UberTwitter is the Most Popular BlackBerry Twitter Client

By Adam Zeis on 6 Aug 2009 08:51 am EDT


I came across this article on Mashable.com yesterday and was stunned when I read it. According to TwitStat, UberTwitter is the most popular Twitter client for BlackBerry devices. I hadn't really thought about it before, but if I had I would have surely picked TwitterBerry given its age and ease of use. I guess UberTwitter has won over the BlackBerry nation thus far. UberTwitter accounts for 1.26 percent of Twitter users, edging out TwitterBerry's 0.87 percent. SocialScope, still in private beta, sits at 0.35. Clients like TinyTwitter and TweetGenius also made the list but they just didn't have a great showing. So why UberTwitter? Is it the UI or the ease of use? What has made it bigger and better than the rest of the pack? Weigh in and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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UberTwitter is the Most Popular BlackBerry Twitter Client


I love UberTwitter. I have used a few other, but this has been the easiest and most functional I have found - for me that is.

I like the all the options that are available including notifications and font size. Also like the icon which shows how many new updates have been posted. It's also very stable. Never had an issue with it.

I started out on another twitter client for the storm. It didn't have all the functionality that ubertwitter has and it seems to get the job done. I've actually uninstalled Viigo because of the amount of memory it takes up and subscribed to all my RSS feed tweets and use ubertwitter for that as well. Its kind of like a one stop shop.

i tried tiny twitter and twitterberry and then got to ubertwitter and never looked back! its great..sometimes slow to load but js exit and open it up again!

Ubertwitter is my Twitter app of choice because of the ease of use, but also it has a lot of options which allow the end user to customize the look of the program to their preference. I also enjoy the notification icon letting me know how may updates there are so that I don't have to keep scrolling thru the updates when I check.

I've tryed almost all and I rate as follows- good to best:
TB, UT,SS. Interested what Tweeteev will be like. But UT is available to all. SocialScope requires an invitation- due to alpha testing - and it blows away the competition - it just has a self imposed restriction while it is being updated. I would pay for SS - it's that good :).

it represents. the only thing i wish i could do is send a DM to someone thats not following me. i have twitterberry, ubertwitter, the tweetgenius and the wack tweetcaster. but i use UB on the reg

I'm pretty sure that's a Twitter restriction, not a missing feature in UberTwitter. The person always needs to be following you in order to DM them, even if you do it straight from twitter.com.

1. The icon is one nice thing about Ubertwitter. An app that doesn't have a visually appealing icon probably wont get as many downloads just because people won't want to look at it on their home screens.

2. Every tweet sends out a mapped location of where I'm at. This function can be turned on or off in case you're dodging stalkers.

3. This one may sound stupid but some people (including me) just like the word "Uber". Its one of those nerdy gamer words that describe that endgame weapon or epic rare-drop gear that just makes you feel good.

Those are really the only things that stand out from other twitter clients to me.

I started off using Ubertwitter and loved it. Then i moved to TweetGenius and loved the interface and being the simple twitter user i am, i found i didn't need all the other functions available on ubertwitter. But i do find that tweetgenius does lag a bit. I just recently got invited to use Social Scope and have been using this as my preferred communication device. I love the ability to see Twitter and Facebook in one app and post messages to both, either/or!

Socialscope is also the smoothest in terms of no lag whatsoever!..What does the Full version of Socialscope have that the "lite" version doesn't? I'm curious.!

I used TwitterBerry and I was not pleased with it. Once I tried Ubertwitter, I haven't stopped tweeting since. I love that app...

I tried a few differnt clients, but I found that Ubertwitter works faster and better plus I can do everything like I was at home and a lil more!

Sorry to be picky, but this makes no sense. If as you said, "UberTwitter accounts for 1.26 percent of BlackBerry Twitter users" and the others .87 and .35% then that only adds up to 2.48%!

Do you have better numbers or is something else using the 97.52%...OR Did you mean that its that percentage for TWITTER users, and not BLACKBERRY TWITTER users..Im a little confused.

It's likely that quite a few don't see a need for a client on their mobile device, and then simply use the text function (40404) or use Mobile Web.

If you bother to read the blurb, it clearly states:

"UberTwitter accounts for 1.26 percent of Twitter users"

Not Blackberry Twitter users: Twitter users.

The other 97.52% would be Twitteriffic, TwitterFox, TweetDeck, Tweetie, etc., etc. users. Along with web users, of course.

