Ultimate Guide to Kicking BUTT at BrickBreaker!

By Kevin Michaluk on 15 Aug 2008 09:36 am EDT

The Ultimate BlackBerry BrickBreaker Guide!

Wow. This is Frak'n Awesome. I can't believe I just found out about this (thanks Joe!!). Seriously. Wicked. Like Awesome. Like Seriously Totally Wicked Awesome....

Over the past month, Carlo Maglinao has been creating the Ultimate BlackBerry BrickBreaker Guide, which is complete with strategies and level by level analysis and tips to help you work towards the goal of Scoring Beyond 100,000. So if you're addicted to BrickBreaker (every CrackBerry Addict is for a while!) and you haven't mastered the game on your own, follow the links below and get ready to spend your weekend conquering the game:

Now that's what I call a CrackBerry Addict. There are a few levels left to go after #30, so you'll want to stay tuned as I'm sure CrackBerry Carlo will be finishing the guide off. TGIF... I think we all have some BrickBreaker to play this weekend! Time to find out just how Ultimate this guide is!

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Ultimate Guide to Kicking BUTT at BrickBreaker!


haha! This is great... got the Twitter update and hopped on this one :D

My girlfriend is a BrickBreaker addict, so I will have to show her this!

I'd love to try it, but since the 4.5 upgrade any attempt at starting Brickbreaker causes an instant reboot of my 8330.

I think it's cool someone did this, but the "Y' placements are inaccurate. I've beaten all levels of brick breaker 7 times in a row until my BB shutoff for no reason, ugh!

Also, the level that's shown in the article picture- you can actually go through the sides of the bricks on first launch which will clear it faster without you doing anything. Theres two positions to do this - you can find it easily. Both to the left: 11 oclock and 10 oclock positions - roughly.


Ahhh Ohh.. I think you need to put together the Ultimate Ultimate Guide of BrickBreaker! Shoot me a PM in the forums... we can feature the Guide on the CB Blogs!

ya know what, I'm gonna do it! I'm so addicted to this game

Here's another tip ... When you first start the game you should only continue to level 2 if you've gotten a Life power-up. You will get tons more Life's on the following levels if you get a Life on the first level. Pretty much whatever you get on the power-up block on the left of the first board, you will get a lot of these on the following levels ...


I put 4.5 on my 8330 and now brickbreaker crashes almost as soon as you start it. Seems as soon as it hits a brick, boom, the whole phone hard reboots.

day 3 of owning a BB, and brick breaker has already been deleted. sorry, guys.

not that it isn't fun, but for some reason, my 8830 started getting laggy and annoying when i installed AIM, so i started getting rid of things i don't use.

i'm happy to say my phone works great now, but sorry to say it cost brick breaker's life.

I get so addicted this my wife cannot understand why I keep playing it even though I have completed all levels at least 16 times! It is that addicting. I think the hints on this site are pretty good but I don't always agree with them.

High Score: 28,080 and I am just in the top 25,000!