UK Enterprises Embrace BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10

By Adam Zeis on 24 Sep 2013 09:28 am EDT

Over 25k BES 10 servers have been installed globally including over 1/3 of FTSE 100 companies. In the UK, major carriers EE, Vodafone and 02 are all supporting BES 10. Organizations such as Rocco Forte, Clyde & Co and Hogg Robinson are all making the move to new BES 10 EMM solutions. 

Press Release

  • More than 25,000 BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 commercial and test servers have been installed globally
  • More than one-third (34) of FTSE 100 companies have installed BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 for either commercial or test purposes
  • Major carriers EE, Vodafone and O2 are all now supporting BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwired - September 24, 2013) - From the FTSE 100 to football's Premier League and many other organisations, BlackBerry® Enterprise Service 10 is being embraced by enterprises across the UK.

BlackBerry® (NASDAQ: BBRY)(TSX: BB) today announced that 34 of the FTSE 100 companies have already installed BlackBerry® Enterprise Service 10, BlackBerry's enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution, for either commercial or test purposes. Reflecting the clear need for companies to have a cross platform EMM solution that delivers a strong level of security, control and management at the device and app level, the uptake amongst the UK's largest companies follows the response in North America, where the majority of Fortune 500 companies have BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10.

In addition, with major UK carriers Vodafone, EE and O2 now supporting BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10, many organisations across both the public and private sector are also making the move to the new BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 EMM solution:

  • Rocco Forte, a luxury hotel group, is using Secure Work Space for iOS® and Android™ to manage 60 tablets deployed to enable employees to access business-critical apps and information on-the-go. In addition, the company has deployed 200 new BlackBerry® 10 smartphones. With BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 and Secure Work Space, the company is now able to simply and securely manage all devices in the organisation.
  • Clyde & Co., a global law firm with over 1,400 employees, has deployed BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 and plans to migrate its existing 1,200 BlackBerry smartphone users to BlackBerry 10 smartphones.
  • The Premier League, the organizing body for the Barclays Premier League, is using BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 to manage its existing portfolio of BlackBerry smartphones, as well as a number of iOS devices. An additional 60 BlackBerry Q10 smartphones are also being rolled out across the organisation.
  • Hogg Robinson, an international corporate services provider specialising in travel, expense and data management has deployed BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 to manage its existing suite of 800 BlackBerry smartphones, which now also includes newly deployed BlackBerry® Z10 and BlackBerry® Q10 smartphones.
  • Public sector body NHS Education Scotland, a health board responsible for developing and delivering education and training to NHS Scotland employees, has deployed BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 and begun the rollout of 200 BlackBerry 10 smartphones.

In the May 2013 Forrester Research, Inc. report entitled: "Build A Road Map For Workforce Computing", Christian Kane wrote about the ever-growing need for an EMM platform in a mixed device environment. "To support the increasing diversity of mobile devices and platforms, Infrastructure & Operations pros are investing heavily in management solutions to monitor and secure devices across a broad ecosystem of operating systems and form factors. These solutions allow IT to proactively support multiple platforms and device types, extend management and security policies to both corporate-liable and employee-owned devices, and automate service desk support."(i)
"BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 is a multi-platform mobile solution that can securely manage and control an organisation's mobile fleet, irrespective of device or platform," said Stephen Bates, Head of the Enterprise Business Unit at BlackBerry. "As more organisations are pressured to provide employees with various mobile device options, it becomes even more critical to have a simple-to-use EMM solution that can secure any device, including BlackBerry, iOS and Android."

BlackBerry has always provided security at the device, server and network level. The recently launched Secure Work Space solution leverages the same trusted behind-the-firewall connection available for BlackBerry smartphones and extends BlackBerry security capabilities for data-at-rest and data-in-transit to iOS and Android devices. The Secure Work Space container is managed through BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10, making it easy and convenient to manage all devices from its single console.

Customer Quotes

"BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 is a secure, reliable platform that provides us with full support for our BlackBerry, iOS and Android devices. It enables us to securely deploy our customised business applications and in turn delivers tangible productivity benefits to our employees. This new platform is not only great for the business, but also for our customers who are benefiting from an even higher standard of service as a result of our improved operational efficiency." - Emmanuel Clave, Group Director of Information Technology, Rocco Forte Hotels

"One of our key mobility requirements is on-the-go access to document management software. BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 provides a single platform that facilitates the management and control of this and other business-critical apps in a consistent environment that meets our stringent security requirements." - Aaron Donaldson, 3rd Line Support Team leader, Clyde & Co.

