UK carriers confirm they will be stocking BlackBerry 10 devices

UK carriers start to confirm they will be stocking the BlackBerry 10
By DJ Reyes on 19 Dec 2012 09:14 am EST

As we near the January 30th, 2013 launch event, we'll start to hear more and more details of the carriers who be have the BlackBerry 10 devices available for their customers at launch. We've already heard that Rogers is allowing customers to reserve a BlackBerry 10 device online, and today, U.K. carriers have confirmed that they will be offering up the BlackBerry 10 smartphones soon after the January launch announcement. 

Vodafone, O2, Three and EE confirmed that they will offer the BlackBerry 10 devices from launch. U.K.'s top two mobile retailers, Carphone Warehouse and Phones 4U, also confirmed they will have BlackBerry 10 available soon after launch. 

Right now EE is the only U.K. carrier to offer LTE. While both Orange and T-Mobile UK, who are part of EE, will also stock the BlackBerry 10 devices, you will have to get an EE contract to get the faster data speeds. No pricing details have been announcement by any carriers and we'll probably see those come launch day or soon after, if not before. 

With London being one of the launch cities, it would be safe to think that the BlackBerry 10 devices would come to the U.K. not too long after. Now that the carriers are beginning to confirm they will offer the BlackBerry 10, it is all coming together nicely and with only 42 sleeps, January 30th, 2013 can't come soon enough.

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Source: EEO2 UK, Phones4U

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UK carriers confirm they will be stocking BlackBerry 10 devices


Aren't there rumors that Vodafone will be selling the devices on January 30th? How likely do you think RIM will try and do an "available now" stunt at the launch event? Plausible or too hopeful?

January 31st is possible, as long as the carrier(s) in question have sold the 4G or 3G+ PlayBook. They are essentially the same OS, so if they've approved the 4G or 3G+ PlayBook in the past, approving BB10 should be quick.

Doubtful imo. Its good business to have an announcement like this and say that the device will be available in 5-7 days. Let the news spread, hype build, and anticipation grow. It gives RIM 2 big days in the papers instead of one. Announcement day and release day.

Its not better for us the customers, but as a stock holder, I want this release to be done perfectly! Hopefully announce it wed, Jan 30th and release it Tues, Feb 5th.

RIM's launch date is Jan 30; that's their own launch. But they can't really control the launch date of the carriers, can they? As far as I know, each carrier will have their own launch date so RIM can't exactly say "available in x days."

of course they can, they control the flow of stock afterall, just like apple do with the iphone, but yea thats not normaly how it works in the uk, but ya get the feelin this might be different, the fact they all announced it on the same day sould be a clue to that.

hope South africa gets BB10 phones soon after launch as we also have one of the Launchers here!!!!

"Three and EE (Orange and T-Mobile included) announced availability next year, but nothing more specific; O2 told us BB10 gear will land on its network "in early 2013"; and retailer Phones4u, which covers all the carriers, specified a Q1 2013 window. Vodafone implied that it'll be offering handsets immediately after launch, but we've been in contact the network's PR folks just to confirm that's true and not confused wording. We'll update you with their response as soon as we hear back. "

Immediately after launch????? IS that a tell. Fingers crossed

I'll be bang on this! But leaving o2 for vodafone. Not only is o2 customer service about as useful as a fart in the wind, but when I finformed them I was not renewing my contract and will be switching as soon as BB10 was released, their resonse was "ok".

to be fair, when i left vodafone for orange, they had the same reaction. a quick look at new Vs upgrade pricing shows they care more about new rather than retention, which is very fickle indeed.

I may be leaving O2 for Vodafone for a different reason, price. My employer is a corporate customer of Vodafone and I can get personal discounts.
I will be on holiday at launch time and my contract expired a few months ago, so it may be late Feb or into March when I will get my new BB.

Rover 75 - attempt to build car on obsolete platform to compete with the likes of BMW - no hope.

BB 10 - attempt to build phone on a more advanced mobile platform than either iOS or Android - fighting chance.

Someone once offered me a Rover 75 as a company car. I decided (correctly I think) that anyone capable of buying or leasing one didn't have the necessary engineering understanding to run a software company properly.

Not true actually. The problem with the Rover 75 was that BMW didn't want it to compete with them, and hamstrung the car to make sure it didn't. Rover's engineers were horrified and appalled.

Rover had its struggles, but BMW turned a profitable, medium volume car company (under BAe/Honda) into a complete disaster.

Going to predict that you trip over your untied shoelaces and fall on the sidewalk in front of a large crowd of people, after telling someone their blackberry sucks and then gets laughed at.

Or walk into a pole. Lol.

Incidentally, I like it that the UK is "International news". Just don't tell UKIP. They think that everybody else is "International" and the UK isn't.

Seriously, given that RIM is a truly international company headquartered in Canada but with export markets that are bigger than its internal one, shouldn't it just be "news"? It is high time that people recognised that, largely owing to the Internet that RIM did so much to help popularise, the world is no longer divided into the USA (or insert your nation of choice) and everybody else.

Bb10 FTW, wp8 doesn't even have as many carriers willing to sell bb10. This will be a epic comeback and continued failed for Microsoft n wp8.

Gutted..... Spoke with orange and they confirmed they are only having ONE handset at launch, this is the all touch screen Z10. This will be available from the 31st January, the day after launch, All tariffs etc will only be announced on the 30th after the official launch.

I really wanted the X10 and having waited since August last year for the new Blackberry its looking like I'll have to wait a little longer :-(

Does anyone know how much longer we'll have to wait till the X10 will be available in the UK by EE carriers etc????

Three don't seem to want to commit to anything at the moment which is frustrating. I think I may well have to go down the road of buying an open one if I want to get my hands on one. Three's loss