in conjunction with ultimate unlock so if you are hanging onto the OS keep that in mind

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Ultimate Lock From Epic Applications Now Available


Operating System
4.7 Non-Touch, 4.7 Touch Screen, 5.0 Non-Touch, 5.0 Touch Screen
so what does this look like/work for us non storm users the video only shows storm i got a 9700

Everything is the same except you use the trackball to unlock or switch profiles. You can also use the lock key to unlock, and the mute key to switch profiles.

you can jut call the phone and get complete access to it. Does this do a better job at all? Why should I get this over the usual blackberry password?

Actually, I just re-downloaded it and it seems to be completely fixed. very cool. I was wrong, apologies.

PatternLock never had this 'flaw'. Call screen locking is independent of the main lock, and before you had to enable the PatternLock call screen lock to keep your device locked during calls. The recent update fixed this by making PatternLock smarter and by default enabling PatternLock during the call if the device was locked prior to the call. As with everything in PatternLock, the experience is completely customizable. We try our best to pick the default settings that lead to the most enjoyable and useful experience.

Ultimate Lock has quite a few features which PL does not--for example BBM notifications, and the ability to show names for emails and SMS just for starters...

While true, PatternLock has several features not available in Ultimate Lock such as application specific locking, location based locking, a much smaller footprint, etc. It depends on the type of lock experience you are looking for. Congratulations on your release.

Great app here. I own StormSlider and Patternlock and it offers a ton more features....... Great job here Epic!!

I dunno...already I have serious doubts about this program. My 9700's boot time has increased to an EXTREME. Normally it takes 2 to 3 minutes...the last time I rebooting it took 13 minutes! If this keep up this app is gone.

Why is there not a free trial? I would buy this if it worked and allowed sms and email popups on the locked screen. Patternlock used to do that, but they ruined it by updating the app.

App is very well done imo it's a little bit better just because of the extra functionality that it offers.

Not sure what the purpose is. The lock function on the top of the device does everything I need it to do. I have never hung up on someone accidently either. I will say, it looks top notch, I just cant justify it.

I like the features. I do feel it is overpriced. It does seem to a great app if it works with my 9530 Storm OS 5.0.

will it work in-place of the BB security lock? That is, for us BES users whose device is set to lock automatically - - can this replace the BB lock button?

Actuallly the better question remains, why doesn't RIM begin to incorporate these (imho basic) functionalities into the OS?

If you hit the lock button the app will activate if you have the app setup to do that (pattern lock and storm slider can do the same thing).

Given the amount of time and effort that went into this app and its already fair price, I wouldn't hold your breath..

Actually, this application does not offer more features then StormSlider or PatternLock. Lock button doesn`t work for me as well [running Tank's act 2 hybrid].

What features would you like to see? If you are using a newer 5.0 build, RIM has removed the lock feature entirely, so that is why it may not work. We are hoping RIM will address this issue soon.

If RIM completely removed the lock feature in the new builds then how come Pattern Lock and Storm Slider still work when you press the lock button, and when I disable the lock apps the storm still locks and the screen and keys are disabled?

I think you're going to have to elaborate on your response.

The readers digest of the 2 post above yours goes something like this:

1) He said, "RIM removed the lock feature in the new builds."
2) I said, "well if they did that then how come my phone still locks using the built in RIM lock and the app locks (pattern lock and storm slider) still work if I so choose to use them?"

I don't see where your comment fits in to the above posts.

for trackball users, it needs some tweaking. the scroll up to uplock is quite aggrevating and doesent unlock each time. takes probably 4-5 trys before it unlocks. it also runs in the background, which i'm not a big fan of. other than that, this app has potential but it's not for me at this time.

Looks like a good lock app for the Storm. Hopefully it goes on sale soon so we don't have to pay that 3.99 price tag

So far it is running pretty great on my Storm2. I prefer this unlock pass-code entry over stock for sure. The BB notifications are a nice touch as well.

A few things I like:

- EpicDraws is helping out commenters here. Means a lot.
- The app definitely does show value (maybe 1.99 or 2.99 seems better, but whatevs)
- Looks clean and professional

A few things that I don't like:

- No trial. This day and age with mem leaks due to different OSes, etc.. one never knows how good an app is going to be on their device.
- BBM notifications not showing names. That's SMS/Email can, so why not BBM? I'd love to see who I got a BBM from before unlocking.
- Reset LED notifications is a "feature"? I don't even know what it is and don't know who/why anyone would use it.

A few things I don't know about:

- How will it work with my Storm 9530? No trial, so don't know.
- Will the app be fast or slow? No trial, so don't know.
- How will the app work with bedside mode + clock? Would love to know. Because I use bedside mode only for switch sound profile to low, and dimming the screen.

What will I do?

- Pay 3.99 if I atleast had a trial to clear any questions I have in mind. My logic is that an app that's confident that it's performance will "sell" itself should offer a trial. If an app is mediocre, they just want sales.
- Wait for a trial, or forget about it.
- Wait for a giveaway, or forget about it.
- Say something on social networks/my blog if I try it.

In the blog it states if you are "holding on" to .464 the lock button will not work... So is it safe to assume that if I am running .320 the lock button will not work as well??

So let me get this straight? The whole android look is just the theme of the phone? Or do you get that sliding unlock too?

Oh, haha. From the screenshot I assumed you moved those circles to unlock the phone - but it just turned out to be a wallpaper of a bunch of stones.

This is not working on my 9700.
It does not recognize my passcode I entered, and locks me out of the phone. I would not suggest people use it on the 9700.

Unfortunately, this app leaks memory like crazy on my 9530 as soon as it's used once...about 1 MB every 1-3 minutes :(

Works besides that though, would be an awesome app :(

I can not get it to show emails, SSM or anything. I paid 4 bucks and as far as I can tell it is nothing better than the Standard lock that comes with BB.

Had trouble from the start, I had to ask to get a registration code because when I bought it the code said error.

NOT IMPRESSED they need to do more work Sorry

I downloaded the app, paid the $3.99. First app I've ever bought in the app world (I like finding the freebies) but I really wanted a new look for my phone (something cool since my sister got a new phone and I can't get a new one till my contract is up)

ANY WHO. I love the app, I have it set to lock when it times out, when I press the lock button (and I'm running BB storm 5.0), have a password set (though locked myself out when it didn't tell me you can only set 8 keys and I had set 10! I got back into my phone with sheer luck ><)

Before I got to this though, it said it was a trial version and it had expired and I was so upset because I didn't know where to put the license key. Contacted customer service and got NO RESPONSE BACK. This was really upsetting for a first time app buyer and I was really weary I was going contest this with PayPal.

Any who, aside from the shitty customer service, the app is super cool :D

what is epic applications trying to do with the lock key and ultimatelock with os higher .484 because i read on their website that "RIM made a change to remove the lock key functionality entirely. Until this issue is addressed by RIM, no lock apps will function properly with the lock key."

This is not an issue is a new implementation and they are waiting for rim to solve this but really there's nothing that rim needs to solve, is the app that needs to be solved because patternlock 2.0 works even the old one works for me but this one doesn't, i love this app but i cannot use it with my lock key no more :(, is epic application doing something about this ??