UK distributors are still supporting BlackBerry all the way

By James Richardson on 8 Oct 2013 06:05 am EDT

I think it's fair to say that things have been a little unsettled for BlackBerry recently. It was only a short time ago that T-Mobile USA announced that they would not be stocking BlackBerry handsets in-store. Here in the UK it would appear that things are the opposite. The news that BlackBerry will go private seems to have not affected the opinions of some of the major UK distributors in the slightest. 

There is no doubt that BlackBerry are in for a rocky road in the near future, and if the sale to Fairfax Financial Holdings goes ahead we are still in the dark as to what the new owners have in store for the company. However, as you will see from the following quotes - the UK distributors are staying positive and are backing BlackBerry all the way. 

Carphone Warehouse Business head of partners Bob Sweetlove (pictured) said: “This is a positive step. It looks to be a business-based plan, which is where their strengths have been.”

Daisy Distribution MD Dave McGinn went even further, saying: “We still enjoy a good relationship with BlackBerry and they still support us as much as they ever have. We have seen no difference in the take-up of their products and if it hadn’t been for the negative press, we wouldn’t have noticed anything was going on.”

Avenir managing director Andy Tow said a move away from hardware may not be the ‘death knell’ some analysts have suggested: “They still have great strengths in security, in services and especially in the enterprise segment. Reinventing themselves as solely a software and services organisation might be a shrewd move.”

Maybe if the sale does go ahead the negative press that BlackBerry are constantly getting will fade away. Onwards and upwards! 

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UK distributors are still supporting BlackBerry all the way


Just keep in mind that even if blackberry isn't making the devices themselves it doesn't mean that they won't follow a similar design. It could be made by anyone and still come out looking like they made it themselves.

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I would hate it if they stop making devices and would stop being BlackBerry for many.

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I can't find the Z10 any where on the Carphone Warehouse website, still have a dummy handset in a store I went into yesterday, but that can't be seen as positive.

I concur, I see next to zero carrier support in London (Camden, Angel, Kings X, Central)... I can't remember the last time I saw any BBRY display or posters. More than half the staff I've asked don't even know what a "Z10" is.

Looks to me the same empty rhetoric BBRY got from US carriers.

Not the case in Phones4U I was just in, no devices and when asking about the Z30 the sales guy tried to sell me a GS4.

I showed him my Z10 and why I choose it for business. I think I educated him but still this isn't helping BlackBerry in these stores.

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Sorry forgot to mention, they had pulled BlackBerry phones from the displays.

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Reduce the fleet to just two devices, one premium and one budget...develop some partnerships to build best in class devices with quality materials and market it to death.

Get rid of the BlackBerry...keep moving nonsense.

America does not doing subtly when it comes to advertising.

BlackBerry.... Get it done....

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That tagline for a Mobile technology company is about as good as it gets. It sums up EVERYTHING.

They don't need to change this advertising slogan for years.

BlackBerry...Keep Moving!!!

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Was your tagline really meant to be ...
"Git 'R Dun"?

Because then that might change my whole perspective.

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Carphone warehouse, phones 4 U, EE, and Vodafone. Either haven't heard of it or have none in stock or to look at in my area. Talk is cheap, start stocking them.

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No where in those quotes do I see comments suggesting they are supporting "all the way.". The reaching and desperation in this community right now is embarrassing

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So putting them on shelves is supporting them all the way? Ok. Now the bigger question is BlackBerry going to advertise the Z30 in an effective way? No single sane person can say that the BB10 launch and associated marketing was a horrendous failure. I bet most people still don't know BB10 exists or is different from BBOS.

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I agree, BlackBerry marketing is a joke, how does a huge company that sells a product not understand, Marketing, Marketing, Marketing!

Z10 with OS

I think everyone is getting the strong sense the company will continue to move forward as planned under a Fairfax consortium.

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Let me get this straight. When one of your hardware partners says it is a good thing for you to give up making hardware, that's a "show of support?" Does anyone actually read anymore? Here is the quote:

“They still have great strengths in security, in services and especially in the enterprise segment. Reinventing themselves as solely a software and services organisation might be a shrewd move.”

We are fans of BB's phones. No one comes to this site for anything else.

Can't seem to get answer from networks in Ireland ......Stocking BlackBerry z30 looks like might have to pop across the water to get one......

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And what about France? I heard some scary news here... Have you more information?

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Once the z30 gets out there a bit, those who stopped carrying the phone will be left out. I think that device is going to turn some heads.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Talk is cheap indeed. It is simply appalling how BlackBerry is botching up and screwing up when it comes to marketing. Imagine, I'm in Canada and was at a local restaurant lately. I was in the take out line and struck up a conversation with the guy in front of me. We get to talking about phones, he said he was due for an upgrade and wasn't sure what he was getting. He asked me how I liked my Galaxy, I told him it was a new BlackBerry I had and he was amazed at the ease of using the virtual keypad. This guy wasn't even aware that the new BlackBerrys were different. I was glad that I showed him mine but left feeling very sad at how many more of him is out there.

