Ubertwitter Beta 2 Launches With Loads Of New Features

By Adam Zeis on 8 May 2009 07:44 pm EDT

Back in April we reported on the first beta of Ubertwitter.  It has been a huge hit in the last few weeks, accepting Twitterberry and Socialscope converts galore.  Today Ubertwitter released a new beta with a great deal of updates including better notification profiles, support for built in GPS, addition of keyboard shortcuts and more. If you're already an Ubertwitter user, or you're ready to try something different, head over to http://www.ubertwitter.com/bb/download.php on your device to download Ubertwitter Beta 2.  

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Ubertwitter Beta 2 Launches With Loads Of New Features


me too, i converted when CB posted this the last time... twitterberry is just crap compared to Uber.

Downloading this now!

I'm another convert to UB, though I am curious to try out BGR's TweetGenius. BGR has never led me astray...

But back to UB, the first beta was excellent and beta 2 certainly improves upon it greatly. I love the inline picture support. But the one thing UB really really really needs to clean up is the battery sucking nature of the application. Good lord the old beta was a pig. Hopefully beta 2 is a tad better, but I'm not counting on massive power improvements until beta 3.

The only problem I found with the original beta version of Ubertwitter was the massive sucking of the battery. I uninstalled it because of that since I wasn't being able to go a whole day. I'm giving it another shot since they have probably done some tweaking and I really did like it a lot better than Twitterberry.

I have TwitterBerry now, and know nothing different, so this will be fun!!

I still want SocialScope though, I hear awesome things about it...

I downloaded it hours ago, and can't seem to get it to work. Keep getting the network connection error. Twitterberry is still connecting fine though... Anyone else having problems?

Hey, I was having the same problem until I did a battery pull/reset and it loaded right up. :) I remembered having the same thing happen the first time I installed the first beta version. It apparently needs a reset but doesn't prompt you to do so after you install it.

I had to change the Network Options from "Auto" to Direct TCP. It's working great now!!

I agree with everyone that said it's smoother than TwitterBerry. Plus, it looks puuuurty.. lol

W00t, yes, been waiting for this since the initial blog reported the new beta. Looks like I may finally have a twitterberry replacement :) Keep you posted.

8900 user...

I was converted by tweet_genius and im loving this app, I had twitterberry and ubertiwtter and i liked Ubertwitter better. Just a little to late for me after getting tweet_genius

Just have one comment bout it i would like for there to be more than a red light i would like the icon like yatca gives you when you have a tweet that would be realy good. everything else is great soooooo far... its cool...

Great job on the upgrades, I was able to totally do away with Twitterberry. I only kept it for the favorite option, know Uber has that and so much more. Also loving the twitpics right in the tweet.

I had issues connecting with my 8900 the previous beta version. CB announced a new update with some network updates...low and behold, this one works :)

Is there any way I can disable LED alerts? I don't want my BlackBerry flashing every time I get a new tweet.

Until then I'm switching back to TwitterBerry.

If you want to disable the LED notification you need to go to sounds profiles/set ring tone,alerts/Other. and you will find it

I have the STORM, and I didn't want the led light flashing every time either, I found where to fix it. You have a SOUNDS folder where you can change the volume of your ringer to silent, loud, vibrate, etc. if you scroll past that you'll see the the Set Ring Tones/Alerts, through there you will see Messages, Instant Messages, Reminders, Other. Select Other and it will show the UberTwitter options. Hope this helps!

No BIS. I don't see what is so hard about it. Every Blackberry user not on a corporate network(BES/MDS) has BIS. It's 100% support for all other users. NOT every user has TCP. Why go for the less supported protocols, even wifi? Really?

It's like a browser that supports port SSL (443) but not regular port 80.

This frustrates me to no end. I see music players that can sync on the computer for "offline" play, but no BIS download support. That's just retarded. Edge is good enough for 90 minute podcats, but a music playlist is too much work for the developer? At least they have some excuse.

Simple messenger programs without BIS (which is ALL of them except TwitterBerry) are CRAP! Either support the platform or don't. This is why people love iPhone apps, they just work. (Don't give me the single platform excuse, BIS is as unified as you get on BB.)

It's one thing if you are porting to BB from iPhone or any other device. But if you make a BB app that uses the net, and you don't need a continuous connect then support BIS.

Not second, not third, FIRST. If you don't support at least the login or, god forbid, a simple error message saying, "I can only find BIS. This program requires...". At least then all these users with network timeouts have a clue that you don't want to support them, rather than them thinking the phone or their provider is to blame.

And if it doesn't support BIS, make sure you ANNOUNCE It! Don't waste my BIS to download it if I can't BIS with it!

Sorry for the rant, but this really isn't rocket science. You won't find a top non-streaming app that doesn't support BIS. I'm flat sick and tired of "BB" apps, that are less compatible with my phone than a generic java tic-tac-toe game.

