UberSocial gets updated for legacy BlackBerry smartphones

By James Richardson on 3 Apr 2013 04:50 am EDT

The word on the street is that the Twitter app UberSocial has received quite a nice update for you guys and gals that haven't made the transition over to BlackBerry 10 as yet. As you will see from the list below - a large majority of the update is bug fixes but there are also some changes that will suit many users.

On a personal note I've never been a huge fan of UberSocial (I was more T4BB guy) but i know the application is hugely popular, so if you are rocking a legacy BlackBerry head on over to App World and pick up the update. Fingers crossed we may see UberSocial on BlackBerry 10 one day.

  • Fixed bug where your own tweets weren’t highlighted in a different color
  • Fixed bug where under certain circumstances you couldn’t load older tweets
  • Fixed bug where it wouldn’t retrieve the list of users that retweeted one of your tweets.
  • Removed Lockerz photo service, defaulting to Twitters
  • Changed the default number of tweets to retrieve  in your timeline to 100
  • Fixed bug where devices where devices where the time or timezone weren’t set correctly couldn’t connect to Twitter
  • Fixed bug where you couldn’t delete a direct message
  • Changed search timeline to the max of 100 tweets each request
  • Fixed bug where list timelines could not load older tweets.
  • Fixed bug in Facebook feed where date/time might overlap in some situations.

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UberSocial gets updated for legacy BlackBerry smartphones


Fiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr(m) believer in the native twitter app so ubersocial has never been useful to me but good to hear! (see what I did there?)

I liked UberSocial on my OS7 phones, but that app does have a thirst for battery power.

If they do make an app for BB10, I hope they freshen up the UI...it had remained pretty much unchanged since it was called UberTwitter (before Twitter forced them to change their name).

Posted via CB10

I loved UberSocial... still do. I so wish they would make a BB10 app... i so dislike the native client on BB10

Sideload of Android ubersoc is serviceable. I just hate seeing "Twitter for Android " on all my tweets .

Posted via CB10

UberSocial, in my opinion, is the best twitter client I have ever used. Twitter for BlackBerry 10 is so useless that Twitter itself no longer means anything to me. UberSocial would keep your tweets a separate color, tell you from what client and device your followers tweeted from, and would KEEP YOUR PLACE ON YOUR TIMELINE. I could not check all day, and when I did it would start me at my last read tweet. My god, I hope they make an app for BlackBerry 10.

Absolutely loved UberSocial, especially the Lists feature which seems to be missing in the native app for the Z10. Would go back to UberSocial in a heartbeat, but I'm afraid that with all of Twitter's shenanigans limiting how many clients (not sure if that's the right term) they can have on the new platform, they won't be developing for BB10.
Stupid Twitter, biting the hand(s) that made it what it is today! *grumble*

Definitely gonna rock this when (if?) they come to bb10. Native twitter kinda sucks damn glad I don't tweet a lot now I got Instagram

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

Ubersocial is one of the best twitter apps alive. The fact that it is not on BB10 is currently a crime but I'm sure it will be soon. Wonder if you can sideload it from the android playstore?

Yer I got this the other day, was wondering what they updated...still prefer Ubersocial on my 9800 then using it on my GS3.

I didn't think any other Twitter app could hold a candle to Uber, I tweeted them about the z10 with no reply. Let's hope it comes across.

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I miss UberSocial so much... mainly for my list of hashtags. It annoys me having to completely type out the ones I use all the time :(

Absolutely loving my sherlock Holmes themed ubersocial.
And the only thing I couldn't live without is having the 'inner circle'. I don't want list... It's hassle to edit. With uber inner circle I can add/remove the person I would not want to miss their tweets on the fly.
Hope this comes as native on BB10

Forgot to mention that Instagram support has been taken out which is a huge pain in the ass. Don't think that's "quite a nice update".

Ubersocial for BlackBerry was the best Twitter app I've ever used. I have it on my iPod and it just isn't the same like using on my Bold 9900. Highly disappointed Ubersocial is not available for the Z10 but the native twitter app isn't all that bad. Come on Ubersocial, get it together! BlackBerry users were the ones that got you poppin' in the first place!

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Really hope they do an Ubersoc for bb10, was a fantastic twitter app. The ability to save hashtags was great but for me it was the ability to post to Facebook and Twitter at the same time which was the killer function.

Posted via CB10

Come on Paul!!!!! Your Fans are calling, Uber is with out a doubt the #1 Twitter App in the market, having use Twitter since I got my Z10......... :-(

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