Typo 2 resurrects the iPhone keyboard case, looks a bit less like a BlackBerry

Typo is back, and less like a BlackBerry
By Adam Zeis on 31 Jul 2014 12:02 pm EDT

As if the original Typo keyboard wasn't enough, a new version of everyone's favorite iPhone accessory is now available for pre-order. The $99 Typo 2 — while very similar to it's older brother — has been remastered and redesigned with some new features, hoping to steer clear of any lawsuits this time around.

The Typo 2 features Typo smart typing (auto capitalization and the like), a backlit keyboard, lock key and even a battery indicator. The keyboard is a bit different than the previous version as well, obviously due to some harsh feedback from their "design inspiration" at BlackBerry.

You can pre-order the Typo 2 (which appears to be only for the iPhone 5/5s) now for just $99, with orders expected to start shipping in September.

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Typo 2 resurrects the iPhone keyboard case, looks a bit less like a BlackBerry


This is great news for Cage Michaels...he used to be the spokes model for Typo

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Yes but I'm surprised to see a link directly from the cb to typos pre-order form, I thought cb would have had a little bit of loyalty to.bbry

Classifieds Canada and GeoYeo B4B Apps all the way!!!

With all due respect to CrackBerry, it has loyalty to one thing. Money. Just like any other business. Let's not mistake that.

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I agree why would there need to be a direct link to such a fake company. BlackBerry shut them down once I hope they do it again. crackberry is hit or miss anymore when it comes to loyality to BlackBerry.

Posted by Antoniius via my sexy Gold and White Q10.

Or how about buy them out!? Then apply this idea to Samsung Phones and Iphones with the exclusive touch sensitive keypad features like on the Passport and sell them for $200.00+ each!!

Yes they could also do it that way. But IMO buying them out gives them instant access to all the inside info, R&D, market research info, production costs etc... oh and gets them out of the way too.

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That would be tempting to do, but I think that will canibalize the sales of the new Passport and P9983 Porsche edition

Looks way crappier. Let them have it. Maybe it'll make people realize they miss physical keyboards and when their 6th typo has crapped out they'll take a look at BlackBerry.

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Looks cheap now.

Ain't nobody gonna buy that... ;-)

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Well with the passport.. and the keyboard acting like a track pad.. I think people will start changing :) and adapting I hope

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Your right. I almost feel sympathy for the poor iFan plunking away on this POS next to a Passport. Blackberry should help Apple sell these things.

I'd get one if I had an iphone. Hopefully blackberry steps up their game and makes a keyboard phone with a 16:9 display. So sick of this square display crap.

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You're sick of the square display crap that has barely started? The PassPort is still a month or two away.

They should have considered some additional battery capacity. Adding functionality gives them a better case for saying it really is a different product.

As it is, yes, they've moved away a bit, but BlackBerry likely can still sue.

This thing will sell like hotcakes just because it's for an iPhone! It's horrendous IMO, like a bootleg passport. This may help the passport though because like one poster said people may begin to realize how much they miss a keyboard and let's be quite honest nobody, I mean NOBODY does keyboards like blackberry!

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Why are we even advertising this crappy product for some non BlackBerry device? Throw that thing along with the phone in the toilet and then sue em.

Toronto is the city that I rep, give respect.

Because Cage Michaels used to be the Vanna White of this company and he is hoping ro.get rehired after the lawsuit.

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Horrid looking- I would sue again. Their attempt is obviously to emulate the greatness of BlackBerry, although with crappy security.

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Nah, BlackBerry should just put out a press release saying that their legal department advised against suing as the shear ugliness of the device prevents it from being confused with a blackberry keyboard. Nothing like a wee bit of mocking humor to get your point across.

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Would it not be easier to just get a grown ups phone rather than some dark age tat with a toy keyboard nailed to the bottom. Just let the poor thing die!!

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They are still copying the BBRY keyboard style. Not to mention how bloody Ugly both the iPhone and the hideous looking thing at the bottom looks like.
This thing is more of an embarrassment. The solution, get a Q10, Q5 or wait for the Passport and Classic if you want a physical keyboard.

BlackBerry keyboards are untouchable.

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You can't transform Apple sauce into a Berry. Try buying the real thing.

 Z30 Rocks 

Pre-order it now and when the iPhone 6 comes out you'll have a 4.7" phone and a keyboard for a 4" phone... great.

This just an observation but you look like the drummer from THE ROOTS.

