UAE to block BlackBerry services starting October 11th

BlackBerry Ban
By Adam Zeis on 1 Aug 2010 09:53 am EDT

Following up on earlier statements calling BlackBerry a "security risk", the United Arab Emirates will be fully banning BlackBerry services as of October 11th. This means no BBM, no email, no nothing for UAE BlackBerry users. In addition to that, it also looks like Saudi Arabia may also be the next to start blocking access.

"With no solution available and in the public interest ... Blackberry Messenger, Blackberry E-mail and Blackberry Web-browsing services will be suspended until an acceptable solution can be developed and applied," Telecommunications Regulatory Authority director-general Mohamed al-Ghanim said in a statement carried on state news agency WAM. 

The decision comes as threats to national security grow as the BlackBerry data services operate out of the government's control. All carriers will have will be a part of the ban, which could also affect other devices down the road.

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UAE to block BlackBerry services starting October 11th


Wooow. On one hand I'm really glad that RIM didn't give in to the UAE's demands. However, on the other hand it really sucks the one country (possibly two) are going to be missing out on what makes BlackBerry, all becouse of their gvmts parenoia. BETTER THEM THAN ME!!! *tisk*tisk*

I don't understand how it is a security risk since BB encrypts everything you do... Unless they want to be able to listen in on peoples phone calls and intercept their SMS and Emails.

It is considered a security risk, because the government is unable to spy on any messages sent via BlackBerry. It is that the message is very secure, which leaves the Islamic Monarchy unsecure...

There is also local resentment about how the service operates. Those taking pictures of their wives, or sending whatever personal information feel like someone in the western world could see those images. Sounds stupid, but this place is very new to the modern world and honestly, are just that naive.

Brendan, that is exactly what they want to do. If you remember about a year ago, India was trying to get RIM to hand over the encryption code for the blackberries so they could track what people were sending over email and such. RIM didn't give in, though the biggest reason is because they themselves don't even have the code, and that there is not a backdoor to it.

UAE and now Saudi Arabia are trying to do the same thing and RIM is telling them no.

Do we really care about UAE? What have they contributed to the rest of the world other than be extortionists for their gross national product?

its not about the countries or the citizens not getting a chance to use the service.
its about RIM loosing market share and customers and revenue because of this

Well gmkahuna, I am from Chicago and live in the UAE. I use my Blackberry extensively, so while you may not really care - it is an issue for many users out here.

I hope that you're never stranded in the UAE - while traveling somewhere onward. You might just start caring :)

sitting in Starbucks with your latte is not the prime use of a Blackberry. Many many thousands of Europeans, Americans and others live work and travel beyond their zipcode.. INCLUDING in and to the UAE

...if you travel there by choice, leave by choice. Stop spending your money there. Stop supporting the businesses and give money to countries that do not seek to censor or monitor private communications.

Sure it is a mere pittance in the grand scheme of things, but why would I knowingly put myself in a position where I couldn't use my BlackBerry?

The security risk is in the fact that BB encrypts transmissions and the government cannot crack that encryption. This means that groups or individuals that the government considers to be "subversive" would be able to communicate with out the fear of the government being able to read email. "Subversive" would encompass any group that the government does not approve of. This could range from Terrorists to pro-democracy groups.

This is setting a VERY BAD precedent... :( If many other nations start to pull this card, RIM could be in very big trouble... it's their (RIM's) trump card, best encryption and data security of all the smartphones, but could be all brought down to its knees if countries say "yeah, we don't really want our citizens' data going through your servers anymore".... :-s

Never mind how secure and safe the data is, it's these countries' desire for "Big Brotherism" that is the root cause... not the claimed "security risk" they are claiming.

I can't imagine all the corporations/business people doing business in Dubai just going to sit back and not give a massive outcry about this... This will have a ripple effect I think... Just wait and see...

The government wants to control all media, as always, and this is just an example of it, to be able to control what people say or talk, I can see Cuba or any communist country next.

Because we can't spy on our citizens using your phone, were gonna ban your phone. Well F U! Mr Mohamed al-Ghanim. I guess this means ill have to cancel my tropical cruise vacation to the wonderful united Arab Emerites. -Dang ...or the beautiful democratic liberal free Saudi Arabia - I swear that region is against everything good, and if they see something good "let's blow it up!" or hey cover our female "property" so no other men can see them and try to steal them - wtf or G they sure are civalized ya know beheadding gay ppl & anyone who decides they don't wanna be Muslim - those countries don't deserve BlackBerrys -

/rant off

If you ask me, countries like that shouldn't exist. If you're that insecure about your human life, then you shouldn't exist to frack up other human's lives. Simple as that. A human being knows right and wrong when born... what they are taught to belive in ARE the lies and true wrong in the world.

