UberTwitter Releasing Paid and Free Options on Thursday?

By Adam Zeis on 18 Aug 2009 10:31 am EDT

UberTwitter recently updated to beta 4, and along with some updates and bug fixes saw the additon of banner ads. This unannounced "feature" brought a lot of heat from the Twitter community, and UberTwitter promptly disabled the ads. It was announced today via their Twitter page that this Thursday they will be releasing both free and paid versions of their top BlackBerry client. There is no word on pricing, but rumors have been floating lately that a subscription model may be put in place. I guess we'll have to wait a few days to know for sure. So what are your thoughts? Will you use an ad-supported version of UberTwitter or will you dish out some cash for an upgrade?

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UberTwitter Releasing Paid and Free Options on Thursday?


Much better than paying, especially for an app that was previously free. Too bad there was so much complaining =\

I didn't find the ads that bad for the one day they were up on UberTwitter. If it's just one ad at the top, I will keep the free version. However, if they start putting a banner ads between every few tweets, I may consider paying for the app if it is a one time fee.

You're probably not following a lot of people. I follow about 100 and at one point, I had to school through the whole screen (on the Storm) 3 or 4 times to get past the ads to read my tweets.

I'm just going to go back to Beta 3.

I'm all for it. They deserve to receive compensation one way or another. Plus ads on the Storm aren't really a problem.

I would pay for a no add version but only if it was a one time cost. I love Uber Twitter but I'm not going to pay monthly for it when there are free options like TwitterBerry out there.

I'd pay for the full version on my 8830 since there's not a lot of screen real estate to go around, but if I had something new like the Tour, Bold, or 8900 I'd probably use the ad support version.

Eh, I don't use it enough. I'll either keep the old beta installed or just uninstall it altogether. No ads, please. I hate that Viigo has them too.

I was not that upset at the ad bar, however, was considering the paid version depending on cost. That said, SocialScope sent me the invite and although I am having trouble with the facebook side of things I am rather liking the twitter side of SocialScope. Long way of saying this whole ubertwitter thing is a moot point for me right now.

Actually, the ads weren't unannounced. When UberTwitter announced that Beta 4 was coming, integrated ads was listed along with the option for a paid version. They wanted to test the ads while still in beta and didn't want to charge for the beta version. But due to the complaints they have expedited the paid version. I personnally had no problems with the ads. I don't understand how everyone kept describing the ads as huge.

Also, they stated today that the fee will be $4.99 with unlimited upgrades for a year. The paid version should be available Thursday, but the year period won't start until full release version likely in September.

I won't pay for a Twitter application not do I want ads slowing down my berry as I'm sure they will. Looks like I will have to find another twitter client or just stop using it all together. It's just a fun diversion not a life essential. Just my thoughts

If they do a one time charge I'm OK with it... but if is subscription they will lose LOTS of people if not all.

How about no adds,
how about not paying anything for this app and keeping it as is.
how about if they charge for the app I start using another free twitter app?

I have no issue coughing up $4.99 to help out guys who work their ass off for my convienence. Stop being so damn cheap! It is $4.99! I can guarantee you none of you little children crying over 5 bucks know how to develop or you would be sympathetic. As a programmer, I understand what its like to want compensation for your code and hard work.

"Later this week we will bring online a mechanism to purchase a subscription to ÜberTwitter with unlimited upgrades for a full year with no advertisements on any of those versions forever for $4.99 USD."

$4.99 for a whole year?? Thats not bad at all, Ill pay up :)

you people have absolutely no concept of hard work. You are all "give me give me give me". Grow up a little and spend a year or 2 of your life working on a product that actually helps people do more, and then come back here and tell me again why he shouldn't charge some sort of fee.

I'll gladly buy it! I think UT is the best twitter app out there for any platform. I'm not sure why people think apps should be developed for free? Do you all work for free? But, nice to see there is a free ad-supported version. The ad at the top didn't bother me, but a few bucks doesn't bother me either. And they surely deserve it.

I find it funny when people say, "why pay when I can just use (insert program name) for free." That's a silly argument. If you like something and find a benefit you'll find a reason to pay. There's always a free product to compare to something you have to pay for.

Anyways, I'll pay for UberTwitter. There are other options but I still think UT is the best. I find value in it so I'll pay.

I guess it's the 1% that really makes it profitable because 99% of us know it's a waste of time.

If they get bad I'll be uninstalling and going back to TwitterBerry which in my mind is just as good.

