ÜberTwitter Beta 3 Update Coming Soon

By Bla1ze on 4 Jun 2009 03:54 pm EDT
ÜberTwitter Beta 3 Update Coming Soon

The good folks over at ÜberTwitter have been hard at work on their latest version of their Twitter client. This time around the list of bug fixes is again huge as they are listening to the users. However, this time around ÜberTwitter may be bring with it some unwelcomed changes.

First, the what some may consider bad news. ÜberTwitter will now be coming in two different flavours, a paid version and an ad supported version. The ad supported version will randomly insert advertisements into your timelines where as the paid version when finalized will have this absent. Now the good news... ÜberTwitter will be integrating BlackBerry Maps for the "Tweet My Location" function so now rather then opening up a url, users who have BlackBerry Maps installed will see your location on that. 

So what do you all think? Tweet Genius was the first Twitter application to come to market as a paid one. Having used ÜberTwitter for so long now with no ads would you still use it if that ads are there? Or would you pay for the premium version to have them gone? Or would you just simply move to a different Twitter client where all was still free and none of that was a worry? Let us know in the comments.

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ÜberTwitter Beta 3 Update Coming Soon


Well, I use it enough I would probably pay a *reasonable* fee (although I don't think they should charge and still call it a "Beta"). I don't like the idea of ads, but understand that they gotta pay the bills somehow.

That is disappointing to see they will include ads with non-paid edition. I guess it is time to look at other clients.

I for one would pay for it. Only if it were a one time fee. None of this monthly fee crap. As for the adds being uploaded. That would be a go preceded by a NO! I can't go for that. I'm not really a fan of the location with a map feature. That's a recipe for disaster. Only because so many consumers never take the time to explore these apps.

I am probably going to deal with the Ads for now, unless they are really obnoxious. I might pay for this or tweetgenius one day, but not today and not on my 8830.

I love UberTwitter...if they asked for a reasonable amount of money I would probably purchase it ($10 or less).

I don't think I would pay. With the adaption of other clients into the twitter world, why pay for something that should be free regardless. Twitter is the ultimate in advertising anyhow, so why would someone need adds?

If it were reasonable and less than $10. Might also put up with the ads, until I accidentally re-tweet one to my boss or something.

I don't have an issue with this. It makes sense. IMO UberTwitter is superior to all the other clients out there so charging for a product with more features is fine. But they also give you the option of looking at ads if you don't want to pay. It is your choice.

And as always the 3rd option is simply to not use it.

So long as the ads only interfere with me, and don't force themselves on others that's barable, so is a *reasonable* fee I may pay.

I guess I'm thinking out of the box here, but if my version works just fine and doesn't have ads, then why would I even bother to upgrade to one that I have to pay for or have ads. I would just continue to use the old version on UberTwitter.

Built-in the app is a update checker. When the app realizes there's a new version, it tells the user he/she has a week to switch over.

Or at least that's how it went last version.

I got that message about upgrading but I didn't do it for a while (more than the time alloted) and didn't have any issues. I finally did upgrade, I was just lazy about it. I'd still pick it up for a reasonable price.

I paid for TweetGenius before I found UberTwitter and I like UberTwitter much better, so I would be willing to pay a one-time fee (under $15.00).

I still don't see this listed in there update?! Why is it that there isn't a Twitter client that has this function? Tweet Genius appears to, but is not yet available for the 8330. Is this a hard thing to add as a developer?

support it!

We all like FREE and we all want to make money.
I'm with some of you that will consider paying something reasonable if it came down to it. Who knows, by the time BB Tour is out there might be a better client.

I would pay for it A) it was resonably and B) they fixed the battery drain problem, which is my biggest issue with it. Other than that, I think it's the hands down best twitter blackberry client out there.

Change how often it looks for Tweets. Mine was set to update every minute. I switched it to be every 20 minutes instead. It literally uses 20x less battery because of it. Battery life if fine now.

Slight memory leak too. Like the poster above. If i'm going to pay it better be damn close to perfect. Otherwise it deserves to be free.

I don't mind the ads. Companies have to make revenue one way or another. Pandora started inserting ads and it's not bothersome. I think it's the best client for the Storm. Tried several others and they don't work quite right with the storm touchscreen. I'd pay a reasonable fee. My main issue with BB apps vs apps for my iPod Touch is the price. Too many apps in the store are not really a "necessity" and their price is too high so I don't bother. I'm not paying $20 to do something crippled on my phone that is best left to a full browser experience.

