UK carriers to introduce bill caps for stolen mobiles

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By James Richardson on 4 Dec 2013 04:06 am EST

Ever lost your BlackBerry and had the pleasure of finding out that the person that found it had been making phone calls? If so, and you're in the UK, you will be pleased to know that many of our phone networks will be introducing bill caps which should be in place by next Spring. 

This new move has been agreed between the government and UK carriers EE, Three, Virgin Media and Vodafone, so if you report your phone stolen you will at least have the reassurance that you won't receive a huge bill. Unfortunately, phone theft is a big problem in many cities, so a nice move by all parties involved. 

The word on the street is that operators will inform customers when these price rises will take place, and give them the option of ending the contract without any penalty if these occur. Operators including BT, Sky and Talk Talk have also agreed to work towards an EU target of eliminating international roaming fees by 2016.

Considering BlackBerry's market share here in the UK the news should go down rather well. 

Source: The Guardian - via AndroidCentral



Strange... When somebody steals your car and kills someone in an accident, are you responsible for that? No, in 99.99% of cases not at all. Stolen phone is a tool of crime when a thief uses it to say: Hell(o) World! So, these caps are good but they are rather a formal support for a network to cut the rope than a needed solution for Customers.

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Hi, while the article is newsworthy, it's not clear why there is a reference to BlackBerry market share. Is it possible to increase or decrease market share based on this information?

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I think he means 'user base' rather than market share which is less than 4%.


Cap bills, yes, BUT the providers need to close the stolen phone down altogether so they never work again on any network or in an country, this may stop phones being stolen

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And surprise surprise o2 are not joining. These guys annoy me at times I wish I was on Vodafone still

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I don't get it. Shouldn't the carrier just bar the sim when reported lost!!!

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Theres usually a delay in you figuring out your phone has been stolen, as opposed to lost, then reporting it, then the network blocking the sim, within that delay, charges may occur..

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The word on the street is that operators will inform customers when these price rises will take place, and give them the option of ending the contract without any penalty if these occur......this bit of info seems to do with price increases mid contract as opposed to the theft of phone as per the OP


That's an awesome move

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Treat stolen phones like stolen credit cards. Shut them down so they can't be use and if brought to a carrier,tell the person its been reported stolen and they need ID to prove ownership, if not take it and call the police . Its the carriers re activating stolen phones that is creating most of the theft problem. They just make too much money selling new replacement phones and don't want to deal with the people bringing stolen phones into their stores. Far easier to just reactavat them and let the person walk out.

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Thankfully they shut a phone off here in the US right away if reported stolen, and they can at least block the phone from being used on their network again. But it sure would be nice to see a worldwide block to prevent a stolen phone from working on any carrier ever again.

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