ÜberTwitter Goes Open Beta- Seeking Testers

By Bla1ze on 15 Apr 2009 07:31 pm EDT
ÜberTwitter Goes Beta!

It's always awesome to see a developer seek out the BlackBerry community to test out a new app. The developers of ÜberTwitter have done just that! Starting with a post in the CrackBerry Forums containing the announcement of ÜberTwitter's availability, the development process seems to be well on its way with members providing the kind of feedback that is needed to take BlackBerry applications from good to great.

The feature set of ÜberTwitter is looking promising so far, and even includes location-based services and video support. With solid features and an Übercool name I'm excited to see what this Twitter client can achieve. Support is there for all devices running  4.2 OS+ including the Storm. ÜberTwitter's developers are spreading the love around, so if you like Twitter and want to help with a beta release of a new and upcoming application be sure to check it out. Let us know your thoughts on it, be it here in the comments or in the forums posting.

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ÜberTwitter Goes Open Beta- Seeking Testers


Seems to work pretty well compared to twitterberry. But it does continue to refresh the friends list with no option to turn off unless I exit the app. Anyone else notice this?

I noticed that as well, but keep in mind this is a BETA..use the feedback button to submit any bugs you may come across this is how things get improved upon. =)

been using this most of the day and it really is nice has many options and sure more to come . this comes out and twitterberry 09.5 beta is out also (alot better now) looking for a backup toy till my socialscope is updated to 9.5 .

just installed ubertwitter. it's vunderbar. similar interface to twibble. would like the option to not have the avatar image at all. they seem to load slowly or not at all. also, would like to have a sound or vibrate option when a tweet is received or if it is an @reply or a direct message only.

the light blue (or whatever color) does not create enough contrast with the tweet (if you are supposed to read the tweet through the scroll color).

I love being able to get bio info.
trending topics are cool

Ok, This is pretty cool so far. The "Everyone Near You" feature is pretty cool. I have just removed twitterberry from my Bold. The only thing that's missing is someone type of alert when a tweet is received.

I absolutely love Uber Twitter!!! This is gonna be my main app... I am still testing but I am super stoked!!

There's a lot of promise in this twitter app!... I like being able to resize the font..but when you get to smaller fonts, it really messes up with the menu screen.

But overall, a great app!! Going to use this and Yutca! bye bye twitterberry for now.

Great comments...

The developer(s) is/are receptive to commentary. Tweet @ubertwiter (yes, that is the spelling for the Twitter account).

I like the idea of a tweet alert. It would have to be fairly specific for folks with dozens of followers.

i dunno at first it was the best thing since sliced bread, but..... then it just kept loading and freezing on me. I dunno maybe it was just my curve, who knows.... ima give it a week or two then try again

I can't seem to Post Twitter messages 0.o

bit of a bug that one :-P
Also would like that as a menu option in the inbox "Compose Twitter"

This is 200% better than twitterberry. TB took "way" too long to refresh people and this interface is awesome. Great job

In my search for the best Twitter app on Blackberry, I've used them all. Twitterberry never seemed to work well on my Pearl. Tiny Twitter was good, but when doing a quick pull it restored it back to when it was previously closed... losing all tweets prior. And Twibble... didn't like it at all.

UberTwitter, however, has a very clean look to it and a lot of options that Twitterberry didn't have till the Beta. I like the location function on it and it feels really good when you use it. I also like the fact that you can see the users profile when checking their tweet. Another thing (and last) is the way it looks when you tweet. It all flows together smoothly and I dont think I will be looking for any other twitter apps.

it doesn't work on my curve. i did fill the blanks and when in came to You and Your Friends, its said Unknown Error. is this probably because i live in jakarta, indonesia?

It now works for me. It seemed my APN settings were not set. Go to settings/Advanced Options/TCP-IP and set the APN address to "internet.com" (for Rogers).

I'm trynig to download it, but everytime I drect my browser to the download address I get a message that says "You must download UberTwitter from a BB browser" (which I am...)


I have only been using it for a little bit and I am definately loving it. It updates seamlessly, unlike Twitterberry which seems to make a production of it.

If I take a picture and then send it to Uber Twitter, I can view the pic on my phone, but if I try to view it on a computer, it only shows my location. Anyone else experience this?

I have had it for about a day now but have few complaints. It actually updates which I love, the only issue I have is that there is no alert options.

but that is is. I have requested a different kind of notification as it seems many have.

Nice start though. Love it so far.

Every time I d/l it from my new BB Curve 8900, it freezes up my BB. I ask to "Run" Ubertwitter and it doesn't do anything. HELP PLEASE. The icon is under my downloads, but won't open at all.

I am a huge fan of Twitterberry since 0.6 and it has become my most used app. Will try to download it because I am hoping for a feature as TwitterFox for the FF browser that supports multiple Twitter accounts. Anyone knows if it is on this übertwitter?
Ah, and if there is an OTA download like.
(Must say I like TwitterBerry for the 'Berry' in its name!)

Doesn't work on my pearl flip 8220 on t-mobile, unknown error. no combination of network settings has made it work.

shame, I'd love to use this.

This is probably my favorite app of all I've tried for Twitter. I typically use TwitterBerry and have tried Yatca but I've quickly grown to love this app. I like the auto-updates that work flawless, the location sharing and especially the integration with updating your Google Talk status. My only wish is that they'd offer a home screen icon when you get a new tweet in case you wanted it to let you know without having to go look at the app. Other than that it is great!

Anyone know how to view your Direct Messages(sent/received) inbox? can't seem to find it. and also, can you favorite a tweet like you can in twitterberry?

Seems to work well, quicker & more responsive than twitterberry, but where do I go for notifications?

I've been using it for a few hours and I like it so far. I see you can hit 'R' to reply to one of your friends but there isn't a quick key to update your status, you have to go to the menu which doesn't make any sense.

I came from TinyTwitter was pretty good and has way more options like 'Search' and 'Follow' but I'm tired of it freezing and not auto-updating.

Wow, this is a fantastic app! I love how quick it is when updating my friends timeline. Posting a tweet is a breeze and is very quick. I also love the how easy it is to see someone's profile....and I especially love the way the icon on the main screen will change to contain red dots when there has been a reply to one of my tweets. Very nice.

So far I'm loving it and am about ready to remove Twitterberry.

when i go to verify my account it gives me an error and then when im in the app it gives me an error when i try to update my status.

Ubertwitter has promise to be a very good app, however TinyTwitter (blackberry only client) already has most of the options people are asking for and it works flawlessly on my 8330. It also has the keyboard shortcuts which us qwerty users crave. It just doesn't get enough love from the BB Community.

...that if you exit out of the program & don't actually close it, the umlauts (the 2 dots on the 'U' of the icon for you non Germans) turn red to notify you of new tweets? How cool is that?

....or was I the last to know this?

Got to play around with this app this weekend and have to say that this is the best Twitter application that I have seen and used for BlackBerry. Especially on my Storm.

pretty cool. I just downloaded and it works fine. i just don't tweet very well yet. only joined yesterday. very cool app.

So, I got UberTwitter the day the Beta launched and have been using it steadily since then. I have to say, it is 1000 times better than TwitterBerry, Yacta, or any of the other Twitter clients for BB that I've tried. The developers are very good about responding to questions and taking suggestions for new features. I can't wait for Beta2 of this, and have already removed all other Twitter clients from my phone to use this one exclusively.