U2 Mobile Album Now Available In BlackBerry App World

By Adam Zeis on 15 Sep 2009 12:21 pm EDT
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We've been watiing for what seems like forever for the U2 Mobile Album to be released as we had heard all kinds of news about it in the last few months, but had no real release date. Well today the U2 Mobile Album became available for download in BlackBerry App World. This free app lets you follow the band on their No Line On The Horizon tour and offers a load of great features.

  • Get inside the album with access to songs from No Line On The Horizon, essays from the band, and video clips
  • View the original, origami-style photo displays inspired by the music
  • Access dynamic news feeds from U2.com and receive alerts when new content is available
  • View exclusive images of the band in the recording studio and on the road
  • Mark your place in the crowd with geocoding, chat and share images with other fans, and view postings from the band (coming soon!)
  • Tap into the Who's Listening section and see when and where other users are listening to the album (coming soon!)
  • Track the tour as the band moves across the globe - see where they're going and where they've been (coming soon!)

The U2 Mobile Album is available for all devices running OS 4.5 or higher. Head over to the application page in BlackBerry App World to download.

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Reader comments

U2 Mobile Album Now Available In BlackBerry App World


Kinda sums it up in the title, but for an app that was built up so much, along with competing iPhone versions of band apps (true most are a bit more then Free), i was kinda expecting something a bit more I don't know Wow factor for a band that is putting on such a huge tour and have been one of the biggest bands for 20 or so years

Installed, explored it for 10 minutes, uninstalled.

I was annoyed after one of the songs cut off after 30 seconds or so and asked me to pay for it!

Software Developement (no); Hardware Developement (no); U2 Branding - Priceless - for everthing else there is iPhone.

You go RIM!

Did anyone else think that this was going to be a "Album" that you could only download on your blackberry (mobile) phone? I feel really stupid. Oh well.

I think its a pretty stunning looking app & a good example of what can obviouslty be done...didnt know what to expect so not really let down by anything.

LouisCameron, I also had that same expectation.

davidnyc, I too was surprised that it only previewed the tracks.

I wasn't impressed by this app on my Tour, it was slow and sluggish.

It left me confused how to navigate, and move around in it.

I'm deleting it.

I might be a little biased here because i am a U2 fan. But I am also a crackberry addict. This app is pretty sleek and shows promise for upcoming app developers and things that can be done on the platform. While if your not a fan of U2 you won't find much to like but as a free download it is a good marketing tool. I say check it out if you don't like it you can uninstall. It's not U2's best album but it is enjoyable. My only real criticism is that it took way too long to come out and some of the most innovative features of the app still are not up and running yet. It's good, will be better but overall still overhyped!

yeah....most of us thought the "mobile album" was gonna have all the tracks...but this app is and will improve.
Just because we're in the candy store doesn't mean we get to
eat ALLLL the candy...yet...

That sounds really cool and all, but to me, its coolness is just a painful reminder: Where the %^&# is the BB Nine Inch Nails app that I've been patiently waiting for?!? :) ...C'mon Trent--U2 beat you to it!...What happened to the kickass BB app you promised a while back for fans of the darker stuff?! ...Ok, I'm done ranting...And yes, I'm just a little jealous. Haha :P

I spent quite a bit of time with it tonight ... and I'm not a U2 fan. I think it's a really great development, and would welcome other "mobile albums" from other musicians. I suspect U2 fans will already have the album, and it appears that you can link the album on your device to work with the features of the mobile album.

Download price for the full album doesn't seem too expensive, for those that don't, a $10.

That's the site you're directed to if you buy the U2 album is 7Media. Seems like a good setup, giving you the option of downloading 64 kbps or 320 kbps versions. I found that the 320 kbps downloads timed out, though, and the company will only allow a limited number of attempts before you get shut out. Thankfully, they did reset my download counter, allowing me to redownload on PC. Kinda frustrating that the larger files had such difficulty downloading (via wifi) but I suspect that's more a device-specific problem.

I had to select each song to download. Why not have an option to download entire album at ounce. It was way too time consuming.