Personally I also use UberTwitter. I was not impressed by either TwitterBerry or SocialScope. The reasons are as follows:

1) The UI is more visually appealing to me than the others.
2) The simplicity of the program while still offering full functionality.
3) The adaptability of the program to the user's needs.
4) The program is not a memory hog.
5) The price.

I discovered UberTwitter through Crackberry and haven't looked back since. It's so much faster than TwitterBerry and has a lot more features.

twitterberry caused too many problems on my storm and my curve. I love Ubertwitter because its more user-friendly and it never causes any problems on my storm

I started my BB Tweeting with Twitterberry, but was annoyed with the fact that (at the time) tweets were truncated and you had to click on the entry to view the entire thing.

I moved to UT and was impressed with its speed, built-in-twitpic previewing, and, of course, ability to show the full tweet on the main screen.

Throw in GPS support, support for gestures on the Storm, and nice little features like "reply all", and you have a killer Twitter app for the Storm.

I just got twitterberry last night and was having connection issue because I was on my wireless network at work. Checking Ubertwitter now to see how that goes for me.

UberTwitter just has so much going for it. It's super easy to use first off. It's beautiful looking with the light colours and larger Profile Pictures. And it is super fast, even on my Pearl Flip, which isnt exactly a fast phone. And I love when it runs in the background, it dings when you get a tweet, and changes the Icon so you know what the ding was. I just only wish they could code it so there would be a little icon along the top where it tells you how many tweets you have that are new, like with messages and facebook, but this app still rocks!

I've been using it since it was reported here. I like the search and trend functions, and it was the first one on the scene with it. So I dumped Twitterberry. Not sure if there are others, but the closed betas of some, have put me off. I've sent requests months ago. Unless something better comes out that gives us the iphone appearance and use, I don't see too many people leaving ubertwitter any time soon.

I tried TB and did not like it all. But I am wondering about this icon notification because I don't have that on my Bold and how do you set up UT for RSS feeds. I have been using my browser for that which works great, but if I can do it through UT that would be even better. My UT is version 0.78.

This is why UberTwitter is so popular, and why so many like it. It also has advanced features that are easy to use too. My only complaint so far, is that sometimes, you have to dig through several menus to get what you are looking for. I am sure when Tweeteev hits, this will all change again. It seems like for Twitter, whomever can come up with the best UI and features, is going to be the winner.

I have tried most of them including Yatca, TweetGenius and SocialScope.

Yatca is perfect if you just want inbox integration.

Tweetgenius was pretty but not as good as Ubertwitter.

Socialscope was great. It does lack the trendline and public timeline options. I switched back not because of Twitter support, but the superficial Facebook support.

So far Ubertwitter is king. For a stripped down version, Yatca is my next choice. However if Socialscope improves Facebook support, and TweetGenius lives up to its name in the next release, they could be unseated.

TweetGenius looks nice but slowed my curve down entirely too much. TwitterBerry was just clunky and unintuitive. I waited MONTHS for a SocialScope invite, and when I got it, I was THOROUGHLY unimpressed. UberTwitter, to me, is wonderful. Simple, nice to look at, and functional.

I have been using Social Scope the last couple of weeks, and I uninstalled Ubertwitter. I cant believe that Social Scope is in closed beta. When they open it up and allow everyone to download it, they will be a very strong number 1. It really is that good.

Simplicity, speed, lot of functions, it's like my desktop twirl in my Storm, don't have to say more, compared with another bb twitter clients it's freaking awesome!! really...

Geo tag, search function, ease of use, ability to delete tweets. UberTwitter is the only reason I even tweet. Best ap, I think it is better than the desktop version. Follow me @tallbrewman

I used ubertwitter until I got my invite to socialscope. There are still a couple features I miss, but the picture handeling and facebook integration make it worth the switch.

If I didnt have socialscope I would use Ubertwitter. I would probably pay for SS as well. Uber is a little more of a battery hog than SS but it is a good client IMHO

I've tried different twitter apps and this by far is the best one because it does everything two its free which is always a win win situation.

I had a Twitter account for a little bit and the concept behind is just stupid. All you do is update your status-big whoop. I canceled mine because I can update my status on Facebook just as easy and there's way more cool stuff to do. So sorry I think Twitter is a huge waste of time and I don't understand why everyone thinks it's so great.

