UberSocial for BlackBerry updates to version 1.250 - Brings direct OS7 support and much more

By Jared DiPane on 7 Sep 2011 12:32 pm EDT

Today UberSocial has announced a rather huge BlackBerry update in which they added direct support for BlackBerry 7 and much more. UberSocial has always been a rather popular client on the BlackBerry platform, and they have continued to support and update the application while bringing as many new features as possible, and this time they come back with another huge update. Check out some of the changes:

  • Direct support for the latest OS 7 BlackBerry devices
  • For BlackBerry OS 6.0 and 7.0 devices we now support the home screen message notification bar so DMs, @replies/mentions and inner circle tweets will show up there for quick access from the device home screen. When you see the mini UberSocial icon, click the bar and the tweets/DMs that caused the notification will be displayed along with a snippet of the tweet. Clicking the tweet snippet will take you directly to it.
  • Fixed bug where mini-icon would sometimes have a zero next to it
  • Improved load times for the inner circle timeline
  • Added a 'Theme' menu itme so you can easily change themes from the home timeline without going into options
  • Changed the menu text of 'My Timeline' to 'My Tweets' to more accurately reflect the functionality
  • Support for new device screen sizes for installable themes

While you may think that is a lot, that isn't all the changes, a full list of changes can be found on their site, along with download links.

More information / download UberSocial for BlackBerry

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Reader comments

UberSocial for BlackBerry updates to version 1.250 - Brings direct OS7 support and much more


DLing right now. Not a huge upgrade for a 5.0 device, but I am going to be happy having themes more easily accessible from the menu, without going into options!

havent left Uber since i went to it from tweetgenius(which just stopped one day....?)

@KidMac13 - id say do it.

They should really work on optimizing battery use. For one account with refresh times set to 10 minutes on both this app & the official twitter app UberSocial really kills me. Also I don't understand why stats say ubersocial doesn't have a large share of users yet eveyone on my TL uses it.

Very buggy for me in OS 7. Had to try numerous times to get to login and then was logged out the next time I launched. Again, I was greeted with errors so I just gave up and went back to the official Twitter app.