Lets see, best twitter client in on the bb (by far imho), yeah I'd pay a reasonable fee. Can't expect software for free, there is a lot of work people involved in even a small app.

that is uber..creepy.. i don't understand why people sign up for an account to be "followed", the whole concept is a stalkers wet dream..

do you have facebook or myspace, or any other social networking site? then basically you are signing up to be followed as well.

However, you shouldn't.
Facebook/Myspace caters to interaction between people. While twitter is simply shouting thoughts/updates/information into the vast nothingness that is twitter hoping that people care enough to read.

I think UberTwitter is great and I would gladly pay for it. Can't expect people to just sit around and give up there free time to write software for us without paying them for their efforts.

UberTwitter is a quality app and works better than any other Twitter client out there IMO. Besides, a paid for version puts some pressure on the developer to make sure it is worth the price and build in new/cool features.

My top requests for the paid version to be worth it: Ability to post to TwitPic, notification icon for replies/DMs, ...weird, can't really think of more than that - I like the app :-)

I have fun twittering but it is something that is definitely not something I would pay for. It is a fun free diversion. I would be concerned about ads on my phone for the potential of virus and that it very well could slow down the overall phone and the application. Just my .02

I for one will be dropping this app now that they want to insert ads into it. I have enough junk in my twitter timeline without adding advertisements to the mix.

I'll pass on the adware as I have enough to look over in my timelines without having ads bloat it up. I have already removed ÜberTwitter and gone back to twitterberry. I would like to use social scope but no invite yet.. ugh

I contacted ÜberTwitter and asked a couple of questions so I thought I would share my reply.

When the second update of ÜberTwitter came out the site asked for feedback and suggestions of features on the application, I suggested that I needed and would like to see a delete button available on ÜberTwitter. My reply then was that they were working on that feature for the upcoming update, however when I read the listing of tweaks for the update, I didn't see that listed. My reply assured me that they were indeed working on that for the release.

Also, ads ... The ads will be random and only appear on my device (the user) they aren't tweets, they will just appear randomly in the timeline on my device.

I think that its reasonable for ÜberTwitter to release both a paid and free version of the product, it doesn't sound like the ads will be intolerable for the people who are not willing to pay for the product. I may consider the paid application if the price is right, I'm more of a lurker on Twitter anyway!

Hope this helps anyone who had similar questions, a word of advice, my reply from ÜberTwitter was speedy quick, don't be afraid to email questions!!

I can still get a free client. Twitter doesn't charge me, so why do I want to pay for something to access it?

How's it better to force you to have bb maps to see location. What about if your on desktop viewing twitter would you see map? This is a big flaw. Tweetgenius ftw!!

if uber added facebook remarks like SS then ill pay. love adding my location as long as my friends that dont have bbs can still track me.

i can live with ads but when you and 7 or 8 of your friends use ubertwitter and you start to notice every 10 posts or so or even a few in a row being advertisements you begin to wonder if its really worth it

I would gladly have paid for TweetGenius, but it is not available for the Storm. I’ve seen TweetGenius at work on a Curve 8900, and it is impressive, I WOULD pay for that app. As for UberTwitter... I can't say the same... ad placement on a free app? C'mon... SERIOUSLY? Just disable a feature like the new map integration. Give me a REASON other than ad placement to make me go to a "paid premium" app version. I would still gladly use UberTwitter without the map integration. I'm going back to TwitterBerry until I can get TweetGenius for the Storm. Twitter is getting out of control anyway.

Just like "what's worth doing is worth getting paid for," I feel that "what's worth using is worth paying for."

You can't have it both ways, people. At least not the way the world works today.

I enjoy Ubertwitter over the other apps I've tried. I can say that I feel that it's a great twitter client and that they've been very generous to offer it for free all this time to everyone (unlike other applications and their elitist beta testing launches)...and they continue to be generous in offering a free way to still enjoy its robust features for those who can not or will not pay.

If it's good enough to use then it's good enough to pay for, in my opinion. And if you don't want to pay, I think you should be grateful that you can still even use it. Are ads so terrible? I can't imagine that they'd be so horrible that the app would be any less functional. Free is free and you usually get what you pay for.

Just my nickel!

One time fee under 15 bucks and i may consider purchasing it. Not a fan of monthly payments.

So if you use the free version with the ads, it'll consume more of your data plan. Urgh that sucks.

But anyway I'll gladly pay if the price is right. Ubertwitter is the best client I've used so far!

I'll give it a chance with the ads because I can't justify paying for an app that is not essential to me. If the ads are too intrusive, I'll say adios. UT has been my overall favorite, but there are too many free ones out there that are almost as good for a casual tweeter like myself.