We basically have two options here. Let people believe in what they want to on a personal basis as long as they don't try and push it on others or hurt others in any way (this one's not going so well right now). Or two, get rid of all the stupid isht beliefs in the world as one race... the HUMAN race. Frack all the stupid beliefs and just live your life and let others live their lives. What gives one human the right to hurt another human for being of a different sex or race or belief? WTF is wrong with idiots in this world that can't see the flawed logic in thinking what you belive in is the right thing. I swear, if there really was a god out there, he would have slapped the stupid off the entire world a long time ago. :rolleyes:

Money and Religion = two worst concepts invented by man.

The hospital I work for has a contract to advance healthcare in Dubai. I was already unwilling to go there, but this seals the deal. If they want to advance their society and enjoy the benefits of a free market, they are going to have to accept the tools a free market uses.

It's a security risk because the government doesn't have total control over every aspect of the end users life. They can spout all they want but it comes down to wanting to be able to monitor all of the citizens communication and BB servers are located outside the country not in their control. It will be interesting to see how this plays out for the country.

This truly is one of those instances that show that tyrants still exist. I am proud of RIM saying in no short words "sorry you don't like our security, but thanks for the vote of confidence seeing that you couldn't crack it". I for one have the upmost confidence in blackberry and no other platform is currently close enough to what RIM's phones are capable of. I don't need bells and whistles if every one can hear them in the room. I want a device that will keep my communications between me and whom ever I intend to communicate with.

Not gonna happen guys, think of Dubai, all the business people going there or celebrities owning property there, they need their blackberrys to work. Just a scare tactic propaganda.

Lot of racism going on here.

Lots of people choose to live in countries like th UAE because of greed from the oil and other businesses there.

But outside of politics, REALLY how secure is your data going through servers in Canada? Who does or doesnt have access to this data if they wanted to.

Some of you seem to think you live in this impenetrable fortress with a BB, but you have no idea who has access to your data at the server level. You just ASSUME its 100% safe and secure.

In the end its just a phone, you all make it sound like its the end of life as you and they know it because the citizens have to choose something else. Yes, its not right of the government but its not the end of life like the fanboys here make it because their beloved device is being blocked out of countries.

I have a feeling a lot of your tunes of government prying would change if it was something that hit home like terrorism or something that affected you directly. Easy for fanboys to throw stones at glass houses though.

Would I give up access to my data to prevent another 9/11 (if lets say they could have intercepted calls or data)? Dang right I would; no one innocent deserves to die for your paranoid sense of privacy that really isnt there to begin with because you dont want someone maybe someday potentially hearing you talk to your mother or wife *rolls eyes* None of you are that important that you have anything to hide or the government really could care about, just a false sense of importance.

Racism has to do with (people) someone's nationality or skin color. What I am criticizing is Islam (ideas) and in particular the Islamic government of UAE for restricting freedom based on bronze-aged myths written by illiterate fools. So many people call 'racism' when someone is criticizing religion & in particular Islam. Any idea is open to criticism and if it is a good idea it will stand the test and religion is not off limits.

But back to phones-if Blackberry messages were not more secure than other platforms they wouldn't try to outlaw them in that country - unless you want to argue with the point of entire news article which is your business-

"Would I give up access to my data to prevent another 9/11? Dang right I would"

Really? You wouldn't need to anyway. The government supposedly had all the information and intelligence and failed to respond.

That is why I would ABSOLUTELY NOT give up my rights to any private communication.

I'm tired of people just giving up their freedoms in the name of security because the government failed in their duty.

Looks like I will be cancelling my trip for the Formula 1 Gran Prix in November. No way in HELL would I be going to there without my BlackBerry.

The only reason this certain "group", the 2 countries in question want to block BB is the same reason South Park had to censor its episode. A religious oppressive society that seeks to hide the problems caused by its run away extremist factions that seek to destroy all that believe other then their radical views. Wake up world there is a cancer running unchecked.

9/11 should have been the worlds wake up call instead some choose to over sleep!