I'm honestly a little bit in awe of the cheapness of some of you people. There are human beings who sit with bloodshot eyes trying to create an app -- which many call the best for BlackBerry, myself included -- for you to use, and you complain over having to spend five fucking dollars for it? Are you serious? $5 for 12 months is less than $0.42 per month. I've found more than that walking down the street. Frankly, bad economy or not, if you can afford a BlackBerry and $100 a month for data and voice service and are bitching about adding an extra $0.42 to that bill, then frankly you should have your ass kicked. I'm not saying if you don't buy the subscription you should have your ass kicked, but some of you are pissed off about the fee and those bastards should basically be beaten up for having absolutely no perspective whatsoever.

I'm not a programmer, but I regularly use UberTwitter, TweetGenius, TwitterBerry, TwitterFon and Tweet Deck. No other BB Twitter app even comes close to the functionality of Uber. Genius is prettier but you can't even see people's friends or followers. TwitterBerry has an incredibly sterile UI and frankly at this point I don't know why anyone would want to look at such an ugly app when other options are available. Uber nearly does everything and they're working on making it better -- and you're pissed off about having to pay $0.42 a month more for that??

That's pathetic. The next time you get paid by your employer, let him or her know that you're not interested in being paid anymore since you obviously believe everything in life should be free.

Geez people, it's not like you're paying an extra $5K just to have the red leather option on your Porsche. It's $0.42. there's no principle here except the idea that you're so cheap, asking to be paid $0.42 a month for your work is somehow an outrageous request.


LOL at the above... a monthly fee for a twitter app is just ridiculous... build an app charge for it and get it done. Who ever pay a monthly fee to Twitter should be kick in the behind. I did pay 6k for GPS and a Bose system for my car, does that counts? lol

I understand where the complaints are coming from with the ads on a smaller screen. And the developers do deserve compensation for all the work they put into the app. But on my storm it was not that big of a deal to me. It was a little surprising at first but it didn't really annoy me. I just hate to say it but they may lose a lot of users when other apps are free. I will keep using free version and deal with the ads because I like all the other aspects of it.

i dont use apps that require a monthly subscription, but i have paid one time fees for plenty of apps. i think the one time charge would be acceptable. i would like to know who pays monthly fees for any BB apps, and what are those apps?

i dont use apps that require a monthly subscription, but i have paid one time fees for plenty of apps. i think the one time charge would be acceptable. i would like to know who pays monthly fees for any BB apps, and what are those apps?

I would have paid, UberTwitter was my favorite client. But then I got my invite to SocialScope. UT is no longer on my phone.

How long until SocialScope goes ad and/or paid?

I would pay $5 because UberTwitter really is the best of what's out there. Likewise, there are a few other "free" apps out there that, if they went to paid apps, I would pay for. I think people freaking out about $5 need to calm down.

i mean im not gonna pay for a twitter app just because it doesnt have an ad thats stupid it better be better then the free one with more features and updates and all not just because it dose not have an ad on it

The ads didn't bother me so much. I like the idea that I've got the option. I feel it is a great app with great support. I'll kick in my $4.99 for a year just to show appreciation for the length of time I've had a great app for free with no adds!

They've put a lot of time and work into creating a great twitter app. They should get paid for their work either through ads or a pay app. Either way, I'll be a user of UberTwitter.

It amazes me to see so many people who think others should just give their work away for free. I bet those same people wouldn't go to work and tell their boss "you can keep the paycheck".

Great job guys!!

UberTwitter said in a tweet that the cost of their app would be <$5. All the whining from people expecting apps to be free is nauseating.

Depending on the price, I may purchase it. I'll probably wait until I get a new BB instead of adding it onto my 8700g

if its a small one time fee I will keep it but with a list of twitter clients I will switch to another free one without ads.

If they fix the memory loss issue then i'd pay for the new version with no ads but I'm not going to pay for an app on a yearly basis..that's just lame in my opinion. In the meantime I'm still on the older version and will continue to use it until I see something better. Still waiting to test out socialscope

UberTwitter is nice and I don't mind paying a one-time fee to use it. But a subscription? No thanks. I don't like those. I'd rather pay a slightly larger one-time price than pay a little each month for good.

it makes me mad i love it now they go and make you pay .not me i will keep the free version unless they take options away

I'm laughing right now at all the smart people that are trying to put down the people who don't want to pay for the app. Yes, some of said it's too much while others have given no explanation.

I personally will not pay for UberTwitter and here's why, it's simple, there are other clients that offer THE EXACT SAME SERVICE FOR FREE. So lets look at this shall we? Pay a monthly fee or Free service?...I'll take free service for the win Bob!! It makes no sense to pay for something when you can get the exact same thing for free... talk about a bad financial decision (even if it's not a huge amount of money).

Now if UberTwitter offers you something that you can't live without, that the other BB Twitter clients don't offer, then you'll be paying for the convenience of not being patient enough to just wait until you get to a PC/Laptop.

I can be somewhat abrasive in how I communicate so I'll try to soften the tone here.

