UK Police advise users to download theft prevention and tracking apps such as BlackBerry Protect

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By James Richardson on 8 Aug 2012 08:19 pm EDT

It looks like the Police in the UK are getting proactive in the war against mobile phone theft and are actively promoting users to download theft prevention and tracking apps such as BlackBerry Protect to their devices. On the Hertfordshire Constabulary website they published an article this week which is clearly geared towards publicizing the fact that smartphones do get stolen but with a tracking app on-board the chances of recovery is greatly increased.

We have covered BlackBerry Protect many times here on the site so I won't bore you with repetition, however, if the Police are advising users to use BlackBerry Protect I would listen up.

DI Paul Doran, from the Crime Reduction Unit said:

"We are encouraging all smartphone owners to download an app for tracing your phone. Then, if it is lost or stolen, it is much more likely that you can get it back. Even if your phone is covered by insurance and you can get a replacement, losing all your contacts and other personal details can be devastating.

"These new applications are very useful tools for tracking down stolen goods and catching criminals in the act. If owners report thefts quickly enough there's a better chance of getting their phones back and for us to catch the perpetrators before they have disposed of any evidence.

"This technology can have other uses for the police such as tracing missing persons, and we would urge families with vulnerable members to securely record their account details which are required to activate this facility."

If you need the app it is free to download and as well as backing up your contacts, calendar and sms messages it allows for your BlackBerry to be traced using GPS if it is lost or stolen. What are you waiting for? Download now! 

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Reader comments

UK Police advise users to download theft prevention and tracking apps such as BlackBerry Protect


I used it yesterday. I left it at lunch and after going back the place once and one person saying it wasn't there, I knew what i had to do. It work quite while and I got my phone back.

I put my encryption level to the highest level and for some reason I can't use BB Protect. I get this error " BlackBerry protect has been disabled because device memory encryption is enabled" any suggestions?

I have used this app but like KurdMan I had to turn off encryption to use BB Protect. I'm not sure I want to sacrifice one of the main reasons I have a BlackBerry (security) for being able to track my phone. I definitely would like to have this app but I'm not willing to give up the strengths of the phone.

Same boat as you man and I don't think I'll give up security for tracking. Anyways if the phone gets lost or stolen I'll just get it wiped and buy a new BB

By the time you've realized your phone has been lost or stoken, consider everything on it already on the Web. This is 2012. The law typically plays catch up.

RIM certainly knows how to screw up their own brand. How BB Protect is not available for the PlayBook is beyond me.

Today (9th August) at the launch of the 4G playbook, is the only logical time to complain. But the wifi only playbook with bb protect is a kinda useless feature getting your pin/serial reported stolen would be more effective.
Making your tab useless to others and never being able to reactivate unless recovered.
By the time the thief connects to a wifi for theoretical bb protect, all your data could already be comprised.

I hope to have it for BB10 and even 4G before tho.

BB Protect is a great app that I recommend 100%. In addition to the recovery and locating features it was a huge lifesaver for me when a couple of my handsets had issues and I needed to recover my info and transfer it to another BB. In a short amount of time I was ready to roll and NO headaches. Auto backups are quick, easy and non-intrusive.

It's been said already but it's worth repeating: Everybody should have BlackBerry Protect installed on their BlackBerry device. If you're able to install it, DO IT!! End of discussion.

Babylon have a way of making it "seem" in your best interest. Fear Mongering works, but so do all the other sync apps, regular backups.

Invaluable App nonetheless.

The writer of this headline wants you to belive that the UK Police advice people to use BB Protect which is not the case. Cheating ! :(

@James Richardson, can you please ask RIM to confirm this, "What happen if someone found/took your blackberry and then turn the encryption on (which automatically disables bb protect)?"

If you rely on the cloud yes install BB Protect. If you dont like the cloud just use DM on a regular interval and a password on your cell (so info gets wiped incase stolen) and you should be fine. Got my BB stolen last year and was still able to restore all my info to my old BB without any problems.

I'm still waiting to see someone ask BlackBerry about their BB ID password reset procedures. I hope a hacker can't social engineer his way into my account and use the remote wipe feature of BlackBerry Protect to wipe my phone, the way hackers recently attacked Mat Honan's iPhone and Mac laptop.

They would have to probably weasle their way past the carrier's CSR's, which are good at not falling for it. I'm sure they're trained to encounter and act on that type of phishing technique.