I can tell you.. this SUCKS! My company, which has over 600 black berries in operation in the UAE are freaking out.

The current question everyone has is - will foreign blackberries still work, since they just use the internet, or will they block them altogether? (Can they?)

If so, we may end up back to a two phone solution like we were a few years ago (before blackberry officially came to UAE), losing a lot of revenue for the local carriers for sure.

Another day in nonsensical sandland... going to be really hard for this place to ever be taken seriously on a global business level with these sorts of draconian shenanigans.

This is why people like yourself and your co-workers need to stand up and let your cell provider and your government know what you think. This is ridiculous and I don't know how you can put up with it.

10/11 UAE ban takes effect
9/11 attacks on free world

Time of comment post- (11:37) in reverse (73:11) 7+3=10 ~ "10/11"
Username- (bobby1874) 1+8=9 , 7+4"11 ~"9/11"
you must be a terrorist!?!lol

Check my username and the date and time of my original post.
FIVE50WHAT ~ 08/01/2010 ~ 15:42
Username & Date~ 50-08=42-01=41-20=21-10=11-FIVE=6
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According to bobby"9/11", I must be the devil. lol

Fuck these oppressive terrorist-sponsoring regimes. The reason why foreigners are there is to make money. And this open their eyes that these oppressive Islamic extremists behind these governments can't spy on their own citizens. So just screw them and let them fuck their own arses.

Are you people serious??? Do you really think that the US or Canadian or UK governments can not already read your emails? Do you think that the US government will just sit back and allow the "terrorists" to use blackberries and say "oh well we cant read their emails as RIM wont allow us too." please wake up.

RIM will cave in and secretly make an agreement like they have in Russia and in India.
I have no doubt that nothing you do over the airwaves or internet is as private as you like to think it is.

The illusion of freedom is a great feeling isn't it.

Except in the UAE's case, they not only want to spy for terrorists, they also want to spy on their own people to see who's not with the government, who's not thinking the way they should be thinking, which female is acting inappropriately, who's gay, who's drinking, who's eating during Ramadan, etc, etc, etc. RIM already agreed to provide the UAE with the data of 3,000 users but the UAE is demanding the data of every BlackBerry user in the country. I hope this is a wake-up call to everyone that the UAE, KSA, Bahrain, and other "kingdoms" in the middle east are not places to do business or vacation.

India is suffering from its own corrupt govt. employs. In recant years it is found that more than 70% of BB’s used have no records of purchase, they are brought from some other countries, unlocked and used.
It was also found that BB were used in some of illegal activities. (e.g. using communication via BBM, device email). India govt. is root deeply bribed by these bad guys.
But now there are some good people trying to find the truth and for that RIM is ready to help by allowing Indian intelligence agencies with some data from culprits BB.

There is no fear as such,
Most of people do casual chat, love talk, some dirty talk, business talk, gossip, crying and cursing, regretting, etc. none of the govt. is interested in reading personal data. Who has so much time to do, who cares if you are dating some one and fooling you bellowed wife, you will pay for this, once busted. This is not a national issue, but personal.

But there are some real bad people, trying to make other’s life unhappy (what was fault of all those innocent people died in 9/11 or any other terrorist attack). One must understand that it is for good. Every govt. is not as rich and technically advanced, so they need to ask for help, and RIM can’t deny for that.

Two words for all those crying about 'privacy/security': Patriot Act. Calling those Arab nations naïve, insecure and such seems all well and all, but the MOST insecure/naive are Americans themselves. Patriot Act allows the gov't to spy on ANY citizen. Be detained without a warrant and strips you of your coveted Miranda rights. People talk about "giving up" their privacy is they have to in order to stop terrorism, don't delude yourselves, when it comes down to it no on has the option it will just happen. For the record, the War on Terror is a load of bullsh*t (as is the war on drugs), Terrorism is a TACTIC, not a select group of people.

Reading through the comments really opened my eyes to how naïve a lot of people are about the sense of privacy. Besides what does the regular joe have to hide, scandalous pics of yourself to your mistress? After 9/11, governments have been super frantic even to a point of paranoia one might say in order to protect their national interest, whether those are human or monetary. And I'm sure at some level the american, canadian, uk governments know what their citizen are doing. So if the UAE wants to protect it's national interests along with the regular joe's and the scandalous pics they send, so be it. So people don't delude yourself into thinking that everything you do via telecommunications and the web is that private and confidential, cos it's not. The RIM encryption has been top notch for the longest time because of how secure it has been for businesses to keep their data safe from competitors and the occasional hacker, but when it comes down to the wire, national security trumps wall street revenue any day. So to close things off, people should stop being naïve and judgmental about what they don't have any clue about cos no one wants a repeat of anything close to 9/11 anywhere in the world. That's my 2cents...

