UK PM David Cameron relies on his BlackBerry to manage the country

By Bla1ze on 20 Aug 2014 11:37 pm EDT

Although I don't follow much politics, UK PM David Cameron and his BlackBerry usage is pretty well known. He's been spotted on several occasions tapping away on different BlackBerry devices over the past few years and even had a little bit of an issue with being caught with his ringer left on during a question and answer session with students in Dubai.

Once again his BlackBerry has become a topic of conversation. This time around, Cameron was catching some heat for having taken a second summer vacation as Britain was getting deeper involved in military action against the Islamic State in Iraq but noted he would have no trouble taking care of his duties from his BlackBerry device.

"Wherever I am in the world, I am always within a few feet of a BlackBerry and an ability to manage things should they need to be managed," according to the Daily Mirror. "And indeed as I have done on I think almost every holiday that I have enjoyed over the past few years, I am able to return instantly should that be necessary."

He's in good company though as many of the world leaders such as U.S. President Barack Obama, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Denmark's Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt, and more rely on BlackBerry for security, productivity and connectivity they need.

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UK PM David Cameron relies on his BlackBerry to manage the country


Prefers to get hacked and data-mined?


Get him a Z30, even if you don't like his policies...
Share some love...

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

The learning curve is huge though. Lol

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I use my Blackberry to take notes in class and record lectures! CAnt live without Docs to Go!

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The Record function used to have its own icon, now it's icon is within the Remember app. It's all there, just not directly from its own icon. Parrot is good, and there was another recently highlighted in a post by Alicia. Good luck this fall!

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

Sorry but seeing a PM with a BlackBerry doesn't sell BlackBerries. No one looks at him and says holy shit I need one because he has one.

Half the time the people in power (like Obama from what I remember) say they're basically forced to use it.

If you want to sell more blackberries you need to put it in the hands of celebrities that are current and influential to the younger user base

And at the same time, celebs do nothing for me. Most of them get 'caught' using another device lol.

Yeah... and always iPhone is that secret paramour. I think Jessica Alba is officially back with her iPhone after the short stint with Nokia Lumia 920

The interesting part in the original blog post @BlackBerry was the part about the Australian foreign minister having their iPhone confiscated during negotiations re: Malaysia Airlines search due to it getting hacked.

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Well of course this story does not sell BlackBerry's directly. Never the less, it's obvious that when you multiply stories such as this, at the very least it keeps BlackBerry in the conversation. I'd bet if you search David Camerons name right now, the first few pages would this very story. What is in the Headline? BlackBerry. What might someone learn as well as Davids whereabouts? Hey, BlackBerry is alive after all. You seriously can't get better word of mouth than this.


It can crush candy AND run a G7 government remotely. You just can't buy that kind of publicity.

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This may not be a selling point to the average man on the street but this is advertising for BlackBerry that money just can't buy! If the highest powered politicians in the world choose to use BlackBerry or are forced to use them the fact that these people are using BlackBerry devices is all that matters for now.

John Chen is focused on enterprise first, consumers second. This type of exposure might just appeal to the markets BlackBerry is focused on first.

BlackBerry would be throwing money away by focusing on the fickle consumer market that hates BlackBerry and has a new favourite on a weekly basis. Enterprise is just looking like it may actually prefer BlackBerry despite the consumers fixation on BYOD and the latest plastic fantastic Android devices so this is great news for BlackBerry in my opinion.

People who want to be powerful, look up to powerful people.
People who want to be popular, look up to popular people.

I'm in the minority, but I prefer using a phone powerful people use.

I don't think anyone looks at any famous person using any phone and says "I have to have one". It's simply the optics that show that A: the phone is far from dead, and B: clearly someone in power who has critical phone needs has one so they can't really suck that bad after all. It says the commoners use the toy, the professionals, um,....don't.

But, please explain when Obama or anyone say they're "basically forced to use it". Obama only said to a crowd of young people that he "cant' use an Iphone because of security reasons." He didn't say he actually *wanted* to use one, or that he hated his just assumed both.

Not true... Obama actually wants to keep his blackberry when everyone said it would be better for him to change but he insisted on keeping his blackberry...

