ÜberTwitter Soon To Be Updated!

By Bla1ze on 22 Apr 2009 07:55 pm EDT
ÜberTwitter Updated!

*As of now the update is not currently available just quite yet, the updated Beta 2 will be released soon though*

A little while back now we posted about a great new Twitter client that was available as a beta download. Now we bring news to all those out there who have downloaded and been using ÜberTwitter that it is soon to be updated. Those of you who submitted feedback may want to have a look to see if your issues have been addressed.

@CodeWarden has been hard at work making ÜberTwitter better as a whole so if you don't have the latest version be sure to download it and check it out. Read on for a list of changes and upcoming fixes/improvements.

The list of changes to the new version are as follows:

  • Sound/Vib notifications - different profile for new tweets, vice replies
  • Manual and/or longer refresh
  • Increase screen name field size on Options screen
  • Increase GTalk user field size on Options screen
  • Add Direct Messages To and Direct Messages From timelines
  • Add ‘Follow’ to context menu when clicking on @screenname
  • Bug to fix - Fonts not resetting on change (need to exit now)
  • Add option to not show confirmation dialog after every tweet

A list of changes still to come:

  • Seperate Sound/Vib notification profile for new DM
  • TRIM battery usage significantly
  • Add View friends
  • Add search
  • MUST add BIS support
  • Support built-in GPS as option
  • Select pics already on device
  • Add shortcuts - T tweet, some key to refresh
  • Add thumbnails of pics attached to tweets in the timeline, either from twitpic, or from UberTwitter
  • View persons timeline by typing in twitter name
  • Add 'mentions' to timeline, perhaps as option
  • Visual indicator that app is running
  • Different indicator on home screen for new tweets, vice replys, vice DMs received
  • Fix all bugs!

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Reader comments

ÜberTwitter Soon To Be Updated!


When attempting to download, it still shows 0.40 as the version being downloaded. Either the new release is not available for download yet, or the link hasn't been updated. What version number should we be looking for?

Either UberTwitter haven't updated the site with the new release, or the Blog is not as hot off the press as we assume.

Great Twitter app though. Best I've used.

Miscommunication...the Beta 2 build is coming soon. But as of now is not ready for download, my bad. Article has been adjusted.

I'm loving ubertwitter!..can't wait for the update!! very impressed by their first release. I use ubertwitter and Yatca interchangeably.

I had that before. Make sure you have something in your Options/Advanced Options/TCP-IP under APN setting Enabled and an APN name.

Without that every apps that connect via TCP won't work, only BIS.

I have tried Uber Twitter and Twitterberry, much prefer Uber, the only feature i see missing is the ability to follow someone from one's Berry

You can follow anyone from you Blackberry. Go into "everyone" and from the public time line you can follow anybody from the menu button.

Been using it now for about a week and love it, the only thing it really needs is using any pic from your berry and changing the font without having to exit the app and then re-loading it.

A must get, this is replacing socialscope for me.

I am surprised not to see the addition of a feature to click a link to view the tweet that the update is in reply to. I really like UberTwitter, but the lack of ability to quickly jump to the "reply to" tweet (even as a link to the mobile website like SocialScope does) is frustrating. Other than that, this is definitely the best twitter app for BB.

Anybody know the AT&T network unlock code for the BB curve 8320? I cannot get CS to give me one. I travel a lot which is why I want it unlocked, and I have a Premier Account. They would rather me set up international roaming so they can make the money. I have called 26 times to speak to someone different, and they all say they cannot give it to me because I am in Contract. So with all due respect, please no "Just call them" advice, it isn't working. Thank you

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I have tried everything for ubertwitter and I cant deal with twitterberry...
please some help i keep getting this message and then nothing happens
"Network exception trying to communicate with Twitter Service"

I'm using UberTwitter on my unlocked Bold (BIS) with no issues. In fact, it's running so smooth for me that I dropped SocialScope for it. The footprint is much smaller and it gives me more options.

Looking forward to the update :)

This program runs so smooth! Can't wait for the update. Have deleted TinyTwitter and TwitterBerry, both of which lags when updating tweets.

Hoping it would have the 'delete' tweet function though!

I tried it, and for the most part it works well. I would like to see the ability to add pics that are already on the device (and I know it is to be done at some point in the future). I just rarely think "I"m going to twitter this picture I'm about to take." I normally take a picture, and then I think, "Wow, that's neat; I think I'll put it on twitpic/twitter."

All I can say is WOW!

I have been using TwitterBerry to get my twitter feeds but I noticed that it lacked the ability to ReTweet. I also found it quite difficult to maneuver around.

With UberTwitter, I don't have that problem. It provides a lot more options including RT and honestly looks much cleaner.

I really like this app. It is one of the few that (even in it's beta) seems written *for* the Storm.

Keep up the great work!

can someone help me to get this program to work settings or something. I keep getting
"Network exception trying to communicate with Twitter Service"
Please get me out of twitterberry hell

Can't wait for the new beta release.

Right now I am jumping between Ubertwitter 0.40 and Twitterberry

This is without a doubt the best twittering client I've found. Clean, option friendly, and does exactly what it says it does. The battery drain sucks a little, but the features make up for it!

I've been using UberTwitter since the beta first launched and I'm loving it.

One great thing that I really do love about UberTwitter has nothing to do with the program. They respond to feedback fairly quickly. They help out with issues as best they can. They just do an overall good job of listening to their users.

I've gotten so many people to drop Yacta, TinyTwitter, TwitterBerry, etc. for this it's insane. Everyone I make try it loves it.

I'm a new user to Twitter and am really amazed to see how quickly it has taken off. I'm suprised too that people are really that interested in other's folks day-to-day business!

I shall look forward to using the Uber Twitter!

After using TwitterBerry and TinyTwitter, I really like UberTwitter. I haven't had any problems with it so far, and it is really quick and responsive. I think once they add in true GPS location into the mix, it will even be better! :)

i just downloaded the beta and it looks alot better the tweets are easier to read seems to load quite a bit faster too. looking forward to a lot more tweeting @glasstrash

If you plan on using this app on your Blackberry Bold, Dont! I installed this app and it sucked the life out of my battery. After deleting the app I can now go happily back to charging my Bold once a day not 3 times a day!


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