UK Police issued with a BlackBerry smartphone that comes with a fingerprint scanner

By DJ Reyes on 22 Feb 2012 12:06 pm EST

We have written a few posts in the past talking about how BlackBerry smartphones are being used by the certain UK Police Forces to aid them in their day-to-day work as well as save them money. Recently, however, they have added a new feature to their BlackBerry devices... a fingerprint scanner. It allows Officers on the beat to verify one's identity within two minutes by checking the national fingerprint database.

Currently, the Essex Police are the only Force to be issued with these BlackBerry devices by the National Police Improvement Agency (NIPA), where Officers received training before going out to use the device. The video above shows the fingerprint scanner in action.

Source: Tracy and Matt

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UK Police issued with a BlackBerry smartphone that comes with a fingerprint scanner


thats pretty sweet! :D

from a consumer standpoint, biometrics would be kinda cool for locking/unlocking your phone lol
works pretty well on some laptops

This has been done on cop/crime TV shows and movies for a while. Very cool that its now "real life". Always neat to see "fictional" technology come to life. However I'm still waiting for my hoverboard ala Back To The Future II...

This is kind of a creepy upgrade, even for a cop phone. I can see the advantages, but...

If biometrics like these were used in all phones, not only could you track everyone and be fairly sure who was actually holding the phone at most times, you could also collect a pretty big sample of fingerprints to use for crosschecking against crimes that haven't even been committed yet.

I understand you concern but the technology is already here so instead of resisting it we should try to ensure it is used properly via smart regulations and protections.

Anyhow, I love to see they are using this on a BlackBerry!
Why not? It is still the undisputed champion of secure communications.


That's pretty cool attachment for a bold... Huge though, no need for a billy club, could beat down some thugs with it!

I love the finger scanner on my laptop and have been wishing it was on my phone for a while now.. Happy to see this come out.

Like I said the Gov and Police and CEO's will never give up their Blackberry... TOOLS NOT TOYS... THEY NEED SECURITY which NO OTHER PHONE CAN OFFER thats FACTS... GOOOOO RIMMMM

"By the certain UK Police Forces"
"Aide" ? (should be aid)
"Indentity" ?
"to be issued with with"

I'm sure I missed/skipped a few more errors. Usually I ignore the odd mistake or two, but when you have at least one error per sentence in such a short article, it's pretty embarrassing and hard to ignore.

Need to edit this post, most police forces in the UK are using the MobileID kit including Northamptonshire Police. They are not used indiscriminately and certain criteria need to be met. The print is not stored for reference later, it is simply used to check if the person is known on the Police National Database. If so then a unique number is returned which can then be used to obtain the full details. Used mostly for those people who like to provide false details to get away with offences or driving offences :)

This would be nice for consumer phones and the playbook. It is still in a trial period, but eventually it would be great to have it instead of the password screen (of course as an option).

The Jamaica Constabulary Force (Jamaican Police) are testing and rolling out the use of Blackberries by their officers in traffic stops to check your papers including your insurance status.

As they say, "Tools not Toys!"

I wonder how many were deployed? If it's in the thousands, why isn't there any press about "RIM picked as device of choice to UK police". Oh wait, BGR and other "blogs and legitimate news sources" only like reporting bad stuff about RIM. God forbid if RIM has any good news happen to them.

Technology is making world change so quick. Nice to know Police will not be holding iPhone with their fake finger scanning apps :D