UK mental health trust commit to 1800 BlackBerry Z10's

BlackBerry Z10
By James Richardson on 11 Mar 2013 04:01 am EDT

It seems that the BlackBerry Z10 is being adopted by yet another important Enterprise customer. We reported last week that the German government were taking on 5000 new BlackBerry Z10's which was awesome news but now a UK agency is following suit. Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust (BSMHFT) are to roll out 1,800 BlackBerry Z10 smartphones which makes me happy!

Z10 sales in the the UK have already trebled the first week sales figures of any previous BlackBerry with consumers - and it now looks like businesses are seeing sense and jumping onboard too. In the UK, more than 1,000 enterprise customers and developers registered to attend the recent BlackBerry Experience Forum targeting the enterprise community in London. Attendees at the forum learnt how BlackBerry’s completely re-invented suite of products, solutions and services work seamlessly together to enable enterprises of all sizes to easily deploy, manage, and secure BYOD and corporate mobile devices.

More than 100 UK public and private sector organizations are currently trialing the BlackBerry 10. These include BT, Centrica, Aviva, The Co-Operative Group and University Hospital Birmingham. In addition to this, the Head of Technical Services of BSMHFT announced at the BlackBerry Enterprise Forum, that his organization plans to deploy 1,800 BlackBerry Z10 smartphones to its staff - BOOM!

Let the good times continue - BlackBerry 10 is here to stay.

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UK mental health trust commit to 1800 BlackBerry Z10's


I agree with you. With all this positive news, why hasn't Wall Street seen these signs. I'm holding on to my stocks for the long run and continue to purchase more and more when I hear great news like this.

The US market is more cynical when it comes to companies on the down-swing. We're very bipolar like that. Once the doom and gloom starts sounding through the echo chamber, it just goes downhill from there. Then there is the whole mentality where we think "well, if it's happening over there, it doesn't mean the same will happen over here." It's pretty frustrating.

Anyway, eventually, Blackberry will start swinging back over here. We're a bunch of doubting Thomas' sometimes. Personally, I think Blackberry is going to be bigger than the cynics think. I think we'll all be pleasantly surprised with their performance over here. Then you'll see the carriers scrambling to carry more of the phones because things went "unexpectedly." :P

Guess all those media releases about companies dumping BlackBerry are now being replaced with media releases about companies jumping on the BB10 band wagon. Awesomeness!!!!

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BlackBerry is getting a lot of love from the UK. Hope to hear more news about Enterprise love else where a round the world.

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Yep Z10 have better features lot of people's are switching from IPhone and Andiod and lot of new apps are coming for Z10 day by day I was addicted to BlackBerry before and I am and I will always and I am always loyal to BlackBerry Thank You CB and Rim

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In Pakistan Z10 is not officially launch yet but thousands have people's are using Z10... I got mine from dubai... :)

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Very glad to hear this, can't wait for the launch in the US. Verizon store I visited, I was told by one of the employees that she personally has to call up 10 people once they hear anything about pre-orders, and that's JUST her alone. There seems to be a huge demand, hope all of this success in other countries leads up and continues into the US.

EDIT: New comments have orange left borders.. Just learned that from refreshing! AWESOME! Love this new redesign! :)

[SCRAP THIS]Quick question though, why do some comments have an orange border on the left (which looks good), but others don't have it? I was thinking it was ppl who posted from the CB10 app, but right there is someone who did, and it's not orange.[/SCRAP THIS]

Thanks guys!

And overall over 2000 major companies are trying the Z10 globally with the number growing. By now I believe everything its 2600+ from the last time this newsletter broke.

Let's the good times roll ! However, we are the first generation. We were became a Legend when we told this story to our grandchild. Fantastic !

But we must keep on voting for the Z10 on to keep the Z10 as number one choice for consumers. Results posted every Monday.

Our company started a test with one unit. After 4 days 2 more units were introduced for an additional 7 days to test collaboration. It was a done deal. The 3 people had smiles ear to ear and the rest were drooling. Besides what BlackBerry was always good at, the new OS and the new BBM, Hub, Flow concept are just too much.

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Glad to hear the U.K embracing the Z10 like I have and the story is even sweeter because it's my Home Town!!!!!

Was this reply too my comment above? If so sorry you never saw the humour in it. Can't please everyone I guess!

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That comment is wrong on two levels. One is that I believe the phones are being issued to the staff and not the patients and second is the fact that it was very rude of you to say.

I can't wait to see the number of sales for the Z10, I have a feeling everyone will be pleasantly surprised by the huge number of sales. As a Canadian, I see Z10 commercials everywhere I look, on store glass windows, on the tv, internet, print adds and I have even see a few Z10 hoodies.