Just sayin'

**Look! It's Zedzilla!**

Not sure why they redesigned the typo. It's not as if they stopped selling the original. Just the other week. The original typo was being sold on Amazon & eBay by no other than typo themselves.

Word to iPhone. If you want a qwerty keyboard, then create a qwerty device. Asif!

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Typo 2 - really - I put the picture on our company blog with a question "what they think". Most people think it's a lost case to be a loser to use this crap if you can buy good Q10 or just use your touchscreen.

The blog is availible for more than 20.000 people.

the picture and link I used http://typokeyboards.com/

Now reading this above I like to share :)

Are you sure?

What exactly can BlackBerry expect to sue for? It does not appear to cross any Industrial Design Patent that I can see. Others have used hardware keyboards in the past (Samsung, Nokia, etc.). This is considered Prior Art, and creates a counter against a lawsuit naming this.

The closest thing I see here for infringement may be the angled keys. I think BlackBerry holds an IDP there.

If the passport works as described, gets half the press attention any negative report has than it will be a game changer.

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I've got a great idea they should make its touch sensitive like a trackpad on a laptop that would be great for selecting text and stuff, and nobody else has done it so it would be super innovative

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Looks really cheap and makes the iPhone really long and awkward. Can't imagine it being a hit

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No it looks like a legacy device keyboard. Be original.

Mikescraftbeer.com - C00012735/ Mike Garson Photography - C00471EA8

It certainly still resembles a BlackBerry keyboard, but I'd be very surprised if they didn't address the specific infringement issues that proved fatal with their last attempt.

Honestly, it doesn't look like a terrible accessory. If something like that was available for the Z models I would consider picking one up.

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Looks like shit. Enjoy the sales... Seacrest out.

Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!

Hmmmm, keys are slanting away from the centre point to the left and to the right like a BBRY qwerty, no frets and no ridges on the keys but.... all right then, back to court! Typo 3 anyone?

It does kind of make you wonder why they did not add a keyboard onto the Z10. It would only add. 75 of an inch to the length and could support a larger battery.

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Wow is this thing ever insanely ugly...

Just curious for iPhone users, what is left in ios that BB10 can't do better on its own (other than apps)

I have an iPhone for work and a z30 and the capabilities of the iPhone are so limited I have all my emails and calls forwarding to my BlackBerry because it's so much more functional and productive. My iPhone 5s is essentially just a paperweight to me..

I just don't get the draw to iPhone...

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I though the parent covered the progressive beveling down of the keys from a center axis. This version definitely still has that component.

I would hope BlackBerry will again bring an action against them...

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BlackBerry can keep suing Typo and win but eventually they or someone else will keep coming up with Qwerty keyboards for Android or IOS phone. Then what???? I love Qwerty and I admitted that BlackBerry makes the best Qwerty phones!!!

Why can't we just understand that people that love Qwerty phone and are using Iphone because the BB10 App SUCK BIG TIME!!!!!!!! Just improve you Apps in the BlackBerry world and you can stop suing other phones!!!

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No problem. Let them make qwerty keyboards. Just don't COPY BlackBerry 's design!!

Now move a long, nothing left to see here ;)

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I'm very glad a large number of users that never had a chance to try a keyboard before can get this wart on their devices. Unfortunately, given the previous experience, while it'll do the trick for some low-usage, I expect the experience to be short-lived (poor quality build, you just have to look at the picture to feel).

YET, one day or the other, when they will see a high grade keyboard like BlackBerry's, they might give it a try and realize they only had a smoky taste of it with this accessory.
So, why not (err ... not for me lol) when the copy is not blattant !

Backlit? So when the keys fall off this time there will be a shining LED in your face?

But wait...

I thought physical keyboards were dead, outdated, soooo last decade, are a step backwards in technology... Are these not the bashings of Android and iPhone users alike towards BlackBerry?

emPowered by 

Yes looks a bit different but they still have copied one of the most iconic features of the keys if you see all the keys from left tto center are lifted diagonally right and from right to center they've been lifted diagonally left

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Doesn't this defeat the purpose of Touch ID. Can't use Touch ID features with the home button being covered. It's all about Apple Touch ID, isn't it?

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Imitation is the greatest form of flattery. Not impressed with the ripoff of the Blackberry keyboard but do like the idea of having that much screen real estate with a keyboard. Something along the size of a Z10 screen with a keyboard would be a device I would welcome to the BlackBerry stable.

