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The UK's Prime Minister loves his BlackBerry so much he doesn't switch to silent mode for meetings!

By James Richardson on 10 Nov 2012 03:06 pm EST

David Cameron, the UK's Prime Minister, managed to give BlackBerry some free marketing this week, although I'm pretty sure he didn't do it on purpose.

Whilst conducting a Q&A session in Dubai his BlackBerry decided to 'ping' and he quite openly reached into his pocket and told the audience that it was his BlackBerry.

It made me laugh as a while ago BlackBerry UK tweeted David Cameron reminding him to hold down the 'Q' key on his keyboard to switch between profiles. I suspect David may have learnt his lesson!

Source: BBC News



Another candidate for the BB10 Spokesperson?


That was a great Blackberry pitch ;)

Jake Storm

LOL he should have yelled "Think fast!" before he whipped it at the ambassador.


It just goes to show you how all the important smart people use BlackBerrys. The sheep use that other fruit .... they can't think on their own ... lol...

Told you. Leaders like to PIN the Prez.


Important he maybe, but smart he is not.


no politician is smart


"ALL the smart people use BlackBerrys". Like a Flock?


Anyone who throws their BlackBerry, isn't #TeamBlackBerry


I'm confused. In this article, it shows that he just threw his BlackBerry.

Where did you see the part where he talks about his BlackBerry?


I did. And I am asking based on the video I saw.

There's no mention in the video that he boast about his BlackBerry. The video just shows him tossing his BlackBerry and continuing with the speech.

If there's a link for that please provide.



In the video, he didn't "boast" about his BB, he simply said, "I'm sorry, I must get rid of my Blackberry....". Given the fact, he could have just said "my phone", he gave Blackberry free press by letting everyone know he carries one.


Considering he can have any device he wants and being in a very powerful position, along with the other most powerful man in the world, to use the BB - thats a pretty big boast for BB.


It is a big boast - except his personal preference is for an ipad - he loves his ipad that they have developed special apps for him.


Isnt that Dwight Schrute seated on the right?


Haha, there is definitely a resemblance, but Dwight would have fielded it better, I'm sure.


Given the deep loathing with which David Cameron is regarded in many areas of the UK, BlackBerry should actively distance themselves from association in any way.


wooo.. i just learned something new myself. holding down the Q to vibrate.


Thatz awesome man... I nevr knew abut it... ;):P
So U can Call me a BlackSheep ;) :D :D


Hahaha, that's awesome!!


Where's the sound of his blackberry going off? I couldn't hear it.


It was a ping vibration in his pocket


I didn't hear a ping or a buzz....
Funny thing to have happen, though...


I guess he didn't want to get interrupted. Maybe I tossed it to the first person he saw to handle the message and reply back.

Quite funny. :P