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Totally agree! When people see that my beautiful super awesome phone is BlackBerry they say: "wow! I had no idea that BlackBerry made these kinds of phones! I'm gonna check it out. Where is it sold? I haven't seen it anywhere, didn't even know they existed." it's just sad... specially because the device is so superior.

I'm in UK and it's no better. I was talking to someone who was complaining about her old bb7 device and how she can't wait for her contract to be up so she can get an iPhone. Showed her my z10 and she said 'Wow I didn't know Blackberry made phones like that, I wouldn't mind one of those' this is 7 months after the launch!

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No matter how hard one wants to educate people, some don't wanna be educated...
Further on, I think some don't deserve a is sad, but true...

The only issue was the timing of some news BBRY released which they didn't have to and/or the wording which they've used to explain the situation. But seeing how they want a deal made by the middle of November, it explains why they rushed with the News Releases via the Strategic Committee etc.,

Here are 2 facts that people continually miss-interpret or have not deciphered yet.
1) One condition of a out-right sale, partnership etc., is the continuation and support of the BB10 platform and BES10. If not, BBRY will ask you kindly to get lost. M$ was already told to get lost by BBRY for example.
2) USA Carriers signed multi-year contracts with Apple to force sell iPhones to customers as much as possible. If not they get penalized by paying Apple $Billions in damages. Who in the right mind signs nonsense like this.

So it really does not matter how much marketing BBRY did in the USA, due to this dubious Apple rip-off contracts. Then we have massive miss-information and opinionated articles about the doom and gloom of BBRY going bankrupt and broken up etc., the same old nonsense being spread with absolutely no facts to back.
Anyhow hopefully all this miss-information gets cleared up as soon as possible, and the rip-off Apple contracts expire so BBRY can once again start pushing BB10 into consumers hands as much as possible.

Root cause of contract was AT&T's exclusivity with iPhone that Verizon wanted to Apple really held all the cards in the negotiations.

It will be a good thing for everyone(excluding Apple) when that contract expires.

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Actually u got it wrong. The carriers were just getting customers what they wanted because they knew that if they didn't someone else would. If blackberry could create a must have winning proposition I'm sure rogers and the others would stick to blackberry. Unfortunately blackberry has sucked at doing a simple job. They had a great device (i know the bb10 is an amazing platform and i know that the z10 is an amazing phone) but they screwed up on the execution on attracting customers retaining them basically the everything of doing business they fucked up. I'm sad and angry that it has all come to this but saying that Apple has a rip off contract is not going to cut it and neither is blaming Americans. BlackBerry screwed up plain and simple and they have backed themselves into a deep corner. Whether blackberry comes back from this or not, there are way too many lessons to be learnt from this fuck up. But blaming apple is not the solution no matter how much their products suck or how much leverage they have today. This bloomer here in front of us this turkey that we have to defend is all blackberry and it's management (present and past) all the way. If u think that Apple and Jobs got us here u give them way too much credit. They too have made many mistakes (newton anyone?) but they learned from those mistakes and came back stronger and quicker identifying the new trends when the leaders (read blackberry) were content with complacency. This is Christensen 101. BlackBerry still can right the wrongs but they need to get all in, else blackberry is going the way on palm whether u like in or not. Sad but true.

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Still waiting to see a z30 at any shops here in the UK. To me it just doesn't seem like the stores here want to display them and sell them.

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I'll bet these UK retailers are getting good wholesale prices on the rumored $1B of inventory that BlackBerry needs to unload. So yeah, they are happy.

BTW: In the US, AT&T is now selling the Z10 for 99 cents with 2 year contract. Tell your friends in the US to go get one... or two.

My ZeeTen strikes again! (Z10STL100-3/

Way to go U.K. Still supporting your Canadian brothers. Long live BlackBerry Long live The Commonwealth.

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Meanwhile, Harper is boycotting the Commonwealth summit.

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Not entirely 100%.

Carphone Warehouse and Vodafone continue to stock a full Blackberry line-up. However, the likes of Phones 4U have pulled all devices from stores, I don't think any have returned yet, but they will most likely continue with one, maybe two legacy devices moving forward.

No one stocks Z30 apart from Carphone Warehouse and Vodafone, you will not see Z30 in any other UK carriers stores anytime soon. As for the other carriers not mentioned, such as Everything Everywhere, 3UK, Virgin, O2 - I believe they only have either Q5 or Q10 and then 9720 and one other legacy device. They either don't sell Z10 anymore or it's become End Of Line for those carriers.