Also, since Apple is an American company and BlackBerry isn't, he would be politically compelled to say that Apple was his preference.

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Though not so much in developed countries, it does make a dent in developing countries such as China, India, etc.

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No one cries about Bush and he deserved to be impeached just as much. I guess conservatives whine the loudest.


Lol. They always manage to find any reason to whine, even in a smartphone news comments post.... sad sad sad

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And I mean agree Obama and holder are crooks. Bush was too and so have been the majority of people in DC. Might be a phone thread, but if you are going to point out people who use BlackBerry like it's a good thing, find someone who isn't helping destroy the world. If Cameron is anything like Blair, then he's helping tear things up too.

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Calling iPhones toys doesn't hurt any iPhone and showing PM using outdated BlackBerry doesn't help Blackberries either.
You should use your energy to get yourself to the place you claimed you deserve instead of wasting your energy talking about a place iPhone isn't entitled to.

My first BlackBerry Z10 (wall hugger) will soon be replaced by its successor Z20

Explain how showing an "outdated" BlackBerry use use by some powerful people doesn't help it. If the viewer thought the phone was "outdated" and then saw a powerful person using one....wouldn't that either A: change their mind, or...if not....B: make them think the person using it (no matter how powerful) was "out of date"? You could just as easily make your claim about a Iphone 4 but the same questions would apply.

But a 9900 is not outdated at all when it comes to the things powerful communicators need to fact it's the best phone ever made for that purpose....thus the reason so many of them are still in use including the one sitting next to me.

It doesn't help at all does it? If it does BBRY would not have been tumbling on fourth position.
People really know that those powerful folks aren't using BlackBerry by their wills they are forced to use it for security purposes. Ironically, they are the people who invade masses' privacy and they were glued to BBRY in order to secure their own privacy.

My first BlackBerry Z10 (wall hugger) will soon be replaced by its successor Z20

Huh? So, your logic is that if a BB in the hands of a powerful person was a good thing, the company wouldn't have some other problems unrelated to that situation? That both can't occur at the same time?

"People really know"? Did you poll all of them? Obama said he wanted to keep his. You're theory suggests that no single BB user.....anywhere....actually wants the phone. That's quite a stretch....but you're entitled to your opinion.

No, my theory doesn't suggest that having BlackBerry on the hands of powerful was a good thing on the contrary it does suggest that having it on the hands of masses is a good thing. You are the only one who suggests that the use of BlackBerry by powerful people does help the BBRY.

Again you don't need to pull the boundary and said my input imply that no single person uses BlackBerry on his own will. It's in you that in order to state your opinion you should take aside on a comment and take it as if it was the origin.

My comment was originally a response to someone who thinks iPhone is a toy and doesn't see BlackBerry as the real toy which politicians like to play with as they normal pay with our intelligence.

My first BlackBerry Z10 (wall hugger) will soon be replaced by its successor Z20

Wow, quite a stream of consciousness there....

You never said anything about masses, you said that if it helped to have it in the hands of powerful people, then all their other troubles would magically disappear.

I'm assuming English in not your first language here so it's pointless to engage you further.

Hey cameron why do you have conservative radio talk show host Michael Savage banned from the UK while you let Islamic terrorist run freely?? You are a coward and and a fake conservative!!!

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Are you really gonna fill the comments with a bunch of political rants? Go Tweet him or something. This is why I hate politics lol. It's worse than smartphone wars :P

How about the two men(Bush & Channey) who told the nation lies about weapons of mass destruction, took the country to war, and to this day no weapons were ever found. Those crooks are war criminals.

And the top democrats voted to go to Iraq. The WMD report that led to the war was presented by then CIA Director George Tenet (D) a Clinton appointee to President Bush. President George W. Bush kept Mr. Tenet on as director first two years of his first term. You obviously don't know history and facts. Oh by the way the top democrats of that time all screamed about the WMD program in Iraq well before President W. Bush was elected. Hmmmmmmmm. Guess what there was a program for WMD'S but most of the crap got sent in convoys to Syria right before March 2003 with the help of the Russians. A lot of the lab equipment left behind was dual usage for commercial and military along with huge amounts of gas masks.

