Ubertwitter Beta 4 Now Available for Download

By Adam Zeis on 12 Aug 2009 10:30 am EDT

Everyone's favorite Twitter client Ubertwitter has been updated to Beta 4 today. The updates keep getting better and better and are helping to keep Ubertwitter in the front of the pack. The new updates include multiple account support, ability to block users, faster photo uploads and more. Ubertwitter notes there are still some features that didn't make it into this release, but you can be sure they will roll out another update soon. The app isn't even out of beta yet and they are doing a great job of putting all they can into the features list. If you haven't used Ubertwitter yet you should definitely check it out. Head over to Ubertwitter.com from your device to download.

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Ubertwitter Beta 4 Now Available for Download


Ad Banner finally added to top of program.

Sucks they didn't release an ad-free version at the same time. Kinda bummed to wait 2 weeks for that.

The update list on the ubertwitter websites says integrated ads. I will wait... I will be the first to buy the non ad version, just hope the price is reasonable.

Thats Odd i've just updated & rebooted...not getting the integrated ads. Where do they show up, on the top status bar where it says home ?

I'm not so sure. I've used all 3 apps. I find that Ubertwitter by far has the most features. But for myself, i just use Socialscope because of the migration of facebook/twitter and the speed of the app. I'm also a simple user who just doesn't need all those features. I love the look of TweetGenius but it can lag from time to time. I wouldn't knock ubertwitter though. I still recommend it to people as the #1 choice for those who want a complete Twitter client.

TweetGenuis never lags on my bb. Maybe is depends on what bb and OS you have...
I recommend Ubertwitter to those who don't want to pay the simple $5 for TweetGenius and those that are still waiting for an invite for SocialScope. I used Ubertwitter before i discovered TweetGenius. Out of the 3, tweetgenius has an overall better look. Everyone that I have convinced to switch to tweetgenius have all said they will never go back to ubertwitter

I'm running .282 on my Bold, but i actually don't get that much lag as i use to. (w/ the version updates) Socialscope is still the quickest though of the bunch and it combines facebook/twitter. I still love TweetGenius too. But i agree that i put ubertwitter last of the 3..it's just when it comes to features, Ubertwitter does blow them out of the park. But like i mentioned, i don't need all those functions and neither do others. Socialscope is the one for me. Cant wait for their upcoming release

One big showstopper for me about using Tweetgenius is that it doesn't show the whole tweet in the timeline view. I don't want to open every tweet to see the complete text. The lag is also noticeable on my 8900. The initial version they put out was absolutely unusable but the last release is ok. I also found the effects really cheesy (the "poof" thing).

Also the compose tweet blocks you at 140 characters... a pain when you just want to Retweet something and trim some of the text before sending.

Ubertwitter doesn't have any of these problems, is super fast, super efficient... kinda like why I love Blackberries... they don't sacrifice efficiency for eye candy.

Is the page up shortcut (shift-space) not working for anyone else?

Also, how long does it take to get a SocialScope invite? I signed up a few weeks ago.

I was a huge fan of ubertwitter until I got my invite to use SocialScope a couple of days ago. I think SocialScope is the best client out there but Ubertwitter would be my 2nd choice.

SocialScope is definately the best client & by looks of leaked info the new version will be even better.

Ubertwitter & Twitteryberry are good as back ups.

Do you have any screencaps of the new version? Also, are you running Socialscope or Socialscope Lite? I'm wondering what the full version has as well.

I totally agree. SocialScope is the best and it never drains my battery. TweetGenius is my backup. I was never a fan of ubertwitter

totally agree that this is the best...er make that WAS the best. can understand why they added an ad banner, but that really sucks.
Will be downgrading to the last version.

Great set of new features but I don't like the ads. In the list of new features of Beta 4 on Ubertwitter.com says: Integrated advertisements - Please note, the ads are there to support the freely distributable version of ÜberTwitter. Users that purchase ÜberTwitter will not have advertisement in their version. Does anybody know how to get the paid version?

I'm bummed about the ads. I just signed up for a SocialScope invite. I'm going to give that a try because the ads suck.

Ads + No Removal Option = Fail

If they aren't 'ready' to accept payments for a paid version yet, they shouldn't have released a version forcing ads yet. A move which may cost UT some users.

what a nice upgrade. you can actually read the updated through the color now. the interface seems much faster too. a con...banner ads at the top. i guess they need to make money like everyone else.

keep the updates coming. it gets better and better. have been telling all my friends.

The last version was fine but the new Beta doesn't seem to work over WiFi only. Nothing is working for me- any help?

I'm very upset that one of my favorite programs now has DREADED ADs!

NO, I am not single, nor do I want to meet singles, and so on!

NO, I do not want any of your special offers, if i wanted it, I'd find it! and since I don't want it, I don't want to see it offered to me! It's not a convenience, it's an annoyance, it's not wanted, nor appreciated.

I'll gladly pay for a non-ad version when it's released within reason... However I do know these ads support the developers so I'll live with it.

but if UT doesn't go Ad-Free in some form when full release comes out, i'll be jumping ship.

I don't understand why everyone is so bummed about the ads, they're not huge or in between every other tweet, it's just a small bar at the top of the page. Plus, people were complaining that a free app had it's server crash, so to compensate for the cost of the repair with no income supporting the larger bandwidth that they need they place ads in the new beta and still... people complain.

Anyways, I'm loving the new update, ads or no adds

Not getting ads in Mexico either. I guess you're right, only in the US. Either way, I like it so much it wouldn't bother me at all.

Something I like about this version is the ability to clear the cache. I've noticed that my free memory is up higher than I have seen it in a while after clearing the cache.

From everything I had heard, I was expecting the ad banner to be larger. I can get around the banner for now. I'll still want to compare SocialScope (I have my invite), UberTwitter, and TweeGenius before I make my final decision.

I had finally decided to keep Ubertwitter over Socialscope and eagerly downloaded the update (pic uploading was my only gripe with UT). I personally thought the ad bar was distracting and a little large. Moving back to socialscope for now. Hopefully the ad free version comes out soon and is reasonably priced.

IMHO the "ads" out-pouring is much ado about nothing. Its akin to having a title bar on the top of the screen, and doesn't scroll when you do. Multiples accounts is good for those who use it, and the addition of symbols is nice, though limited.

although the ads didn't bother me at all yesterday (like some pointed it out, it stays up top and you can easily avoid them), today I see no ad bar. I don't know if it's an issue with my version of it but I'm in NYC and not nothing. Maybe the developers changed their mind?

I just downloaded this to check it out...I must say both me and Angel which you will see in my tweet think it's pretty cool.