But it's good to see CPW and Voda pushing a full line up of BlackBerry devices (which you can get on any network sim).

id happily disagree with your `full lineup` comment.

CPW no longer sells the Z10 online (and id presume in store would be the same), so your comment is wrong.

I have to disagree with you also, but you are not completely wrong.

The Z10 is still available in store and 'shown' online. You can currently pick up the Z10 from any CPW store with no upfront cost at 21 pounds per month tariff. CPW stock Z10, Q10, Q5, Z30, 9720 and 9320 - that's a good line up for a BlackBerry user.

To be clear 'full line up' really means devices that are not currently end of line and unfortunately Z10 has entered or will enter EOL during this month with *some of these other major carriers that I'll mention 3UK, EE, O2, P4U, Tesco Mobile and Virgin.
*If they have/or have ever had Z10.

CPW and Voda will continue to support BlackBerry by providing an *up to date line up of products. (*not including EOL such as 9900, 9360 etc.) But they will still carry the Z10 in stores.

I love my Q10 and don't want to be stabbing out messages on an iphone or android device so definitely don't want to see Blackberry stop doing devices. If Blackberry had stuck to their core of business devices then maybe they wouldn't be in the mess they are in now. Media is biased towards Apple/Android and take delight in kicking Blackberry - no matter how good their marketing, difficult to get their message through all the negative prejudice. What Blackberry should do is a survey of what device business users would like to type an email on whilst out and about! If you gave most iphone users a Blackberry to do this on, I bet they would prefer it. Convergence isn't always the answer, I prefer to have the best tool for the job.

This is good news! Too bad Rogers Canada isn't so supportive :( They (Rogers) didn't sell THAT many BlackBerry's but they DID sell a decent amount. Seems like they are betting against BlackBerry their long time partner.

But as others have mentioned, I don't want to have to buy an Android phone :(

I want to see BB10 continue to be developed and see more handsets released :(

Android is a mess and I wouldn't buy money from Apple if they were selling it at half price.

I support BB10, NOT BB Management!

Good for these guys! The US needs to pull their heads out their asses and get Blackberry stabilized again

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Really a very good news (y) and think BlackBerry will see this same day in US next year!

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I don't want to live in a world with only Android and Apple (sometimes WP8)...especially since BB10 OS is the best!

A quick search in Google (UK) for 'blackberry Z10 EE' returns nothing for the Z10 for EE. The first page to come up is for a Samsung S3 lite in EE then the Nokia lumina. Further down the page the Z10 is showing in the Orange Shop strangely.

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Yeah but this is not the same story at Phones4U. And indeed CPW now no longer sell the Q5 on PAYG.

A UK Z10 Owner

I mean, it's not same story as OP's post...

And as someone above has said, the Z10 is no longer listed either at some sites...only BBOS.

Very very worrying.

A UK Z10 Owner

Still some footholds left for the company - Canada, UK, parts of southeast Asia, the Caribbeans, and Africa. Hopefully these footholds maintain..

I went looking for a Z30 in Leicestershire. The best service and response I got was from Carphone Warehouse. No store I went into was carrying the Z30, or knew when it was being released. The worst service I received was in the two O2 stores I went into: neither knew of the phone and both sales reps told me it the new BlackBerry 10 software was awful and that they had loads of returns. They even told me to keep my 9900. I would say that this sounds bad, but I have had run-ins with O2 in the past. The guy from Carphone Warehouse was much more positive. He said the Z10 had been given a bad rep but that he thought it was a cracking phone.

If it hadn't been for the latest press I would not be able to tell anything was wrong either. The app store is on fire and 10.2 is coming out. This platform has come a long way and it has not even been a year.

BlackBerry, don't throw in the towel now. You share holders will be happy if your customers are happy.

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It's really simple. Those bloated phones, the Samsung Galaxies and that phone that just keeps getting longer called the iPhone are making it harder for other phone companies to flourish with their inflated prices $600 on average and up.

The prices of these phones are already an arm and a leg so there is no room for error when it comes to marketing alternative phones with the same price points. You see in short this is what they do. The phone companies want to get as much bang for their buck. They watch sites like ebay. If a $600 phone is selling for almost half that on auction they are losing money and will abandone the phone. In other words when you win they lose. They need you to pay that arm and a leg because all phones are graded through the lens of an iphone.

By the way BlackBerry q10 is a very sturdy phone and has excellent hardware. The Software is strong also though I would rather the user interface to be a bit more legacy. Lastly I have much respect for it being a Canadian owned company that makes its own phones in the western hemisphere(Well I'm sure most of it). That is very important when it comes to the value of the overall phone. I hope they don't change this.

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