Is Tynisha Keli jealous of a BlackBerry?

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By Ryan Blundell on 27 Jun 2010 12:26 pm EDT

There's no official video for this song, so just close your eyes and listen

As BlackBerry users we're more than often told that we spend too much time on our devices. Granted, there are some out there that do take it to the extreme, but I think that the majority of us give it the attention that it deserves. We're not neglecting anyone, just making sure that everything that is important to us gets their fair share of our love. The usual conversation starts as follows:

"You're on that thing again?!? Put that @$!%&#* phone down already!"

"It's not a phone, it's a BlackBerry!"

The other day, while I was searching through the "intertubes", I came across an artist who was pining for the attention of her lover. Her name is Tynisha Keli and her song is coincidentally called BlackBerry. She seems to humanize the BlackBerry, even comparing it to the "other girl". As the saying goes; if you can't beat them, join them! My wife did and is a happy BlackBerry user.

BlackBerry by Tynisha Keli

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Is Tynisha Keli jealous of a BlackBerry?


Yet another talentless artist trying to make a splash. Her voice is far more annoying than any excessive BB usage.


I used to get in trouble, at first my BB was always in my hand and with every FB, Twitter or message notification I'd always take it out and answer to everything. But, now I know that I don't have to always answer everything and it helps me not get into trouble :)

I used to be EXACTLY the same- my creative media teacher would always be going on at me about it. I also have since learned that things can in fact wait :P

the song isnt bad, not a #1 hit but not ex used to HATE my BlackBerry til i talked her into getting one

I think RIM should just sue her pants off for using a copyrighted trademark and patent without permission in a lame song.

If they sue her pants off PLEASE let me know!!!!! If she's takin them pants off "I WANT TO BE THERE" !!!!!!!

Wow, what a lame song. I agree that this is a blatant use of a famous trademark just to put a few bucks in her pocket so she can pay for some more plastic surgery.

I hope RIM does sue her!

The thought is funny. How many women have felt like this in a way.

But the singing and the backup vocals are terrible. Blah...

But good for a laugh.

if my girlfriend finds this song im done for, this will be on every cd she will ever play from now on. It all comes down to smartphone envy

Yes she is cute, but she can't sing, that's for sure.
Autotune, too much
Digital metallic sound, too much
Bad chorus.

This is not even a catchy song.

Let Key$ha sing this for us pleeeeeease...

Lyrics catching, chorus was annoying... She's hot, that's all she's got for her. But I agree with cathomas, Kei$ha can't sing but Keyshia could... Maybe change the chorus too.

Unless her man's Blackberry has it's own vagina, I'm not sure what she's so worried about.

As for the song, is it just me, or does the bitrate sound like it's about 56kbps? That mixed with the auto tune makes my ears hurt.

Oh, and she is cute. I'd hit it. (assuming she's at least 18)

At first, reading these comments, I was thinking "Aw come on guys, that's kind of mean"...but after listening, holy shit, her voice IS annoying, and it is so over-produced and fake - I mean, damn. She must really not be able to sing by herself at all or something. Poor girl. Why try to sing with auto-tune and all the cyber effects and shit if she can't sing by herself? Well, I guess I know that answer already: Just for any attempt to make money.

I personnaly think the song wasn't bad at all, wasn't great but not bad, you all have to remember that she is a teenager and is probably going to mature into a better singer over time. For her age I think the song is very creative, and this is probably the only song you all ever heard of hers so how can u judge based on that, there is another song she did that actually is getting positive reviews, just check out the comments at the botttom of the page

This is a cute song by a pretty cute young girl! All y'all that is hatin' on this song, the gurl is just starting out! She trying to work her way up in the business! Yes she needs to work on the singing but the subject matter is very creative. The lyrics are good and they are speaking the truth! AMEN! I never heard a girl being compared to something like this since R. Kelly compared his girl to a Jeep! LOL! And that song sold millions! RIM won't sue cause that is free advertising!

i made a post on this a while back and its just made the main page now?! wtf y'all are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay behind!

Man, that was horrible. Yet another talentless skank paired up with a producer that Auto-Tunes every sound byte to death.

It's funny...When I had my Pearl 8100, my wife used to argue with me about the using the BB (the pear was very slow so it may taken more time than it should to do things) When my daughter was born we both received new BB, 8520 for her (I didn't want to spend too much in case she didn't like it), and 8900 for me. Know she loves her BB 8520, she even wants to upgrade to a 9700 (I don't blame her).

She broke the screen, and I offered to get her the HTC HD2, and she refused...she wanted her blackberry!!!! Now I'm the one asking her to put it down! LOL Karma I guess!