No home screen notification and no notification period!! This is the only flaw with UberTwitter that I find. I don't have UT as one of the first 6 icons on my BOLD so I have to press the menu key to find it and see if it's updated. UT needs to get a notification icon up in the top banner AND/OR some type of regular notification at least...anyone notice when you go to your sound profiles, UT is listed there? I've set it to make noise but this never goes off... so frustrating when you find out you've missed like 10 tweets! >_<

Besides that UT is great.

photo integration in tweets, optional gps location addition, if some one texts you their username you can open their timeline right from the messaging app. Only complaint is sometimes the photo upload time takes a really long time then fails.

I didnt like Twitterberry and I think Ubertwitter has more options. I tried Yatca as well, but thus far ubertwitter is my fave.

i've tried several BB twitter clients. UT is by far the best IMO. not surprising that so many others feel that way as well. the only improvements i'd like to see are homescreen alerts and support for multiple twitter accounts. i saw another client recently that allowed for multiple accounts, but the UI was nowhere near as nice as UT.

This is by far the easiest twitter client for beginners that is out! I recommend it over them all to anyone new to twitter that has blackberry! I also love it over Tweet Genius, Twitterberry, TinyTwitter, and Tweetcaster....so come on @Tweeteev put something out before @SocialScope comes out of beta!

We really need a client to support multiple accounts!

i use ubertwitter from day one and it is a great app. i used it all the way up untill i got my socialscope invite. now i dont need to use it anymore.

it is one of the greatest twitter apps avail exc SS, lol

i started with twitterberry and had nothing but problems. it would never update automatically even if i kept it running. i'd have to re-open to program or refresh it. i was never able to upload photos. i've also heard similar complaints from a few other twitterberry users. i tried ubertwitter and have never had a problem. i recommended ubertwitter to the users that were having problems with twitterberry and lo and behold - next day i see their tweets with the words "posted from ubertwitter" under it.

for me its the interface and being able to insert a picture with easy. I use twitter to inform my site users of updates and downtime.

I decided to try UbberTwitter after having problems uploading photos in TwitterBerry. Now I just can't live without UbberTwitter. My girlfriend didn't like TwitterBerry either, don't remember exactly why.

It just depends on what you want. I have been using Ubertwiter, tweetcaster and yatca. Ubertwiter is by far my favorite because it is easy to use, as a great UI and does not take too much memory or battery. Where it lacks is that it will only mamage one account unlike tweetcaster and notifications do not show in my email client like Yatca. Becuase of this I use Yatca most of the time (when it works - there is a known bug with new AppWorld 1.011).

At the end of the day it would be great if Ubertwitter combined all these functions in a free ap. Runor has it the you will have to purchase it when it is out of beta.

PS> I am looking forward to SocialScope

I tried TwitterBerry first and then tried UberTwitter based on what others were saying about it. I prefer TwitterBerry because of its simplicity. UberTwitter has a nice interface and features, but I like the fact that TwitterBerry takes me right where I can type in something to update my Twitter. Perhaps there is an option in UberTwitter to do the same thing, but again, TwitterBerry's simplicity won me over.

Lots of football folks using it - Warren Sapp, Trey Wingo, Rich Eisen, Mark Schlereth, etc. They actively talk about it too which hopefully means their followers check it out and install it as well. Love UberTwitter.

Its really the best one out there for blackberry , but i was shocked when i saw the iphone apps !!

Twitter is down after a denial of service attack. I haven't had twitter working in the past few hours. Thought i'd do a search and found that they're down.

I used twitterberry for a long time. Then tried social scope. Then went to ubertwitter. And now I'm back to socialscope. I like socialscope better than ubertwitter. Just my preference.

Ubertwitter is a good Twitter client, however I believe that it's only the "Most" popular because Socialscope is dragging their feet and have not released their client to the general public yet.

I love UberTwitter! (Okay, the exclamation point may be a bit much) Admittedly, I have not used any other Twitter client on my 8820 and at this point, I don't plan on changing it up...possibly when I get a new BB ;)...mmmm, probably not though, but for now, I rock the UT! It's super easy to navigate and do everything I need to. I mean, it really doesn't need to do much more than let me update and get new updates, but it has the full range of Twitter abilities available in a compact and user friendly package. It's a must have for Crackberry-Twitter addicts.

I loved Ubertwitter, but it's usurped by my getting my SocialScope invite, which is better, but not by a great deal. I could easily go back to Ubertwitter if I needed to.

