Avoid traffic jams in Great Britain with UK Traffic Information for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 31 Mar 2013 04:01 am EDT

Surely there is nothing worse than sitting in a traffic jam. Here in the UK that can now be avoided thanks to the UK Traffic Information application that is available in BlackBerry World for BlackBerry 10 devices. The app lists all current major road incidents ranging from accidents to roadworks so taking a peek at the app before setting off on a journey sounds like a plan to me.

Beside each incident you will see an icon and these dictate the type of problem that is happening on the road. Touching a particular problem will open up the incident full screen and give you exact details of what the hold up is and how many miles away you currently are.

There is also a share option so you can send the traffic report using any of the accounts you have associated with your BlackBerry Hub. If you fancy seeing where the accident/problem is there is also a 'Map' tab which will pull in an image from Google Maps for you.

For UK drivers the application will cost you £1.50 and if you ask me that is money well spent. This one will be staying on my Z10 that's for sure.

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Avoid traffic jams in Great Britain with UK Traffic Information for BlackBerry 10


The app looks pretty good but could do with the ability to filter by region or search for a particular road.

Posted via CB10

Here (the UK) 99% f radio stations include traffic updates after the hourly news, it's not that useful IMHO. Maybe on the motorways.

Wade Barrett say its time for the Bull Hammer!!! Get out of the way if you know whats good for you.

I prefer Waze as well, it is up to date and safe whilst driving.

And of course the highways agency makes these feeds available at the tax payers expense. An app repackaging that freely available information and charging for it must offer something very special to me. Not sure whether this does.

Posted via CB10

Hi this is Pip from JustPip.com! Thanks for featuring this app on CrackBerry.com. I'm currently working on a update for this application to make incidents which are closest to you appear at the top of the list using GPS as well as the ability to view incidents by road name, rather than a long list. Never expected to see it on the homepage, so thank you CrackBerry!