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UK MVNO giffgaff to sell the BlackBerry Q10 at the end of November

By James Richardson on 7 Nov 2013 04:42 am EST

In the UK, if customers want to go down the SIM only route many choose the MVNO giffgaff, which runs off the O2 network. The 'very' cost effective network is branching out though and it would appear that they will also be selling handsets by the end of November, including the BlackBerry Q10

All in all, giffgaff are initially to offer 22 handsets - a mix of Android, Windows Phone and the iPhone, but at least we get one BlackBerry 10 device thrown in the mix. In terms of how payment will work it looks like there will be a selection of options, utilizing peer to peer finance - ranging from full upfront payment of the handset - to splitting payments over a period from 6 to 24 months. 

Since day one we have always seen good value for money from giffgaff and I can't see why this will change, but at the time of publication the prices are still to be confirmed. Another couple of benefits in choosing giffgaff is that the BlackBerry will not be network locked and your monthly payments can be changed if required - offering flexibility. 

It's always great to have more options and we will of course keep you updated when giffgaff put the Q10 on sale. 

Source: giffgaff blog


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UK MVNO giffgaff to sell the BlackBerry Q10 at the end of November

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Nice to see any type of support for the platform. Personally never heard of giffgaff, but I don't live in the UK.

Posted via CB10

Same here. But it's nice to see the flexibility. 24 months is a long time to pay for a phone in my opinion.

On The Underrated Z10 *

GiffGaff are one of the best mobile phone companies I've used.
Glad to see them supporting BlackBerry.
At £12 per month with unlimited data, you can't go wrong.

While GiffGaff prices are good, I have heard that GiffGaff customer service is awful. So perhaps tread carefully on this one.

GiffGaff does not literally have a what I would call a customer service because that is handled by the community of users just the way CB does and I have had no problems with them really over the years. It's good they are going to be offering handsets now. I would like the Z30 on there though.... Get facts right.

Are you saying that GG doesn't have customer service at all? If that is the case then I don't really see how you can claim that their customer service is good. Also, my claim was that I heard that their service is not good; not that it is not good. Although, if what you say is true then it's hardly a stretch of the imagination to say that a non-existent customer service isn't as good as an existent one.

It is a community run set up. Members earn benefits by providing advice/assistance. You know this from the outset so there is no reason to complain about customer service.

Fable Publishing: C0012255F

Well, there are dedicated team members you can easily send problems to and they seem to have a very quick turn-around time to queries... I have not had a problem with the network and therefore not much need of the customer service as you may call it. A large percentage of people's problem seems to have been covered on blog posts or forum threads and can be found easily. It's a sim-only network at least for now and therefore there is no need to call a customer service adviser. And yes, they do not have a customer service in it's rightful sense as there is nobody you can call on a phone if you need help. Go through the forums and you will be sorted. Personal problems solved by raising a complaint with dedicated members and dealt with in record time.
They are able to keep the price of the plans down because of the minimal overhead they carry....

Here in Germany we don't have any network resellers that actually sell BlackBerry devices. However most of them don't offer any devices at all in the first place. IMO those companys are the way to go: You only get monthly contracts, which you can cancel on short notice to get a better offer. Their prices are much more interesting and regarding to get a device: You're much cheaper off getting yourself some off-contract phone from a well known (online-) store and go with one of the reselling carriers.

Sure the downsides are less bells and whistles for power users (no LTE, lesser overall internet speeds and usually not above 2gigs of data/month) and the customer service is not that good, but it's a much better offer in the end. I am counting the months till my o2 DE contract finally ends: Can't wait to give them the finger and go with a monthly reseller contract.

Posted via the awesome Blackberry Q10

U.K Virgin mobile 30 day vip sim. Unlimited phone,text and data. £15 per month piggybacks the EE network.

Unfortunately giffgaff runs on the O2 network as does TESCO. The problem is you just don't get the coverage. My brother is with Tesco and I used Giffgaff but gave up after a month due to dropped calls and no service.

Hapus iawn