"The Premier League is using BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 to manage its suite of BlackBerry and iOS devices. The organisation has long used BlackBerry as their mobile solution of choice. The new platform enables us to extend the tried and tested management and security capabilities of the BlackBerry solution to support other tablet and smartphones used within the organisation."- Simon Thunder, Head of IT, The Premier League

"BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 brings significant technology, cost and operational improvements to our existing BlackBerry infrastructure. It addresses many of the challenges employers face in an increasingly diverse mobile environment by delivering the only end-to-end solution capable of securely managing devices from different platforms. BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 allows us to simply and effectively manage all device platforms from one user-friendly graphical interface. With the added bonus of BlackBerry Balance technology on the BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10 smartphones we have deployed, our employees can enjoy all the benefits of a cutting-edge smartphone while we can rest assured that all corporate information is kept completely separate and secure." - Neil Kirk, Head of Unified Communications, Europe, Hogg Robinson Group PLC

"BlackBerry has a long history as the mobile solution of choice for the broader public sector. The new BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 platform enables us to securely manage and control existing BlackBerry smartphones and the new BlackBerry 10 smartphones from one single console." - Paul Donnelly, Senior Network Administrator, NHS Education Scotland

(i) According to a May 2013 report by Forrester Research, Inc. entitled: "Build A Road Map For Workforce Computing". Many enterprises are deploying bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs to enable employees to use personal smartphones or tablets for work activities. In fact, 42% of IT hardware decision-makers have piloted, implemented, expanded, or upgraded BYOD programs for smartphones. In addition, 24% of these firms are in the same stages of implementing BYOD programs for tablets. Officially supporting these BYOD programs poses challenges for security and IT personnel tasked with managing corporate risk."


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UK Enterprises Embrace BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10


Blackberry is going private, you will start to see faith in the company go up pretty considerably I would say.

Agreed. BES 10 installations should have picked up after the summer when most employees werre back from vacation if not for the strategic alternative review announcement. Fairfax timed the buyout at the turning point of the turnaround, with so much potential with OS 10.2, cross platform BBM and BBM channel.

I guess Prem is going to show you how to "Market BlackBerry" to get a higher price for the stock he owns and, hopefully, have someone else "outbid" Farifax so he can collect his $150mil on his .30 per share if someone else buys BlackBerry.

Gotta hand it to Prem - he doesn't give a flying f^ck about the retail investors who have been pounded while owning BlackBerry - but he knows how to take care of #1....

Prem should have been CMO because Frank Boulben has sucked hind teet...

Prem himself owns 10 percent of BlackBerry shares, many of which he bought when BlackBerry's stock was still in the 100 dollar range...

He is taking an enormous hit himself.

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Z10

How dare you post with common sense and logic!
Im willing to bet that (unless if CB has any stock holders with more than 1% of BB shares ) NOBODY (on these boards) is taking a bigger loss than Watsa. Loosing money isn't fun I get that, even if its 5$ it might mean more to you than a next guys 5 million.

I look at it as him making the best use of the cards dealt, investing is a gamble...

Based on that then what he would really want to do then is recoup or hopefull profit over his investment. Buying everything so low then building up the value will smooth out and recover those loses he's been hit with. Seems like the right move for those investors in Fairfax.

Okay here's the fantasy and hope portion. What if he is privy to what Blackberry is going to be able to deliver over the next 2 years, he may know more than anyone of us, we're all caught up in the consumer face of BB10 and BBM.

What we don't see is what's more deeply buried in their development of business tools. If they have the next big thing, like they did way back when 'crackberry' got it's name, I would hope that they keep that a secret until it is ready. They have learned (hopefully) that giving up any information on what they are doing too early will only awaken bigger and stronger players. IF and this is just me being a wishful thinker, they bring that to market soon and it is solid, they can build quickly and this time not piss it away.

That's when Prem and Fairfax get their money back in spades!

Okay, back to the present, I hope they survive and have a vision!?