Uber pretty much offers enough functionality for any Twitterer so that the need to use an actual computer for tweeting is pretty much gone. With UberTwitter, your BlackBerry pretty much becomes your sole tweeting device, which makes perfect sense when you consider that Twitter by nature is a real-time messaging service and BB's are easily the market's top cellular device for any mobile typing. UberTwitter makes that happen.

Since the UberAds (which were poorly designed and placed, taking like a fifth of the screen on every device except the Storm) appeared, I've been using TweetGenius on my BlackBerry exclusively (waiting for the paid version) and I can definitively say that Uber is the more powerful app. When I come across an interesting account, I like to peruse their friends because I believe that generally interesting people tend to attract others of the same ilk. I then follow those people, and I believe that is the beauty of the networking ability of a service like Twitter. I cannot do this on TweetGenius, which I believe is the second best app for BB. TwitterBerry is so fucking ugly to look at, it makes me not want to tweet so I'm leaving it out of this discussion. TwitterFon is good but typing on the iPhone on a regular basis makes me hit a little too hard during Muay Thai.

So no, there are no other apps that provide the same service as UberTwitter currently on the market that I know of. Not in one package, although if you use several of them together you may find yourself a happy little masturbating camper.

UberTwitter is aesthetically pleasing, which is a huge part of the user experience. If you think this is bullshit, try asking any iPhone user why they think the iPhone is the best phone on the market. If he doesn't mention the OS, then punch him in the face and ask his friend. You may not get the truth, but you'll get the right answer, damn it.

But seriously, no other app gives your BlackBerry the Tweeting power that Uber does.

Regarding the ads being benign and much ado about nothing, I can see that and to each his or her own. I personally hate them because I fly through Twitter moving up and down, often speeding through tweets by going down then hitting "T" to jump back up again. I keep hitting the ads and it pisses me off. Would I get used to it eventually? Probably, but do I want to? To save five fucking dollars? Why?

And let's be honest. How many years do you expect to have UberTwitter and even keep tweeting? In 12 months Twitter may be replaced by something that doesn't force you to cram your thoughts into 140 characters or less and paying another year for Uber will be a moot point. If you don't want to pay again, just delete the fucker and download something new at the time. But right now there isn't anything on the market that matches Uber in power and functionality. Paying the UberDudes $5 seems to me a reasonable price. I'll worry about paying again in 12 months.

In that regard, they call it a subscription, but is it really? Twitter is hot now but I'd be willing to bet my big toe that in 12 months it'll just be a function on Facebook or something. And Biz Stone will just be another young, drunk multi-millionaire who peaked too early in life.

So I guess you can keep laughing at people who feel like I do, but to me, all things considered and depending on how you use your Twitter app, $5 for Uber is right and bitching about it is pathetic.

There are some people in this world who would say that a Lexus is the same as a Toyota and anyone who pays more for the Lexus is crazy. Then there are others who buy the Lexus and think that people who can't tell the difference are boors. I just happen to fall into the latter category.

Speaking of laughing, I actually had a real reaction to people who typed, "I don't pay for apps on my BlackBerry," like you're some kind of prince entitled to nothing but free shit. But whatever makes you happy.

I guess I failed on the tone thing.


I do believe that UberTwitter is the best client I've used on any platform (Windows, OSX, iPhone, BB) and I wouldn't mind in the slightest paying a few bucks for it. like, $5 at most. But I will not be paying a monthly subscription, it wouldn't be worth it when there are free versions, or I could even just go back to text messages like on my previous non-data plan.

I will totally pay, but only a ONE-TIME FEE.

Granted, they have to keep the software current with such a fast moving thing like Twitter. How about one-time fee for unlimited usage of the app with no ads, and free upgrades for a year?

I really don't want a subscription.

So you'll pay $5 for a big mac and fries, but not for an app that you use continuously? I don't get that.

I expect the work you do to make a living should also be free? Give me a break.

UberTwitter is a great app. Way better than the other alternatives for BB (TwitterBerry doesn't even compare). Why is it so bad to pay the developer for his months of hard work for an app you use?

You know, I understand that "people work to make things" and should be compensated if they choose to be. That said, after using a WinMo phone and browsing the iPhone App Store, I've come to the conclusion that the Blackberry has the most single-minded monetized development community.

Yes, believe it or not, people develop software to give it away for free-- it's called "freeware." The iPod/iPhone has dozens of Twitter apps, some pay, some free, some ads, etc., but NONE of them are more than a dollar or two, and none of them attempts to charge a rotating yearly or monthly fee.

I love my BB, but I hate the lack of freeware development this thing has compared to the other major smartphones. I've currently been using SocialScope instead of UberTwitter, and I'll definitely continue using it rather than paying for UT. If the ads aren't obtrusive, I'll use UT when needed, and I might even pay a few dollars, but NOT under any kind of subscription fee.