Let your BlackBerry help build your future with free GCSE apps for UK teenagers

By James Richardson on 21 Oct 2012 03:38 pm EDT

As the majority of teenagers in the UK are on team BlackBerry this post may well change the way your future turns out if you are between the ages of 14-16 years.

If you are studying for your GCSE exams then your BlackBerry can now to assist you in improving your science results. SmartStudy Ltd have released a selection of free GCSE science wordbook apps which not only include a huge amount of content for you to swat up on, but each section also contains a test. The tests all comprise of a number of questions with three possible answers to choose from - and with a timer running on each, the pressure is on. 

I have been using the GCSE Biology Wordbook app and it just goes to prove how long ago it was that I did my GCSE's - I'm not great at the tests! SmartStudy Ltd have made a total of ten apps available in App World (some AQA Spec and some Edexcel) and they include the following subjects: Science, Chemistry, Biology & Physics.

    Requirements of the app include:

    • WiFi required to download our content
    • BlackBerry® OS v 6 or higher
    • BBM 6.1 or higher
    • 100MB min of unused and available memory on SD card
    More Information/Download the SmartStudy GCSE apps for BlackBerry smartphones

    Reader comments

    Let your BlackBerry help build your future with free GCSE apps for UK teenagers


    You couldn't be more wrong. The current GCSE will be phased out in 2017 and replaced with a newer harder GCSE.

    As a UK Science teacher I have checked out the AQA apps (the board I teach). I like them and will be telling my pupils about them. For free I think they are a good revision resource and I like the idea of BBM connectivity. Plenty of the pupils have BlackBerry's so I'm thinking the apps should prove popular.

    They're actually going to be more like O Levels and be called the English Bachelorette, they won't be like harder GCSE's because they will only take one test.