I tend to agree, the general public only knows about the phones. There's two dark horses I see at BB. They are:
1) BBM Money - There's huge potential here, especially in the developing world.
2) Certicom ECC cryptography - if 3DES is proven to be obsolete, this could be a gold mine in licensing.

Throw in the potential of QNX imbedded in everything with a plug/battery, and you've got some interesting possibilities. Prem is smart, he knows Ottawa won't allow a foreign takeover of the technologies, it's not about BB per se becoming foreign, it's about Certicom's cryptography and QNX's RTOS falling into the hands of unfriendly regimes. Oh, and throw in loss of control of BES, there's a dozen or so allied gov'ts that would have a fit, including Canada's.

So much for free markets. Government is there to interfere when someone is willing to pay a fair price but other wise they keep saying how they don't want to interfere in publicly listed organization. The fact is that most industries are run very inefficiently in Canada, starting from Telecoms, Retail stores, Banks, you name it. They survive and thrive because of barriers created by the government. One can only imagine how pathetic canadian carriers are? 250 mb of data for $70/month. That's fu*king disgrace. The union culture in most of canada breeds inefficient workforce which leads to organizatioins not fit to compete in this competitive, cut throat environment in this world. Blackberry is just a result of this culture.

Well stock was bashed down to 9 bucks for Prem to buy, deal was sealed and now its time to show all the good stuff :)

Once again Blackberry shows that they have no idea how marketing works. Except for this website, this news will get buried in all the negativity of Blackberry going private, with even front page news articles talking about the rise and fall of Blackberry. They have to wait for all the negativity to die down, and then announce this kind of news. They have no idea how human psychology works. Except for Blackberry fans on this website, this news will be shrugged off and get no attention.

They made the same mistake announcing cross-platform BBM and Z30 before the horrible numbers they released on Friday. The media is all about the present, give them a few good news spread over a few months period and they will start talking about a comeback.

Imagine this: After the bad earnings, they went silent for a month. And then launched BBM cross platform. A week after that they announce the Z30 to the public, another week later they put out the above press release about people switching to BES 10, another week after that they annouce a few top apps coming to the platform, another week after that they put out a press release that X number of people have downloaded BBM, and so on. This creates momentum.

Once again that they have no idea how this works. They should fire the whole marketing team.

I agree. And these kind of mistakes are so obvious - it's unbelievable that BB doe's not learn from the mistakes of the past.

They were holding it back....Panasonic and Garmin did not ink deals with QNX recently because BlackBerry was done! come on.....they do their homework. BlackBerry is going to explode going forward. They are going to get devices to the consumer through the corporate world. Those employees are going to fall in love with BB10 and bingo.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Yup, potentially a reverse BYOD situation. Hopefully the tune changes on the consumer front, so consumer app devs don't abandon it.

BlackBerry will succeed.

Personally I think the whole smash down of the stock was a plan to take it private.

Posted via CB10

Totally agree. Do some stupid things to drive down the price. Then it is easier to go private.

In 2-3 years BlackBerry will once again be the everyone wants.

Posted via CB10

Yes, the customers solved the problem...they dumped trying to support the multiple flavors of RustDroid that could not even play nicely with each other. Then they switched to bb10 devices. Problem solved. :)

Posted via CB10

Simply Awesome. The CEO did state 10's of Millions will be sold by the end of 2013. Well I believe he meant with the help of the Enterprise market. Now things are kicking into gear, and further proof that BBRY is for life....

Again. As I know BB PR, 25000 installed means that most of them just for test. Why they don't give us exact number of BES10 contracts?

I suppose that owner of BES10 for tests didn't pay for devices (up to end of the year?).

They can convert non-BES 10 to BES 10 licensees for free until Dec.

We have 7 devices on our BES 10.1 server, but still over 800 on our BES 5 (for office 365).

BlackBerry know exactly the number of companies and organisations that have bought BES10 CALS so they know exactly how many are using BES10 in a live production environment, not just as a test, but they are not saying how many that is - why not?

I fear it's because the numbers are embarrassingly low, so they decided to fudge the issue by lumping test and live all together because that makes the numbers bigger.

Posted via CB10

Yes, the real acid test is number of CALs sold. Even knowing the ratio of test/production servers doesn't really tell one much, depends how many devices are being managed from a particular server.


