txtForward: SMS to Email Forwarding

By Ryan Blundell on 8 Sep 2009 07:57 am EDT


This may not be the case for everybody but for me, I used to rarely use SMS to communicate. There has only been a slight increase of SMS activity on my BlackBerry smartphone. What’s the reason? There isn’t actually any real reason that I can think of. Most of my wireless communication typically happens via email, phone calls, BlackBerry Messenger or through third party apps. After thinking about it, I may not use SMS that often due to the fact that once it’s deleted, it’s gone. Unless I choose to delete an email from my mailbox and handheld, I will still have the message backed up somewhere. If I’m at work, I’m usually managing my email and such from my desktop. Some departments in my company are actually banning cellphones, due to SMS abuse. Tsk tsk fellow employees - even without your BlackBerry on your desks, you can still use txtForward.

Actually, txtForward, if used with good intentions, could be very beneficial. The application lets you forward received and/or sent messages to an email address of your choice. With txtForward on my BlackBerry, I should text those who may have thought I died a long time ago. If you’re still curious what this application could do for you, read on.

About txtForward

txtForward was developed by Electric Pocket Ltd. You may recognize the name, as they are also behind, FlipSide MP3 player, Ringo ringtone manager, PhoneFace photo speed dial and Twitterlerts Twitter search. The latest version of txtForward is, which will occupy 47.8 KB on your BlackBerry. As the application runs in the background, you’ll find set up incredibly easy. txtForward has a simple enable/disable option, eliminating the need to set filters or unnecessary preferences. You can decide, however, to choose whether to forward received text messages, sent text messages or both. Any email address or mobile number can be chosen to forward the text messages to. If you want to forward your sent messages, I would suggest using an email account not set up on your BlackBerry. Otherwise, you will see duplicate messages.

the main menu
choose the destination
Use the EP Server or forward directly from your BlackBerry

In the email, you can see the number of the sender (the name and number if you have them in the address book) and the message itself. Now, you could grab your BlackBerry and respond OR reply to the message directly. Make sure you don’t modify the subject line or reply address. You now have a reliable SMS archive that doesn’t take up space on your BlackBerry! When replying to an SMS from the forwarded message, the reply is sent from your BlackBerry’s SMS service “at your normal network charge”. For forwarded messages you have two options: have the messages forwarded using Electric Pocket’s servers or directly from your phone. I only had one issue when using txtForward. Their user guide states that PIN messages can be forwarded as well. I haven’t been able to receive any PINs from anyone, whether they are in my address book (or BlackBerry Messenger) or not. I was disappointed as this would have been a very important feature. Other than that, the application performed quite well. It’s an excellent way to keep in touch, without having access to your wireless device…or devices.

Viewing the SMS using GMail


Despite not having any luck with PIN messages, txtForward is a superb way to receive, respond to and archive SMS messages without being on your BlackBerry. With the effortless setup and multiple benefits, you’ll find this solution to be quite useful. txtForward is available at the CrackBerry App Store for $9.95. If you would like to try before you buy, there is a free trial available.


  • Manage SMS messages from multiple wireless devices using one email account
  • Read and respond without touching your BlackBerry
  • Extremely easy to set up


  • Wasn't able to forward PIN messages


Reader comments

txtForward: SMS to Email Forwarding


I really thought this application could provide the service most U.S. carriers support: SMS to e-mail (or e-mail to SMS). I am a CrackBerry addict, but unfortunately the carriers in my country do not support BIS so I can not use the e-mail functions on the 'Berry (only web with Opera Mini using a generic data plan).

Not sure but you guys have no idea how and why to actually use SMS... However the rest of the world does...

They should of have given away 1000 copies for free on this app. not worth the price my opinion, plus my phone does that anyway .


PIN forwarding works if you send and receive the PIN messages in the regular Messages app (e.g. where email comes and goes). If you send using the Blackberry Messenger app they turn up as a different type of message which txtForward currently doesn't know how to read the contents of.

I'm not able to use my phone or personal email at work, but with this app I can have my text messages forward to my work email when I'm work. I turn it off when I'm not at work. Useful if the family is trying to contact me.

A thought: what about adding an option that would allow a person to schedule when the email was sent, like a group of SMS's, similar to SMS2EMAIL for a iPhone (not the same as the SMS2EMAIL from BFI, or SMS2Desk by Cortado).
My issue is that I get about 30 SMS's a day which then generates to being 30 emails because your app is set to forward each SMS upon receiving.
So that's 30 SMS's, 30 emails, = 60 messages, 60 notifications, and you can see the battery drain, and memory usage since your app needs to be running in the background.

It would be a GREAT feature if there was a option that would allow the user to schedule a (1, or whatever #) email at lets say 1900 to forward all received SMS's for the duration set.
Be be the duration set for 1 day, 1/2 day, weeks, whatever. A log of SMS messages with full details of each SMS: Date message # or person if in the Addy book..

As I shared I had a app years ago on my 2g iPhone (SMS2EMAIL by Triple Creeks Studio) which offered a person an option to either received individual SMS/emails, or a group of them combined in 1 email.
Triple Creek only develops iPhone and Ardriod app's.

I would buy this app if it had the above option and I think so would others.


Two weeks ago I was able to forward a text message to myself by e-mail from my 8330. Why does this program exist and why does it sell for $9.95?

txtForward forwards SMS and PIN messages automatically and silently in the background. So its great for backing up all your SMS messages rather than having to manually forward them and you can reply to them directly from email too.

So two key reasons for its existence :)

If your post is directed towards my previous comments I am looking to have my messages sent so that I can have a copy on my PC.
Some of the SMS's are orders so I need to be able to review individually at times, so a log of the days messages on my system (PC) is better than sending them to a remote storage company.
Not sure if I really like the idea of having business orders stored on a foreign server either.

I have SMRTGuard already and I don't want to have to go to there website to view my messages of this nature.

But thanks

I have os on my Curve 8900 and on my Curve 8520 and it is standard on both to forward sms to email,pin,sms,mms,messenger.......so i am not really sure what are you guys are trying to make money from??????? i know most of us Blackberry users are "naive".....but come-on.........not that naive!!!!!!!!


txtForward forwards SMS and PIN messages automatically and silently in the background. So its great for backing up all your SMS messages rather than having to manually forward them and you can reply to them directly from email.

So two key advantages I think.

I'm on a Bold. What I do it open a text message and from Option --> Forward As --> select Email. And type in your email and bingo its done.
Thus is this $9.95 app necessary when it can be done manually for free?

Does it leave a copy of the SMS on the BB so that one has the option to reply direct ? If so then this could be the long awaited "How do I back up my SMS ?" solution.


Yes, it leaves a copy on the BB and you can reply either directly on your BB and also by replying to the email with the forwarded text in. So hopefully this is what you are looking for.

used the free trial and liked it. i will purchase as its worth it for me. can't check texts during the day.

I don't think I would be considering sending around 10 $ for this software, despite the fact that it is a handy one.. archiving the sms on emails and that too with such ease. But... the price.........