I think that UT is by far one of the best clients and possibly one of the most improved clients in my time with it. The vast amount of features and options that you have with it are definitely worth paying a reasonable amount for.

As far as he ad-supported version goes, why can't they make it like Viigo? Have the mini ads displayed on the actual UT client and not in the tweets? I just feel that it is not "right" to tweet ads. Thats just my opinion!

Do I like the idea of paying for an app for a free social service... no, do I like UberTwitter, yes. I would certainly pay a one time fee for UberTwitter, as it is, in my opinion, the best Twitter client out there. Would I pay a monthly fee... heck no. One thing I would recommend to this community, tho, is if they offer it as a one time fee and you like the app, pick it up as soon as possible, as this, like other apps, will increase their prices over time.

The client is so good I'd be willing to pay for it, as long as we're talking $5 or less. Hell, people pay $3 for fart apps, it would be silly to be upset about paying for a premium version of ubertwitter.

I love using Ubertwitter, but I wouldn't pay for it. I'd have to switch back to Twitterberry or go on line and post from my phone. More hassle, but in todays ecomomy that would be a waste for me. Sorry.

Bad news is that you have to keep BB Maps on your device to use the feature, which is a definite waste of space...

It is the funnest twitter app I have used - I don't care if people know where I am. I WILL SWITCH IF I HAVE TO PAY FOR IT (unless it is less than $5 a month) EVEN IF IT IS $5 A MONTH, I WILL WAIT AND CHECK OUT ALL OTHER APPS BEFORE PAYING. THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL I WILL STAND FOR ADVERTISEMENTS WITH MY TWEETS!

If it is a one time charge - oh yeah!
If the ads are not in my tweets - oh yeah!
Uber Twitter RULES! It has everything!

If they fix the memory leak then I'll pay for it. My memory drops a lot more when I leave UT in the background. I keep it because its a great app. like Poynt.

I agree, it does have a rather annoying leak. More like a faucet drip. but it does leak. What I have found that even if you close it, it leaks. The only way to prevent the leak completely is to not open it. Opening the app starts the leak.

THe only way I am paying for it, is it it gives me dual profiles tweetering. I need to be able to tweet to my personal and corporate twitter accounts. Until then I would use Viigo for one, and twitterberry for the other.

If socialscope would send me an invite this would all be MOOT!

Sad, I was really enjoying using UT. I just don't see why any twitter client should be paid for, it's social networking just like aim, fb, myspace and so on and so fourth.

I'm probably going to see how frequent the ads are inserted into my timeline and base my decision off of that. In spite of the fact that I've been a huge Ubertwitter user since it was released, given the amount of apps out there that don't charge for use I will probably end up tossing it out. The added features are pretty cool and I do enjoy being able to post pictures, GPS, and sync up w/ my other status updates. However, not enough to warrant paying a premium for the service.

id just move on to the next app, i absolutely hate adds in or on anything i do or see and its almost like they are threatening me with it. Plus we have gone so long without adds or payment why now?

if its less than 5 dollars i dont see why we have to pay for this when we now get it for free

and isnt it enough advertising when all my tweets say "posted from ubertwitter"

I'd be willing to pay for UberTwitter if it was a *one time fee* of *less* then ten dollars. And the way they treat the users whom decide to not pay also becomes a part. If they start throwing adverts into tweets, or begin showing excessive adverts, then I'll be unwilling to pay for UberTwitter or even use it.

The amount of innovation and the frequency of updates to the app also become a part. If they start charging and turn UberTwitter into a paid app, it needs to be treated like one. Meaning quick and easy access to support, as well as a range of support channels.

Looking at it, Right now as it stands, UberTwitter is not an app I'd be willing to pay for, The website uses a modified version of a Drupal theme, and I can't even get the app without going to the UberTwitter web page on my device.

UberTwitter stole me away from TwitterBerry and the other available Twitter clients for BlackBerry, but that doesn't mean the other apps can't steal me back.

i think i will pay if less than $5-10, cost for us currency is x3.5 which is kind of big amount...but now they do NOT have option to buy but stay with those ad?? then i am NOT going to update, so simple as tat plus i also no need those extra new stuff d old one seem work SUPER for me...i hope they won't push us or else they may lost us, cost i am one of those that HATE ad, for tis time i will remain the old version until they come out the paid version n decide from there.

but tis application still the best, i loved it and use everyday...i do wish ipod/iphone have a keyboard, then SURE itunes have lot of good selection over there that look nice and ad free, sadly this is not the case eh?? BUT if they force us, then maybe i will use my ipod to update my twitter...I do have tweetgenius but i don't like it, cost need too many click to fully view just one update :(