You only keep using test numbers at this point if the real installations are much lower than they should be. Which is the reason for the big price drop in CAL.

But I'm afraid that unlike the "fans" here most of the world is not nearly as optimistic about the future of BB, so companies that were considering BES10 are much more likely to go with one of the MANY alternatives that actually work better at managing Android and iOS devices.

No kidding! First they mismanage their BB10 rollout without proper advertising, than they lie about the actual strength of sales and on top of that overproduce on number of devices causing another round of write-downs and stuff layoffs just in time to make sure the stock is cheep enough for Prem Watsa to take it pretty much for free!

Don't get me wrong, I have been very happy as user of my Z10 but as an investor, this is bul****! I have lost all the trust I had in the management.

I haven't seen a blackberry commercial in the U.S. once since BB10 was released. I live in Texas though. Maybe there have been some up north. Funny all of this positive information and announcements conveniently after a buy offer from the people who couldn't afford BBRY months ago. It's amazing what tons of negative publicity and lack of marketing your product will do to your overall value.

Posted via CB10

They need to differentiate between "commercial" and "test" BES10 servers. 25000 seems like a great number, but it doesn't mean much if 15000 of those are just "test" servers.

Makes all sense now. So there have been good things happening behind the public view. They knew they had something going with their new BES10, so that's why they are just going to focus on the enterprise now.

Posted via CB10

One way the other, BlackBerry will still live because there are people out there who love BlackBerry.

I personally doesn't care with all the 'bad' news. I know that Blackberry has QNX-based BB10 and BES solution which I called it technologically the best. Best solution will takes time to dominate (see Linux case for example).

Too bad consumer market need a 'beautiful' design and bunch of shiny apps. Blackberry always have a professional and ergonomic design that doesn't satisfied enough the consumer market. Too late is the correct word for perfect BB10. This is just like iOS and Android all over again. With good foundation and keep on improving, Blackberry will surely catch up. Just my two cents.

Posted via CB10 [Q10]

Guess they can release all this good news now that the shareholders have been gangr*ped by the BlackBerry Board. Fiduciary Duty! HAH! The stock market is a rigged game for insiders. DO NOT EVER BUY SHARES OF ANY COMPANY THAT HAS ONE OF THESE BlackBerry BOARD MEMBERS ON IT in the future. In fact, if you know how, you should take a short position.

Posted via CB10

the funny thing is that the stock keeps going down so Watsa would have been better off to wait and get the company much cheaper

Well that just proves his 9 bucks is fair right...guess no lawsuits!

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Remember when Apple is about to go bankrupt and now they become the top of the game in like several years? It's funny if you ask me that Blackberry should catch up in only 1-2 years. Apple got iOS as a foundation, now Blackberry got QNX as a foundation. Have faith.

Posted via CB10 [Q10]

I remember when Blackberry did not bother releasing details of small implementation of their products but now they do report insignificant orders..must be really desperate

Hey Adam, what does that mean 'In the UK, major carriers EE, Vodafone and 02 are all supporting BES 10"?
- Is it that these carriers have installed BES10 for their own use (i.e. employees)?
- to allow small company's to enroll into their BES10 for a fee?
- to provide an options to regular users who would like to be on BES10?

or all of the above?

Thank you for your explanation

those Cell providers if anything like Bell and Rogers can now offer (hosted) BES10 direct to SME...
probably all of the above.

Thet keep the number of BES10 servers a secret. What we now is downloads only ~30K. more than 14K of those in India alone.

Wow amazing great news, right after they stole the value of our investment in this company .Hey Prem ! where,s my forty dollar stock ? Did you short the stock also? Profit is the name of the game and personal gain isn't ? Well people looks like we're our own ,morality is no longer included. Glad I turned out to be wiser and don't forget trust no longer included also .Sound like we all cheated to all of our children Liar !

I am still trying to get BES 10 licenses. I have got into contact with Vodafone, Wind, Cosmote. Why can't BlackBerry sell those licenses online?
I have also tried to get some friends from Ireland to get me couple of licenses, but they had no luck, they went just to the stores and none knew what they where talking about.

Posted via CB10

Our company is also going BES10 and I know of other companies doing the same. Its the gold standard MDM

Posted via CB10