UFC.TV brings MMA action to BlackBerry 10

Jam packed with content and fully native, UFC has made a great BlackBerry 10 app

By Bla1ze on 16 Mar 2013 10:41 pm EDT

Calling all UFC fans! The official UFC.TV app has now arrived in BlackBerry World for BlackBerry 10 devices and I have to say, it's pretty freaking awesome! It's jam packed with content and it's a fully native app. Everything you'd expect from the app is in place. Need a full run down of the features? No problem, we got you covered:

  • Order and Watch UFC Pay-Per-View events LIVE, and On Demand fights from wherever you are.
  • During live events, review Pre-Fight Stats, Score Fights, watch Live Stats, Chat with other Fans, and Fighter Profiles.
  • Catch up on Fight Cards, Free Videos, and the latest News.

In addition to all those goodies, if you have a UFC.TV subscription you can also use your account to access and watch unlimited videos in the fight library and access all your previously purchased UFC events for playback. The app has gone live in BlackBerry World and is readily available for download. You can hit the link below to grab it for yourself and check it out.

Download UFC from BlackBerry World

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UFC.TV brings MMA action to BlackBerry 10


I don't watch UFC, but a lot of my friends do.

Really cool of UFC to make a BlackBerry 10 app. It's really popular, and having an app from them is just more good app news. Great to see people getting on board.

Great native app... runs amazing! Nice to see companies jumping on board, it's snowballin'!!!

Posted via CB10 on my Z10!

All older fights from at least a year or older should be available for FREE.

Youtube here i come.

Posted via CB10

Awesome, good on the UFC for releasing this on the Blackberry!! I've been wrong on every pick I made so far tonight, but go GSP!

Posted via CB10

Just curious how much data streaming a PPV would eat up.... This app may just convince me to buy the Z10(again) but I am on a 1gig plan right now.

1gig should be good enough for regular use. If you want to stream a 2hr event, you're going to need a lot more than that!

Posted via CB10

I like how as Nick Diaz announces his retirement the crowd starts singing Hey Hey good bye

Posted via CB10

Yeah, that was pretty awesome. Somewhere in the 5th round, the crowd was chanting something that Joe said he couldn't understand. I could have sworn it was "Au Revoir Diaz".

Shows just how little Netflix cares about their customers when these guys make a fully fledged native app with video playback, and Netflex (with *many* more subscribers) doesn't.

Hopefully MLB follows suit and also makes a native app and gives us proper MLB.tv streaming. So until they do, no purchase here.

And thanks UFC. Appreciate the work you've done.

Got this yesterday, what an awesome app, quick, snappy and responsive
Really awesome is the live stats features you can see them as the fights progress in real time wow, how cool is that
Side note GSP freaking RULES man!!!!!

Posted via CB10

I have a question for anybody that has used this app.. Can you watch the free events live on this as well? Like the UFC on Fox ones? If so are they free or do you still have to pay? I have tried finding this info out on the net but come up blank.....