Reading through the comments really opened my eyes to how naïve a lot of people are about the sense of privacy. Besides what does the regular joe have to hide, scandalous pics of yourself to your mistress? After 9/11, governments have been super frantic even to a point of paranoia one might say in order to protect their national interest, whether those are human or monetary. And I'm sure at some level the american, canadian, uk governments know what their citizen are doing. So if the UAE wants to protect it's national interests along with the regular joe's and the scandalous pics they send, so be it. So people don't delude yourself into thinking that everything you do via telecommunications and the web is that private and confidential, cos it's not. The RIM encryption has been top notch for the longest time because of how secure it has been for businesses to keep their data safe from competitors and the occasional hacker, but when it comes down to the wire, national security trumps wall street revenue any day. So to close things off, people should stop being naïve and judgmental about what they don't have any clue about cos no one wants a repeat of anything close to 9/11 anywhere in the world. That's my 2cents...

They're blocking the internet on the phones too. RIM doesn't encrypt internet traffic, just compresses it... so where's the excuse for that?

This really sucks! It is just not fair that we get to miss out on the Blackberry Service just because the gvnmnt want to spy on us!

Anyway, I am sure if someone was intending harm, they will still be able to do it regardless of this. So if it is national security they want to protect, then what's next? Stop giving VISA's? Or what about planes? Shall we ground them forever? This is just a pathetic excuse to have control over everything & Saudi Arabia are acting like a child following their big brother! Man this is just pathetic! I hate the fact that we have no choice!

Fuck this Arab countries. If they want to be naive and stupid for eternity then let them be. Just don't involve other people. Fuck you UAE!

loool .... yeah, everyone is talking about blackberry here ...
every channel .. every Arabic site ... even in the radio wow i likey hahaha

As you all can read, some members started swearing on people & countries, and blaming religions as reason behind suspending the service. The mess is all around me and I can see the suspension is serious & not lies (you will soon know in few days if you are in UAE).

However, it is not one reason or two. There are many different reasons. Many other countries (European & Asian) has raised the same issues but suddenly went quiet!! with not clear reason (You need to thing about that). Or they just simply gave up as some may say.

Now were their reasons of raising the security issues were due to their religion? No. Then what?? (Think seriously).

If you think that these countries went quiet as RIM simply rejected then think again. As one of the comments I have read, who said that RIM is 100% secure at server level and no one has access to it, they actually made you think what they want you to believe. (Now who is in control)

According to local media in U.A.E. and BBC. Let's see how long it lasts. Perhaps, it's just a ploy for RIM to work with Etisalat. It sucks for the users yes, but what can you do. You respect the way to do business wherever you are. I hope it all works out.

As an affected Etisalat UAE User I really feel bad about this and I hope they find a proper solution for the problem.
It has nothing to do with religion or mentality or surveillance or anything else. Blackberry devices are so secure in a way that even criminals can use it to organize a crime and cannot get caught afterward because communications between them are so encrypted and when RIM is contacted they just don't help. Many cases happened even very tiny cases such as threatening or spreading rumors that would affect the society and the economy of this country. Can't know where this originated from. Governments and Authorities should have little bit of a control over tech.
It is said that Mumbai terrorists used blackberries to communicate between each other back in 2008 when Mumbai terror attacks took place. That's why India asked RIM for a monitoring solution.

Guyz u should understand the need of surveillance or monitoring. Nobody has a job of monitoring people 24/7 in this planet. Monitoring and information are usually used when something bad is about to happen of after it happens.
p.s. to me if it is not a blackberry its not an iphone! I guess I am gonna use an android phone like droid x or Galaxy s.

What have these Arab countries done for us except caused all kinds of problems for the USA. I say let them stay without our luxury they do not deserve it.