I tried TweetCaster when I got my Tour and there were missing tweets so I switched to TwitterBerry. I liked it, but the interface was too plain compared to being used to TweetCaster. Twitter is down right now, but I'm looking forward to testing out UberTwitter. It seems like a happy medium. My only question is how to make my pictures upload to TwitPic instead of UberTwitter? I can always MMS them, but it would be nice to have it as an option in the application itself. But anyway, UberTwitter seems like the one I'll be using, especially since I don't want to pay for an app.

Finally got UberTwitter working on my Tour! It's the perfect balance between Tweetcaster and TwitterBerry, in my opinion. Not too many graphics, but not too plain either. And all of my tweets seem to be loading great! So excited to finally use this app to the fullest. Still wish I could TwitPic directly from it, though...

Very easy: Ubertwitter is just easier to use. I've used Twitterberry, tweetgenius and tinytwitter (still waiting on an invitation from social scope. Ubertwitter was the best hands down! Visually and functionality wise.

I like Ubertwitter better than Twitterberry because I can see everyone's updates on the screen without having to go and hit "Updates" like in Twitterberry. I also like the Ubertwitter refreshes itself. It's also just a lot easier to use I think.

I was using Twitterberry at first and it was working alright and then randomly out of nowhere it stopped functioning and I couldn't send pics I took to twitterberry to post on my page. I reinstalled the app several times and it wasnt working and was very slow.

Then I discovered Ubertwitter and I haven't looked back once! Lots more options and features and pics post quickly and they show up! Much easier to use too.

I just put it on my Wife's Blackberry too!

When I got my first BlackBerry, Twitterberry was the only one out that was worth using. I then got an invite to SocialScope but couldn't figure out what the hype was about so I went back to Twitterberry. When UberTwitter came out, I had just upgraded to the 8900 from the 8320, and I loved it. Twitterberry had gotten to a point where I couldn't upload photos anymore. Same thing happened with UberTwitter after using it for a while. I had to restart my phone every time I wanted to post pictures and then sometimes it still wouldn't work...well the majority of the time.

I didn't think about switching back to SocialScope until I realized that I had an extra invite that a friend wanted. We downloaded it at the same time, since I already had an account. I haven't turned back since. UberTwitter is good...borderline great, but it just didn't function well on my 8900...not to mention how fast it made my battery die.

I was using Twitterberry and read all of the review about try Ubertwitter but Twitter is down...hopefully they get it together soon...I am really excited about trying it!

its a great full featured client, pulls up quickly and works better on my storm than twitterberry did

Most amazing twitter app! It is fast and easy and makes twittering enjoyable and fun! The menu is so easy to use and re-twittering is a snap! I have tried twitterberry and found it slllllloooooooow and laggy. Tinytwitter wouldn't even load when I tried it! I can't say enough things good about ubertwitter!!!

I really like this program! I couldn't get Twitterberry to work for me and TinyTwitter, while a nice program, just didn't cut it for me. I find UberTwitter very easy to use and easy to read. It's a very user friendly program IMO.

I've used all the clients: Twitterberry, TweetGenuis (yes I paid for it), and Yatca. Ubertwitter is just the most functional and cleanest-looking client going. Most of it's user menu's are intuitive and rich. My only requests are that 1.)hitting "r" (reply) to a Direct message replies with a direct message, and 2.) notification support for @replies and DM's are fixed. (They don't work for me.)

I'm new to twitter. (only 3months old) I use ubertwitter. This is the only application I have used so I dont know how the other apps work. I'm extremely happy with ubertwitter that I dont find a reason to try something else. Maybe I will look into twitterberry but not likely.

It's a great program but, it has a proprietary format with pics and location. I noticed that it is the only service that can't been seen in Socialscope natively. For instance, anyone that puts a pic up displays in SS without having to go the the browser. UB pics don't pop up. That is annoying because I know that most people that I hang with or tweet with don't use ubertwitter.

I didn't realize this until I stopped using UB for Socialscope. They need to give us the option of choosing a pic client.

Solid performance, ease of use, UI very much like the web UI (which I like), and you can do (almost) everything you can do via the web interface. What's not to like?

But then all of a sudden it stopped working (gave me a BS message that my PIN wasn't registered or something). Needless to say, their tech support is non-existent and according to their website, refunds aren't given.

I downloaded UberTwitter and have had no issues. I wish I would've known about it before I wasted my money on TweetGenius.

UberTwitter is the shit!

Personally I was just not impressed with twitterberry and it had issues with portait to landscape mode for my storm and after the update it was worse, I had ubbertwit and loved it from the get plus it's always seemingly updating from client feedback. Plus the options are quite abundant as well.

