Ubertwitter Beta 3 Available Now

By Adam Zeis on 19 Jun 2009 09:57 am EDT
Ubertwitter Beta 3

It seems that Ubertwitter just keeps building up steam. We've covered it in Twitter App Round Up Part Deux and it is apprently very popular among a number of Tweeting celebs as well. We got word today that they have again updated (to Beta 3 - version .0.75) and added a whole slew of new features. The list of updates is massive, but it includes various bug fixes, reduced battery drain, ability to delete tweets, TweetShrink ability, faster timeline scrolling and muc, much more.  For the entire list of updates, head over to Ubertwitter.com. Ubertwitter is available for all devices by visiting ubertwitter.com/bb/download.php from your mobile browser.

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Ubertwitter Beta 3 Available Now


I went back to Twitterberry because of how badly Ubertwitter drained my battery. Hopefully there will be a significant improvement with this Beta.

It only does heavy drain if you have it set to pull Tweets often. The reason I use it over TwitterBerry is that I don't have to load the application everytime to know if there are new Tweets.

Need more battery life, simply think of it like this:
Update every 1 minute: Consider it like opening and closing Bolt every minute.
Update every 5 minute: Already, 5x less train.
Update every 10, 15, 20 minute: 10x, 15x, 20x less battery drain respectively.

I have mine set to every 15 minutes, and even with texting, surfing, and brief calls, I still make it through the day-- and that's on a CDMA Pearl.

Me, too. I love the improvements in v0.75 so much that I'd be willing to actually pay for final release as it has been speculated will be the case.

Yeah battery drain was why I stopped using this soon after I began. The tried and true TwitterBerry is still my default.

Say, is anyone else having issues with Tweet Genius? It's not worked since around the Twitpocolypse... but there's been no explanation or update offered.

Folks, check the fixed bug list for this release - it is supposed to address the battery drain issue. Excellent news!

In terms of free Twitter clients, this one is very solid. Much better than TwitterBerry, in my opinion.

Oh, is this why the photo upload on the previous incarnation did a massive fail when I needed it the most yesterday? I did check for a download but it wasn't up then *gnash gnash*

First photo upload great. delete worked, but then photo upload timed out and lockedup Bold, battery pull required.

After trying all the Twitter related BBerry app's, this is the one I keep coming back to.

I'm now going to stay with it.

I don't have a battery drain with this.

Works GREAT!!!

Anyone else find that posting location is inconsistent at best? GPS lock comes and goes (how come Google doesn't have that problem?) and randomly doesn't include location at least half the time. It's not something I really need often, but it would still be nice for it to, y'know, actually work.

I tried TweetGenius for a week..it's a cool app, lots of eye candy, but slowed down my Curve entirely too much. Went back to UberTwitter...downloaded the upgrade today and LOVE it...(except the fact I'm no longer getting notifications).

TwitterBerry is a joke, I despise that program.

I've tried to delete a tweet twice.
Doesn't seem to work on mu storm as
The tweets are still there..also it
Seems my keyboard is a lot slower..

Haven't tried the new beta yet but I'll upgrade later today. Been using it since it's first beta- I like it, it's the only tweet app I like, but I refuse to pay for something so normal. Are they still planning on making it a paid service?

I will pay 5 to 10$ if they add mutliple profile posting option. ESPECIALLY if they add the option of posting to facebook. I like the idea of keeping some post specific to twitter and others to facebook

I'll drop $10 on it in a heartbeat if I can get some checkboxes at the bottom of the update screen to select twitter, FB, and Google Talk/Latitude.

I paid $5 for Tweet Genius...$5-10 is fine for a program I'm gonna use everyday. When it starts to get to $20 and up is where I blow the whistle (n/h). Also...I don't see the need to have multiple profile posting. I already have a facebook App...I don't need to post to facebook using twitter. In fact..I hate when people do that because then they have @replies in the facebook wall and it just looks dumb

That's not entirely what I meant:

I meant multiple profile (twitter) accounts. I have a personal account and a business account. I would love to be able to post to both of them from within the single app. As far as facebook, that is just stupid people. My @reples never go to my status updates. You have to purposely do that. I want the ability to choose - send to facebook - or not. Right now every post to twitter goes to facebook. I want to remove the automatic post from within facebook

The previous version allowed the use of the "P" key or selecting "refresh" in the menu. Neither of these are working for me with this new release. 8330.

I have an 8330 and though it looks better, I cannot manually nor automatically refresh! It only refreshes when I open and close the app. It doesn't even refresh when I literally click refresh or after I make an update. That sucks!!! I wanted to keep UT, but if they don't fix that, I can't keep it.

the happened to me too u have to go to options -- advance options -- applications -- ubertwitter -- edit permission and set everything to allow now mines works fine

Make sure "Location (GPS)" is set to "allow" in the permissions. Finally figured out that this was the problem with my 8330 not refreshing.

Uber needs to fix this Uber quick because my location is of nobodies business but my own!!

I'm on an 8330 and haven't had any refresh problems. I was having a notification problem but that seemed to fix itself after a reboot. Again, excellent app. If the final version is anywhere near this good, I'll gladly pay for it.

I tried twiddledee and tweedledum, but will stay with UberTwitter. :-) Of course until they want my credit card number! :-O

As usual, several times to download the app (it's like this ALL the time) then it freezes when it goes to verify my account and I have to do a hard reset.

Fellas... may be up on top, still have to reread this thread, but in case someone has the same config and can tell me why UT was literally eatin' away/hoggin' all available RAM on my BB Storm 9530 (v4.7 OS) and UT (v0.925, downloaded YESTERDAY from BB App World)

In them meanwhile, have already tried to "control" via App Permisions, specifically under "Compatibility Mode"... which apparently STOPPED the memory "leakage"... but now the app appears to be stuck on presentation/display (i.e. won't turn when I go Landscape, Keyboard can't be removed/hidden, etc, etc...)

Does let me tweet and what not, but when it was using the default settings, I was enthused by how much it was able to do... which is now no longer the case, again, no leaks BUT no functionality.

Am I making sense? hope so, looking forward to some guidance (and yeah, reading the whole thing in detail, as this may have been already answered!)

Either way, appreciate your time!