You guys talk about total government control and censorship, but not one concerns about security and confidentiality, especially at government level. Remember guys, BB does encrypt all communication, but RIM holds the key, and that means if they want to, they can listen to all our communication. Here in the country I reside, I am appalled to see government officials at ALL levels communicate freely using their BB, and all the confidential data and government secrets they share among themselves all sent offshore to RIM servers. And these people don't have a clue.

I'm a UAE resident and will miss my BB
Hope something changes

To those who link between RIM services ban and religion, nationality or race:
You sound pathetically stupid when you try to comment on a subject that you barely understand or know about

Educate yourselves or get a life

Good luck

agreed b-blue and samirbasha; too many potty mouths in this discussion that don't have a clue about what is being talked about. let's can the racism here and stay on topic. and for the record i'm mwm living in san diego ca and married to a lovely indonesian woman (yes, that makes me muslim).

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha no don't compete in the market with updated hardware and software. Keep that broken and lame crap and focus on the world economy. Focus on global and all those people out there that rim hasn't gotten too yet. So rim how is that working for you now? God I love my rooted, Android, cyanogen Mod, free wifi hotspot unlimited data phone! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha nice work jazzy Lazzy!

Sent from my rooted 1 gig cyanogen modded beasty!

I am currently living in UAE, and the news posted is actually misinformation. The UAE is not asking for decryption code but they want a proxy server located in UAE that stores all the bbm messages, the proxy will be run by blackberry.

They requested from Blackberry a year ago the message list of a certain person but blackberry did not approv. What broke the deal is there is already a proxy server in China as they were very close to banning blackberry services. At the same time the US and UK have also access. Why should these countries have access and the UAE not?

By the way, UAE might be a small market but there is already 500,000 users of blackberry over here.

This is coming to the USA as well, it may not be a BAN on it, but everyone of our freedoms here in the USA are being stripped away..

they are already monitoring SALT and other things in NY, they want to force exercise and more NANNY state-ism upon us.

dont believe me OPEN YOUR EYES, with this admin in power we the ppl are losing, just look at the sediment around the country now a days, ppl are PISSED and are going to vote out every single person thats a career politician.

from bailouts to the oilspill with the 20 billion dollar fund BP setup to "pay claims", its all run by the same ppl who said banks and mortgage companies are too big to fail! the same ppl who wink wink nod nod and get sweetheart loan deals with teaser % rates, but yet they are the ones who vote the money around.

from a trillion dollar slush fund ("stimulus") where only 20% of the money has been spent and some of the money isnt spent for 10 or more year from now but it was to "fix the problems happening right now!" its all BS, and we really need to sit back and open our eyes because every day more and more of our freedoms are taken away..

This is cousin and aunt working in Dubai and BBM is one of our way to communicate... Now they need to use YM or MSN

UAE and most other middle eastern countries are blocking BBM and BB services because of what happened with M0SSAD spies in dubai, it's not official nor will it be but that's what they used when they carried out 'what they did' -_-

It's nice to finally read comments on an article where users are actually defending BlackBerry and RIM. I thought I might even get thru the first 2 pages of comments without someone saying "I guess I am gonna have to go use android or iphone, blah blah blah". Close but not quite. It is both Scary to think about countries monitoring every aspect of our technological lives, and scary to think about the effect of complete protection or secrecy that some "subversive" groups could be using RIM encryption for... I just don't know which is the greater evil. I already assume my govt could know everything I do that involves a network, whether that be wired or wireless. And I am not paranoid, just realistic. And I am from the good 'ol USA. Just consider the USA Patriot Act (thanks Bush. U bastard).

Christ on a bike! Can any one advise if SA stopped the BBM service, will the windows live messenger still be active?

iam from Kuwait ( near UAE ) . you are speaking

like we hate our country and the country hate its people

but iam 1000 sure that people in the Gulf love the Government

more than you do .

we live in freedom more than you .

All what they are doing is for us .

proud that i am Muslim Arabic Kuwaiti ...

Guys it's just like the time they we're going to block facebook, or ban alcohol, they set a date, but eventually they decided against it and nothing happened.

Not to mention the fact that they'll piss off over half the population over there, because I live there, and every demographic has a huge bb percentage.

They're not going to go through with it (I hope)

Rim...cave in they might, but I'm quite happy that they have so far held out.Providing them with encryption information that they are not capable of producing it's like giving away your birthright. I would rather not have the BB service than to cave into their so call insecurity. RIM pull out if you have to not worth it to give in.

Simply reading the comments being made here shows the sheer ignorance that exists among many people out there. It's very telling and sad.