This is the second time I've downloaded this, but this is the last time I'm deleting it. GPS is "cute", but if you can't use it, it's useless.

Here's an idea! Use the BB debugger on minimum settings required for your program. Write down those settings, then POST them before the DL link. You know, like computer software does.

(I have a sneaky suspicion most of these developers are just building to whatever phone they own, and if we can use it too, hooray for us, if not... Not their problem.)

Comment posted over BIS.

UberTwitter is working just fine for me over BIS. I have the program communication setup on "Auto" and it works just fine.

There isn't a manual setting for BIBS, and that may be the problem. As far as working over standard BIS, it does work for some people.

I'm unable to download from my 8330. I tried using both BB browser and Opera-mini--but on each I get the message, "Sorry but you can only download UberTwitter directly from a BlackBerry browser."

Any suggestions? As a side--I also get the same message (not recognizing I'm on a BB) when I tried to download Pandora.

I figured it out--sorry for the useless message. After some additional reading I found it was an emulation thing.

Twitter was down for just over an hour yesterday for maintenance, and now ÜberTwitter no longer works. Is anyone else experiencing this?

i downloaded it and was loving it until i started running into "Network Error" and lock up issues. as i started to dig deeper into the underlying reason for these i took a look at the permissions it requests. talk about eye opening! the app wants full reign over every option listed.

in my haste to reign in the app before it realized the power given to it i modified the "default permissions" instead of the app permissions.

does anyone have a list of the default permissions in the actual "default" settings?

I downloaded it last night and seems to work ok. Socialscope told me it would be weeks before sending me any info. So I'll use this and twitterberry until then. I like the Trends feature of ubertwitter.

Just downloaded the new beta of uber twitter (i unistalled the previous beta) and now get the following error message

Error starting UberTwitter: Module 'UberTwitter-3' not found

I am getting the same message, it used to work fine. Please let me know if you have figured out the solution.
Thanks, Fehr

I just downloaded Ubertwitter Beta 2 today, and have made it my new Twitter app on my Bberry Storm. It runs much faster and smoother than TwitterBerry.

I did download and used UT but it lasted only for 2 days when I realised this UT charges internet carrier for using GPS and pics. Since I'm using pre-paid credit, this UT sucked up my credits til I couldn't do anything like texting, make a phone calls and tweeting. It's good to say that I'm back to my old reliable TwitterBerry. Why bother sending your location via GPS??

seriously there's nothing wrong in this app it's perfect! you can add pics and vids easily, totally kicks the crap out of twitterberry and tinytwitter.

twitter: dontlook_back

It gives me an error message saying it cannot verify my twitter account but when I go to My Friends it brings up all of the people that I am following. So why the "cannot verify" error message? I have a 8330 Curve.


i tried out this app since twitterberry is a bit bland for me. I have to say that Ubertwitter has a really nice interface and all but it is sucking my battery life away. In within about 16 hours, my phone's battery life is down to 20% with me just making couple phone calls today and a few text msgs.

Awesome app but it's draining my battery life like no other. Hope the future fixes will look into this. :)

I had some real reservations with Twitterberry and I tried Ubertwitter and I liked it a little better, but now with this most recent update I am declaring a overwhelming winner. Ubertwitter beta 2 is the absolute best app out there for twitter.

I've been a Twitterberry user for awhile now, and didn't think I was missing anything - until today. Ubertwitter is the closest thing to using a desktop computer that I've seen. While I still have both apps on the phone, which ever one gets launched the most in the next week will be staying. Right now, its not looking too good for Twitterberry.

I downloaded the update earlier and really just don't "get it" about this app. It's ok, but nothing spectacular. Yes it blows away TwitterBerry, but every other Twitter app does that these days. I'm a die hard TinyTwitter fan and I have recently gotten ahold of the SocialScope beta, it's very good also.

I find the access to Options in UberTwitter to be ridiculous, who wants to go thru 5 or 6 pages just to adjust one option. Also it needs bolder fonts, I suggested it but it didn't seem to make it into this update. It just doesn't have the "Twow" factor in my opinion. As for the people with connectivity issues, as stated earlier, put it on auto and you probably won't have any trouble.It connects fine for me.

To all you people who can't get ahold of SocialScope you really should give TinyTwitter a shot, the developer has done a great job with the BB beta. tinytwitter.com

Happy Berrying!

i was a twitterberry fan but after trying this out i will be deleting twitter berry of my curve. there is no real competition between these 2 ubertwitter wins hands down.

I had UberTwitter beta... it disappeared off my applications list. I cant uninstall it to update it. It works, but I get an error message saying I need to update Ubertwitter. HELP!! pls. After attempting to download it on the BB handset, i get a install failed message, reading 907 Invalid COD.???