UK Traffic Information gets updated with a host of new features including BlackBerry Q10 support

By James Richardson on 30 Apr 2013 03:31 am EDT

We showed you UK Traffic Information on video a while back and it's great to see that the developer is adding new features to the application. For the good folk of Great Britain this BlackBerry 10 app is a must have if you are setting off on a long car journey. After all, what is worse than getting stuck in a traffic jam for ages?

As we told you before - the application provides all delays on the UK's major roads. Just press the incident and the full details will pop up full screen and you can even see where the problem is on a map. Delays can even be shared via BBM if you are traveling with friends which is a great feature to have.

Included in version

  • Adds regions, UK, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.
  • Adds BlackBerry Q10 support.
  • Active Frames support.
  • Grouping of traffic incidents by road name.
  • Additional GPS support.
  • Performance improvements
  • Data improvements.

More information/Download UK Traffic Information for BlackBerry 10


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Why is there so much love for the UK ;p

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Pete The Penguin

How do you think the London riots were planned? Via BBM :p

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Because the UK is awesome.

More likely because there is more BlackBerry love in the UK hence more Dev support

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Just got my Q10 through the post this morning - Vodafone UK, sweet, great timing and fantastic delivery service. Rocking both beauties!!!!

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Rayed Siddiqui

I played with the pre-release q10 a few was so buggy and slow because it was a pretty early build.....BUT I still had intense orgasms when I used the keyboard.. 1 more day for Canada release.. can't wait to switch my stupid iPhone 5.. and finally have an all blackberry device family.

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Perfect timing, pick up mine today. Oh and i drive a lot. :D


Don't forget Great Britain and China built the world.

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