I tried using TwitterBerry...twice! it froze up my Storm, both times after I tried to use it. I have no problems what-so-ever, with UberTwitter.

I like it.

i was using tweeterberry and it bored me. The graphics and everything about it bores you in a week or two. There support is very lame in responding to questions. no way tweeterberrty

I really like UberTwitter. Its very user friendly. I love being able to update twitpics via the app and how easy it is to see my @relpies. Thanks!

I am waiting to be approved to get SocialScope, a friend of mine is using it and loves it. However, I just started, this week actually, using TweetCaster, it is WAY better than Twitterberry. I dont see it on this list, but its really the best I have used so far. Good luck to all.

Well. I like what Ubertwitter has to offer, but it's just too bad that I can't ever get it to work. It just will not load my timelines. Ever. I've only been able to successfully use it once. I've re-installed it 4 times now too.

I hope I can get it working because I did quite like it.

I been using Twitterberry for a long time now and I don't see any problem with it. Whats so great about UberTwitter?

Ive tried out a few of the blackberry twitter clients and ubertwitter is by far my favorite. The only other application I even use is tweetcaster just because of its ability to switch users. Its so much smoother to do anything in my opinion.

I installed ubertwitter, now I can't get on twitter at all! Not with twitterberry, not with Tweetcaster, not even with the browser.
Any ideas what could have caused this? Tech support says I should do a hard reset and wipe my BB of everything to fix it. I prefer to avoid that.
Any help would be appreciated.

i like the ubertwitter app bc it easy to use....but i have had to redwnld twice in the last 2 days bc its been dwn

UT is more useful for me. I like the search feature and tweets from "everyone around me" now that I'm traveling. These features are not available in TB.

I like Twitterberry...tried Uber and it was a memory hog and didn't offer the same as Twitter...oh well, to each their own! :)

I used twitterberry first and found that it froze up my BB so much that I had to uninstall it ASAP. I did some looking around on the internet and found uebertwitter and asked around with good feedback so I tried it and LOVE it!!!

I prefer ubertwitter than any other bb twitter app.
Started with the slow & laggy TwitterBerry then UT was home.
But soon SocialScope will be leading the way.

one of the best options about uber twitter is the depth you can get browsing through the public timelines.
I am sometimes amazed at how many times i have to push back to return to the default public timeline. its like getting lost in twitter - great!

twitterberry never uploaded pictures for me - uber does painlessly.

social scope has promise but i found it lacked so much depth that i worry it will ever catch up to uber.

you can search for other ubertwitter users in the area - spooky!!

Its not even close socialscope is by farrr the best. The only reason ubertwitter prob has more user is because its free and ss is still in beta by invite only.

I thoroughly enjoy using UberTwitter. I have tried many and this is the best I have experienced. Anxiously awaiting the new update.

SocialScope is WAY BETTER! :)
I FINALLY got my SocialScope invite a few weeks ago and have been using SocialScope exclusively ever since. I even read my friends' Facebook status updates on SocialScope now. I still keep the other 3 Twitter apps in my BB (UberTwitter, TwitterBerry, Yatca) but they're just crying in the corner now, feeling neglected LOL!

After reading all the positive comments about ubertwitter I decided to delete twitterberry and give it a shot. No matter what I try I can't get it to work right on my storm. It doesn't load my tweet streams or direct messages. When I go back into "options" and try to verify may account it keeps giving me a message about Twitter being to busy and to try again later. Am I missing something?

it flows like it is a native application... you doesnt feel like you´re in a nother phone o program. flows like the wind!

Hey I am New to Twitter and Ubertwitter, Is there a way to disable your location? so that people can't see where you are? I am on a storm, and pm me if you can help thanks :-)

I used UT since it came out. And just the other day i wanted to log in and couldn't. It said that the app had tried to open a location inside and outside the firewall that was not allowed by my IT policy. Anybody have any idea what that means?

After using both for the first several weeks of signing up for twitter earlier this year, I definitely prefer Ubertwitter over Twitterberry.

I started off using Twitterberry and didn't care for it. Searched around and found Ubertwitter. I didn't care for the UI and when it updated, there were some issues with the updates overlapping. Did more searching around and found Tiny Twitter. I love it! The only complaint I would have with TT is that there's no homescreen notification, but I get text updates anyway and if I haven't touched TT in awhile, I'll have to send an update to get my the latest tweets. But it's still a great app. Since everyone's raving about UT, might download it again to see if I like it better than TT. But won't be rushing b/c I'm perfectly fine with TT.