Two Things We Love..Contests And Give Aways

Two Things We Love..Contests And Give Away's
By Kevin Michaluk on 11 Jan 2009 02:41 pm EST

* Winners Update: And the lucky winners are... brook196, JAHBlessed, fonixmunkee, CarolynBlack and pinkpearl8130. Congrats! Corey will be emailing you shortly so you can get your free theme of choice! *

Two things everyone loves. Contests and Give Aways. When the owner of Visto Themes emailed me the other week and said "You up for a give away?", what could I say other than Let's do it! But Corey knows how the CrackBerry Nation likes being just a little different and has decided we're gonna double the fun and do up a contest as well as a give away.

Give Away: For the next 24 hrs you can pick up a copy of Visto Themes popular H20 theme for absolutely No Charge!! The theme is available for 71,81,83,87,88XX devices, so hit the link and grab your free copy while the going is good!!

Contest: Login to your CrackBerry account (you must be a registered user) and leave a comment on this post, be it giving Corey a big thanks or maybe share the name of your favorite Visto theme with others. 5 users will be selected from the comments and will be offered ANY theme that Visto Themes currently offers. That's it! Simple, and you get at free chance to win a great new theme. Good luck folks and enjoy your new theme!

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Two Things We Love..Contests And Give Aways



I am new here and so is my berry (8350i). Right now themes are not something that is open to us, but things like this are still great! Keep up the good work!

I'm fast approaching my one year anniversary on Crackberry, and I must say that Crackberry has been a savior to my Blackberry woes in more than a few instances. Thanks to Crackberry and to the community for keeping my BB running and my frustration low!

looked @ you other themes and this on I got wowow they are good they rock thanks for the freebie will deff buy from your site!

crackberry is awesome.

i love the chrono theme for the pearl...and i want to win cause i never win!

thanks again!!!

I've had my first BB for less than a week (Bold). was instrumental in helping me choose the right BB. The help in the forums is top notch. (i'm on my 3rd OS .219 LOL)

What do Storm users get?
What good is a freebie if it's not really free?
I feel left out and unloved. C'mon Visto...give me something I can actually use.

CB you guys rock, and Visto has the best themes so whoever came up with this I wanna say thanks a lot!!!!!!! So I will,
THANKS A LOT!!!!!!!!!

This is my first time leaving a comment i am new to the blackberry by a couple of months now. I love my bb. I just wanted to say thank you for all of the cool stuff on crackberry. I just downloaded the h2o theme. Thanks a bunch.

Thank you so much for the free theme. I am going to put it on husbands BB. We would love to win the contest and get another.

Thank you so much Corey and Crackberry! I love this H20 theme, the icon version stood out so I downloaded that one. Visto is neat, the theme hasn't slowed my phone down yet, and the Glass and Ice were the most appealing ones that caught my eye when browsing through premium themes. Thank you again!

I would love to have the "9000 Series" Today theme for my 8330 Curve. I love the way the 8900 looks, and this is just one step closer to finally owning one. :)

Thanks for the free theme!
I like the nice clean header and the icon set. It does seem, however, that it was designed for OS 4.2 and not 4.5. The header on the application page shows as the Dimension header and not as the H2O theme.

Awesome looking themes, I like how the icons stand out a lot more than on some other themes. Thanks!

Cool, Its always nice to get something for free. I love the Visto themes. Thanks Corey for all the work you do... Oh and the Freebie...

Thank you for the free themes. Since my wife is the only BB owner as of yet, she will really enjoy them.

I will be a BB owner/adict as soon as T-Mo releases the 8900

Anyone have an idea why my 8330 (latest OS w/ Verizon) won't see the theme? I tried loading it with the BB Manager, but it won't see the .jad file (I browse to it). Also selected all files, but tells me that there are no supported files.

I have installed themes before, so don't know why this one isn't been seen. Usually they were .alx files though, not .jad...


I didnt see the Bold listed as supported for the free theme. Does this mean no Bold love? Its cool, ill win one for my Bold in the contest. Thanks guys!

Visto has some nice themes. A little cartoonish, but one of the few theme makers that can somewhat compare to bbplay.

Thanks Corey but how bout some love for the STORM users... I know I would like to try out a new theme for free...!!!

Gee, Thanks a million for the free theme! I hope it works on my 8350i, I love my Crackberry and you guys definately make it better!!!

I love visto's themes. All of them look so cool, especially Glass X and OSX. If you pick me, I will invite the creators of those two themes and the crackberry staff out for some Starbucks or Pete's Coffee. Also, everyone who reads this post, I encourage you to buy the themes from visto. I've seen a lot of themes and their themes look the smartest, coolest, and the smoothest.

I really love the free one, it's nice and clean. In fact looking at the other available themes. I love them all! Thank you so much.