These are human beings just like you and I. Don't make and act on blanket generalizations/feelings based on the actions of heads of governments. Sure it may be "natural" at first instinct to make such generalizations...but sifting through all that and separating fact from fiction will speak for itself. The actions of a few should not translate into the sentiment of the majority.

Well said. Profiles are statistics! Statistics come from facts. If a group does not clean up its own and it tollerates its own peoples wrong doings then it is culpable.

RIM said the BlackBerry network was set up so that "no one, including RIM, could access'' customer data, which is encrypted from the time it leaves the device. It added that RIM would "simply be unable to accommodate any request'' for a key to decrypt the data, since the company doesn't have the key.

The BlackBerry network is designed "to exclude the capability for RIM or any third party to read encrypted information under any circumstances,'' RIM's statement said. Moreover, the location of BlackBerry's servers doesn't matter, the company said, because the data on them can't be deciphered without a decryption key.

``RIM assures customers that it will not compromise the integrity and security of the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution,'' the statement said.

those rat hole countries like UAE are just afraid that if enough women can speak back and forth with each other they might discover that the rest of the world doesn't treat their women like they are less than dirt.

if you can go to London or Paris or other cities

you can find emirates women every where

they travel and see the world more than you

we don't treat our womens like animals only for

sex .

Its so funny how many people hate muslims its un*f*cking*believable so much hatred just grow the f*ck up it shows how shallow minded and cowardly you are with words behind a screen -_- every religion and country have their bad aspects but you don't blame the commuinity or w.e.

We go by one thing >> hatred only makes us stronger and resilient.

9ll was done by one man who organised it, Islam is not responsible for it. We hate him as much as you do, ask yourself one thing 'why the f*ck did the USAF fly out his family when the whole airpsace in USA was in lockdown. The bush family are best freinds with that idiots family. Open your eyes!!

And in regards to BBM ban in UAE wake the f*ck up every government hates Blackberry services because they cant spy on us.

Lol, by one man? You seriously can't still believe that crap can you? He had nothing to do with it. In my opinion it was all organised to suit the needs of a distinct group of people.

But regarding the UAE and Rim, I just realised if they could find a way to read blackberry data there it would also mean they could read all the data from people roaming to their country and I'm sure there's plenty of them in Dubai. Plenty important people going there and I'm sure they'll find that unacceptable.

While all muslims are not terrorist it would seem that most terrorist are extremeist muslims. Before you worry about what is being said here perhaps you may want to clean up your own first. If the shoe fits wear it. It wasn't eskimos that attacked us on 9/11. it's not the Dutch that blow themselves up to kill and strike fear, in an attempt to push their twisted (hijacked radicalism)religious beleifs on the world. It's not Whites,Blacks, Hispanics Asian, Catholics, Jews or Protestants causing the terror in the world its one group that has twisted the ideology of one religion and declared war on all, nonbelivers in that twisted idealogoy. So since the group in question is a portion of a larger group than that larger group ought to worry more about speaking out and cleaning up their own rather than speaking out and trying to clean up the comments of those who are quite frankly sick and tired of the terrorist tactics. I should'nt have to be politically correct because you are afraid of your own socities problems. Clean it up ! Cut out the cause and the shadow cast on your group will not have a basis to exist. Inaction is a form of passive consent. Intollerance of terrorism is what is long over due in the Muslim world.

It is probably appropriate to remind everyone that Islam means "peace", and the overwhelming majority do not approve terrorism. "Islamic terrorists" are simply bad guys who happen to be muslims.
With that... it appears to be a political decision based on the laws of the countries concerned. The link to race or religion is pure coincidence.

The racial and religious intolerance needs to end NOW!

If ISLAM is to be though of as peacful then ISLAM needs to do something about Its ISLAMIC TERRORIST and put an end to them NOW!

clean your own house before you look at mine!

Should the ban on Blackberry services in fact takes place and Blackberry does not cave in to demands by the UAE. Then maybe all major corporations operating in the UAE should ban together and defend Blackberry as another business operating there and now remove them selves from there. Who needs who the most there, if the UAE wants in on BB corporate secrets then what is to stop them wanting in on other business corporate secrets and operating procedures operating there. I would like to think that all major business operating there are now rethinking their operations and planning relocation of all corporate communication out of the UAE and any other countries seeking in on BB operations.