You should be ashamed of yourself for being so ignorant.
Would you like to see the quotes of your democrats who screamed about the WMD's?

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Ugh. I don't read the forums and comments just so I can witness a bunch of political bickering. This is seriously a repellent for me. When anyone mentions anything remotely political the soap boxes really start coming out. There's a time and place. Obama's, Bush's, etc idiocy has nothing to do with BlackBerry. Why aren't those kinds of posts deleted? Aren't "first" posts deleted? I'd rather read a "first" post every day than read one political comment on a BlackBerry site. Geez...

Nifty Foods! C003262E5

What's a matter with the people here. Jesus! Any front page that shows BlackBerry front and center in the media is awesome.

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Well, the article on isn’t exactly positive, it uses the brand name as a generic name to denote the ‘Government by [smartphone]’ criticism. In addition, showing him with such an old device isn’t helping either, at best it reinforces the perception of hopelessly outdated government IT facilities and their inability to adopt newer technologies. reinforces the perception that BlackBerry is....apparently...not dead and still chosen by powerful communicators who could buy any phone they wanted with the taxpayers money. Different people have different perceptions. You might be able to get away with the "hopelessly out date government IT facilities and their inability to adopt newer technologies" argument if it were some third world country leader holding this phone...but the UK (or the US or Germany) government are in no way lagging behind in IT...and yet....they choose BlackBerry. So....what perception does that reinforce?

Let's tell people he's using a pre-release BB10 classic (not a legacy BBOS phone).


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Leaders of nations are "forced" to use a BlackBerry device? Perhaps that underscores BlackBerry's expertise in security and dependability. That's a point that SHOULD be utilized by BlackBerry's marketing people rather than hoping to place a device in the hands of a "celebrity". Whether the target audience is the enterprise market or the average Joe/Joanne on the street, never underestimate the intelligence of the consumer!

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Unfortunately it just means that if iPhones were to become as secure as a BlackBerry on a BES those who make the IT security decisions in Governments would drop legacy BlackBerry OS in a heart beat so that they could issue what the top politicians probably whine about not being allowed to use day in days out, an iPhone.

The same is probably true for BB10, yes it's light years "better" as an OS than legacy but still in the politician's eyes it's not an iPhone so the pressure to use something else will always be there.

The UK the Government Cabinet were, until they were banned on security grounds given newly discovered attack vectors and heightened Russian and Chinese cyber attacks, allowed to use iPads. That only happened in the first place because of the push to go paperless and mobile and the popularity of the devices.

Luckily for BlackBerry Apple still can't get their security act together and somehow I doubt that Google will either unless they rewrite Android and turn their back on everything that made it so popular and prevalent in consumer land, i.e. you can hack it to pieces if you want.

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Have you actually interviewed any politicians in order to make your claims about what they "probably whine about"? Or are you just guessing? I'm pretty sure that no iphones have a keyboard, and I'm pretty sure that no iphones last as long in a day as some BlackBerries, and I'm pretty sure that the most powerful people in the world are not too concerned about Itunes or (some unknown missing app) while they are communicating with other powerful people. They probably are more concerned that a crappy, tiny touch keyboard doesn't accidentally tell someone the wrong info. via a strange typo.

You do know that photo is from over two years ago?

That's an Olympics volunteer.

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He needs a new BB. He can't even see the picture he's trying to take. Only has the girl in the selfie.

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Older BlackBerry's were never known for their awesome cameras.

Heck I can remember being so excited to get my 9780 that had a 5mp camera when there were phones with an 8 a year before.

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I too was excited when i got my 9780 i turned it on and i thought to myself "yep i feel like a business man ;)" at the time i was a senior in HS and today i use a Q10 :D

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You don't know if that photo was taken as the phone was still being lined up or if that is actually the picture he took. It's just a still photo representing one random moment in time. People still took selfies before front facing's not that hard.

Get the ducks off his legacy BlackBerry and onto BB10 already gads!!

 BlackBerry Z30  If it Don't Make Dollars, It don't Make Sense 

Yet they joyfully prefer to sell spyPhones and hackDroids... ?


 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Pretty embarrassing that he has to flip a Bold 9900 around to get a self shot. Lol. That is nothing to brag about.