Another great give away to bad theirs non for the Storm yet but if we know Corey hes already got some cool ass designs for our lovely screen in mind keep it up cant wait thanks

I am new to a crackberry and i have to say i LOVE this theme i am getting more from them, and i now know why they call it a crackberry. :)

Thank you Corey for your dank themes! They are the coolest and most functional themes available for any blackberry! They are like the Ferrari of themes! So in the end i just want to give "Props" to Corey for all the boss stuff!

If the first thing you see is yet another boring and uninspired Apple or Microsoft theme, you'll know not to look for anything original.

What do I win? :D

Thanks for your free theme...the old Verizon theme was getting so plain and boring. Now it almost looks like I have a new BB...maybe I don't need a Storm now...


Thanks for the theme!

Thanks so much for the free theme, its really nice to get something free theses days!!
The theme is awesome, as are all of your themes!

Thanks again,

Man I hope I win so I can download a copy of 9000s My phone is red and black, so this theme would look SWEET!

Visto Themes, give aways and Contests OH MY! Never thought id say this but, its like Christmas has spilled over into January. :D

H2O is swimmingly beautiful. crisp clear interactive icons and neat abstract background. for giggles, i have a picture of a painting i did of The Rainbow Fish and set it as the background. This will be temporary, but thought it appropriate to go with the water theme.

Thanks for the free visto theme! I'll make sure to check your others as well. How do you back-up the theme on with the Blackberry Desktop manager.

its cool how some one is actually take money away from there self for 24hours and giving something away for free. to bad it doesnt work for the storm i would down load it now.

Thanks to Corey for the free theme. I like to change up my themes every now and then so my Curve doesn't feel stale. Especially with the newer models coming out.

Thanks to Corey for the free theme. I like to change up my themes every now and then so my Curve doesn't feel stale. Especially with the newer models coming out.

I like the Grayonic Theme the best and the blue ice is not to bad. I like to have just one row of icons at the bottom. That way you can see the background and still have a few icons too.

I have not been a crackberry user long. I have in the past few weeks come to love this little peace of heaven. Never knew there was so much to do with it. And thanks to all that help and give stuff away. Once again thanks

Corey, Just wanted to give you a big thanks for the free gift, and the possibility of winning a great theme.

I'm new to all of this. Just got a blackberry. Love this site. It has helped one get to know my blackberry. The Visto themes look pretty cool but none available for the blackberry storm 9530. Couldn't get the freebie this time. Hopefully you guys will offer something for the storm in the future.

I love the theme but the profile icon is missing. When I scroll onto it there is just a blank box (you only see the background). I can only tell it's meant to be the profiles icon because the text underneath.

Any thoughts on how I can fix that?

Thanks again!

The Visto themes are awesome! I actually just purchased one last week (Ice Blue) and I absolutely love it. I also just d/l my free copy of H2O and of course I'm impressed. Keep up the good work! And thanks for the free theme!

i'm new so i'll play.. but i have the storm.. do you make themes for them??? do you have any free ones for the storm???

I love this H20 theme and now I would love to have the green theme and droid theme. They look awesome. My husband never wanted to change the theme on his pearl till he saw this one and he is using it now. Thanks for helping my husband become a blackberry addict just like me. I have the curve. Thanks again and keep those themes coming I luv looking for new ones.

Hey everybody! Thanks for all the kind comments!

To answer a few questions:

1. I currently do not have any themes made for the Storm as there is not a Theme Builder out that supports themes to be made for the Storm.

2. The profile icons are invisible because the current builder that was out when I created H2O did not support hiding it, so I had to find a workaround which was to make them all transparent images. I did this to keep the banner clean and simple. (if not, you would have a huge profile icon sitting there blocking things.)

3. I would love to port most of my themes over to the Bold series, but unfortunately the new awesome high-res screen makes the icons for H2O and most of my other themes look very small. I would make them larger, but resizing them that way just makes them blurry.


Can't beat the price!

I would also like to say thank you to ALL the companies that make these contests and give-aways possible.

It is a nice added bonus to becoming a member to an already great site!

This theme looks great...thanks very much for sharing! I don't see an icon for Profiles though. Does anyone else have this problem?

I would love to see themes for the bold added to this contest or future contests. Maybe i have missed some, since i am fairly new and looking for any free themes from them.

(just putting it out there)


Thanks for the theme Corey, it's really nice. I also like your other themes. the Droid theme is cool. Thanks again :)

Thanks for the free theme but since I never win anything free this was a 1st. But I'm so crackberry I would pay for every theme on here thanks again

Thanks for the free H20 Theme! Would love to win a free theme of choice. I don't have but a few themes as it is. So, Pick me :0)

Thanks either way!

i've seen a bunch of screenshots posted with these VISTO themes, and ive always wondered where people got them... i love it...

Contests are great (and I hope to win this one so I can get my hands on Trans Green) but giveaways are even better and while every theme maker worth their salt holds contests on CB, it takes someone who really cares about the community to offer a theme for free for any device, for anybody, just because they're linking from CB. Thanks again, Corey!