UK Cabinet Data Found On Stolen BlackBerry

UK Cabinet Data Found On Stolen BlackBerry!
By Bla1ze on 14 Apr 2009 09:53 am EDT

Psst! Hey You! Psst, Ya you! Wanna buy a BlackBerry with Tony Blair's number on it? This was the offer presented to journalism student Darryl Curtis by a homeless man who knew Curtis was a student and thought he may have found the information useful. Curtis in turn purchased the device for £150 and perused through it and found information from British cabinet minsters including Ed Balls and David Miliband along with ex-deputy prime minister John Prescott. No information of Tony Blair's was found though... I guess the homeless man thought it was a good selling point, even if not quite true.

As reported by the BBC News, Darryl Curtis alerted South Yorkshire police who in turn contacted the owner of the device, but a Police spokesperson stated it is part of an investigation where theft of the device and forced entry of an automobile was the crime and it will remain in police custody for now.

With all the issues these days being raised about political figures having such crucial information on their devices, one has to wonder why there was a lack of security on the stolen BlackBerry. No auto lock? No BES configuration? Not even a simple password? Scary stuff I say, especially since all those options of security are available, there really is no excuse for not taking advantage of them.

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UK Cabinet Data Found On Stolen BlackBerry


pretty wild stuff, I am security nut myself - I just can't imagine something like that

He should be disciplined for being so lax with confidential information. When you lose a berry it is bigger than loosing a flip phone. I never used to put last names in my old phones, berry, I put in everything. I think that the carriers should be able to remotely set a password and a kill signal for bis customers.

I agree he should of at lest had a password. All government officials needs to be taught how to protect the information they have.

its very obvious that RIM designed these phones to run minimal apps. This is one down fall of RIM phones. I dont see them fixing this going forward. Which is too bad cause this problem can and will halt your phone to a crawl.