Should have a Q10.

It worries me that most politicians are using legacy BlackBerry though, is there something wrong with BlackBerry 10 when it comes to security? The only one that uses a BlackBerry 10 is that German lady, no?

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I bet he has a latest BlackBerry by now but for you blackberry, make us BBs with at least a 5mp front cam

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I am clueless on how these guys manage with the pathetic battery life and hour glass on 9900?

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Best Keyboard ever. Great battery life and removable battery. Best notifications ever. Best operation using both buttons and touch. Hour glass only happens if you add other apps, not if you just use core apps for comms or browser.

Still clueless?

The five eyes club all use berries. Anything gov will be about security and privacy. Security isn't sexy. Hence iPhones sell like hot cakes.

Q10 and Z30 user

I posted this above but I'll post it here again. That photograph is at least two years old. He is posing for a selfie with a volunteer for the Olympic Games (I was one too - that uniform I know all too well).

It can thus be dated to August 2012 at the latest. It's not even the Paralympics, that uniform was a bit different.

I do find it ironic that Crackberry of all places would use old photographs.

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Good publicity for the company. Only problem is, as a UK resident, Cameron is an utter disaster! Perhaps the Passport will make him more effective!

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You just need to upgrade the user not the phone. Mind you, having Cameron use the phone shows that any idiot can use it.

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I wonder if the reason why these world leaders don't use up to date Blackberries is because their security details need to thoroughly vet them first, and they just haven't got round to BlackBerry 10 yet?

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IPhone is iPhone because it the cool phone. Android is the market leader because it dominates the low cost segment.

Truth be told Android is so pervasive every other phone including iPhones are niche market phones. If current trends continue in the next year or so Apple's share of new phone purchases will be less than ten percent.

BlackBerry can make a profit being the first choice of phones for world leaders and business tycoons. Let get real these people are just like everyone else. If the new new is serious people use BlackBerry they will want to be considered a serious person and so will their subordinates.

BlackBerry cannot beat Android in the consumer market. It won't be the volume leader in the high-end segment. But it will do well in the regulated segment and Foxconn will help it with the value (low cost) segment.

That's funny: A "proven idiot". You can't "prove" something that is purely a subjective label. You could just as easily say (insert some celebrity here) is a "proven idiot" and associating iPhone with them might not be the best idea.

May understand what is this picture below?
There is no black berry on desk it's a Samsung,

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Hope that he is not truly managing the country with that old and obsolete BlackBerry 7 device.....

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Others have pointed out the picture actually pre-dates BB10. But, I'm not sure how it's obsolete at keyboarding (it's the best ever made) or communications (also the best ever made). Yea, he probably isn't using the on-board navigation or playing words with friends on it though....but I pretty sure those are not critical to managing the country.

Benghazi!!!! Now that I done my part. Having politicians using your products is a double edge sword as we can tell from the comments here. Unlike celebrities who have fans. Having said that, most people do not look at politicians for fashion trend. BlackBerry devices are never seen as a fashion accessories to begin with. POTUS, PMUK and Chancellor of Germany are seen as world power authority figures. Them using BlackBerry devices is a symbolic of power and security. People who care for such things can relate to that. No different from Ke$ha using an Iphone with Pikachu case appeals to her fan base. Exposure is exposure, if sex tapes leaking can leads to fame and fortune, having politicians using your products is not the worst kind of endorsement.

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Only a "second summer vacation"? You mean he doesn't intend to spend the entire summer playing golf like our President does? (US)

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Well the phone is better than him as a leader! Ironic, given how shitty of a leader David Cameron is , and how much he's screwed up the UK, I figured him for an Appletard or Retardroid!

Poor BlackBerry...his phone is probably trying to get away from him so as not to lower it's IQ!

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

I use my blackberry when on the go and at home, my computer when it's charging (for more processing power, bigger screen). It follows me everywhere I go. :)

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I guess, World leaders have each others BBM. So that they can chat and talk more often re issues easily. Hahahaha

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Clearly it's an old photo from 2012 or before, as some of the people are wearing 'London 2012' lanyards. The phone was current at the time.