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I've seen better looking fake phones in the Dollar Store. Even without the Keyboard, Apple devices are really starting to look outdated. Especially when you put it beside the Passport.


Still looks like it to me. The keyboard on the touch phone sucks si they have to put this in? Shows that BlackBerry knows what they are doing.

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As one who is forced to use iOS for work, I thoroughly enjoy having the Typo 1 around. It makes typing a breeze. It's loud but it's much more gratifying typing away on than glass.

I don't care if it's ugly or not, it looks like a great idea for the iPhone. I was just thinking that Blackberry should start churning these things out for the iPhone. That way, they get revenue from blackberry lovers who, for one reason or another, are on the iPhone. They could sell a capacitive, blackberry keyboard and the software to make it run correctly.

Like I said before, this makes the device look like the Windermere concepts from the forum (16:9 with qwerty). And most people thought that was not very ergonomic.

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Well what if blackberry made one for an iPhone? Why hasn't iPhone proposed to work with Blackberry on one? Uh because the research says it's not worth doing!

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How's that not looking like a BlackBerry keyboard, like the original Curve when it came out. I'm signing a petition to have this keyboard discontinued also.

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I like how they still have all the same info on the site, but simply added a "2" after Typo. So, Typo 2 has also been in development for 2 years apparently, hahaha.

I would buy one right now if it worked on the Z30. Still going back and forth with my Q10 for big emails.

Still wouldn't even bother using it even if it plugged into another device (painfully) because it never will be thee same as a real blackberry keyboard. Lol.

Not getting my $100.

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Ugly or otherwise, it's something that us hardware keyboard aficionados should wish well. In the event BlackBerry doesn't do well on the Passport, and heaven forbid the company gives up making smartphones, Typo is going to be the only hardware keyboard out there.

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I hope Chen threatens legal action and stops this thing. I can see these things being sold by IBM in the near future.

After they all get used to the "Typo 2" the transition to jump ship to BlackBerry will be easier.

Thanks for the Potentially future BlackBerry users.

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Great now I can get one for my BlackBerry...oh wait...it's for an iPhone...then why is it in my crackberry news feed??

"I love when people boast about their phones...like its a pissing contest"

Why does not make the keyboard for iPhone, it probably take $5 to make it and sells for 100. Good way to increase margin

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Definitely looks more crappy, Chinese design (not trying to be racist here)

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BlackBerry with physical keyboard disgusting.!But iphone with physical keyboard truly innovative WTF I give up

Tmobile 10.2.2976

Exactly. All the mainstream media has been laughing at the Passport saying "QWERTY phones belong in museums", then for Apple it's "OMG best idea EVER".

It looks bad as it protrudes a lot. They should have used flatter keys. Nevertheless it's going to be a hit.

BlackBerry should counter this selling a detachable finger print scanner.


Since IBM/Apple deal there are rumours that Apple is designing an 'iPhone with keyboard' for enterprise market to be called iPhone Pro!

Fingerprint scanner would never be on a "secure" phone. Using a fingerprint scanner would mean that your fingerprint is stored on the device, which can be accessed by someone hacking into the phone. Using a 3-D printer it's possible to make your fingerprint. This has already been done with the Iphone.

It's back-lit?! Like the iPhone battery lasts long as it is! I predict there will be a lot of people walking around with generators!

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Eww looks ugly. Haha. I still want the looks of the Q10, Classic and especially the Passport. :)

aNz loves BlackBerry

In that first picture it looks like if you snag one of the keys in your pocket, it will peel off.

Still looks like a berry.

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To be honest I don't see the market for this, not without every iphone user having to wake up and ditch their phone.

The number 2 complaint I hear from iphone users is "I don't know how you use those buttons they're are too small" (I have fun pointing out they have none at all so theirs are smaller, takes them a second)

So let them buy it use it, learn to love it the realise what a pain in the arse it is as it's not native and they can see the bottom of their documents. Realisation will dawn.


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Agreed. No longer looks like a BlackBerry. Now, it looks like shit!

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

Ha Ha Ha.... I said it before to all my iPhone friends - Typo 1 Keyboard is gona get sued by BlackBerry. And I they will win. "And they did". An now the new Typo 2, gee wiz they don't get the hint. They must love throwing money away. This is another law suit again. BlackBerry gona win again.

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It was thanks to the Typo keyboard that I chose to sell my iPhone and get a Z30 instead. One of the best decisions of my life.

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