Type and Go style actions heading to BlackBerry Z10 with BlackBerry 10.1 update

By Richard Devine on 7 Feb 2013 11:00 am EST

As time passes, we're gradually beginning to learn more and more about the BlackBerry Q10, such as the new Type and Go feature that Vivek Bhardwaj kindly demonstrated for us. As a souped up version of Universal Search, Type and Go brings actions to key words typed onto the Q10. It's a fantastic feature, and sure to excite the heavy communicators among us.

During a press briefing on the final day of BlackBerry Jam Europe with Vivek and Chris Smith, we also learned that these actionable elements from Type and Go will be coming to the BlackBerry Z10 in the future. Obviously, without a physical keyboard, it isn't the ultimate power tool it will be on the Q10, but we're told that it will be added to the Z10 search functionality in the BlackBerry 10.1 update. We weren't offered any specifics on a timeline for said update, but since the Q10 will launch on 10.1 -- which, the Dev Alpha C is also running -- it isn't going to be too long of a wait.

Reader comments

Type and Go style actions heading to BlackBerry Z10 with BlackBerry 10.1 update


That looks like a great feature! What is up with the phone not reacting to his swipe up motion at the end of the video??? Should edit that out as it leaves a bad impression on viewers...just saying.
Love my new BlackBerry Z10 :)

I saw that in a couple of other review vids, too. They should have made the touch sensitive non-screen part above the keyboard a bit bigger. Now they need to improve it on the software side.

The up-swipe on the Q10 looks like it suffers from the same problem that the Dev Alpha B did. It looks like the top fret of the keyboard is too close to the action area of the screen and doesn't allow for a fluid thumb swipe. The Dev Alpha B had that bulky casing around it that had the same effect. Not sure if there is anyway to fix it this close to release. Depends on how many units they currently have built.

Honestly cannot see myself using this feature that much. rather than typing "email xyz", you could just get into the hub, press c to compose....

Universal search on steroids! I love it - and I use universal search frequently on Bold 9930. Fastest way to find what you want on any smartphone out there. I despise searching through pages of icons - how lame.

The issue with the up swipe not processing on a lot of these videos bothers me - hopefully they can improve before launch.

For me and how I use a phone this is enough of a reason alone (almost) to get the q10, this and this generous battery =) yea!!!

Finally, a suitable replacement for my Bold 9700 - The Q10. Bigger battery and the keyboard the clinchers for me. Have seen high res photos of the white version and it looks like the back cover is made of different material (dimpled) than the black one.... Any comments?

earlier than I thought for 10.1! So do you guys think there will be more features that come with 10.1 or will we have to wait for BB11