Xploding Boxes & 10,000 Farkle from Ebscer update with new levels and much more!

By Kerri Neill on 30 Jan 2012 10:12 am EST

Xploding Boxes10,000 Farkle

In the past, we've shown you a couple of great games from the team over at Ebscer here on the blogs. A little while ago we found out that two of Ebscer's highly popular games, Xploding Boxes & 10,000 Farkle have been updated with new levels and a few other great new features. If you haven't seen them before, both are challenging time-killers (that are super fun) that you can pick up and play anywhere. Keep reading to find out what's new!

Xploding Boxes LogoXploding Boxes

The concept of this game is simple enough: start a chain reaction that will explode all of the boxes on the screen. Each level gives you a set number of clicks in order to advance. With the new 3.0 update, the paid version (in-app purchase of $2.99) of the game will have a grand total of 260 levels while the free version only gives you 25. Xploding Boxes is available for most BlackBerry devices running OS 5.0 or higher including the BlackBerry PlayBook (running OS 1.0.6)! To gain access to all 260 levels via the in-app purchase requires version 2.1 of Blackberry AppWorld installed.

I tested Xploding Boxes on my 9670, 9930 & PlayBook and all three had smooth transitions and I noticed faster loading times on the PlayBook. You can even find some helpful videos on YouTube if you get stuck on a level or two.

10,000 Farkle10,000 Farkle Logo

The basis of the game is knowing how far to push your luck,which scoring combinations to keep and which to re-roll. Farkle gives you six dice to roll and awards points for certain combinations. Fewer points are also awarded for each individual 1 and 5. 10,000 Farkle has 4 game play modes: 10 turns, 10,000 points, vs friend & vs computer. Both the "vs" modes use the traditional race to 10,000 points. The default game mode gives you 10 turns to score as many points as you can. The 10,000 point mode is the traditional way to play where the goal is to reach 10,000 points in as few turns as possible. This app is available for most BlackBerry devices running OS 4.6 or higher via Blackberry AppWorld for $3.99.

Farkle has always been one of my favorite games so I was really happy to find out it was available for my BlackBerry devices. The latest update allows the player to exit the app in the middle of a game and then resume play once it's reopened. There were a couple of visual updates made as well as some game play improvements which only made a great app even better.

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Reader comments

Xploding Boxes & 10,000 Farkle from Ebscer update with new levels and much more!


Xploding boxes is fantastic. Great way to pass the time waiting for elevators, etc. One thing needed: a way to save your progress when reloading operating systems. Every time I load a new OS, I have to start over. Maybe a way to save current progress to SD card and a restore after new OS is loaded?

To back up Xploding Boxes plug your BB into your computer, and launch BlackBerry Desktop Manager, then click "Back up now" then "Back up". After loading the new OS and reinstalling Xploding Boxes once again launch the Desktop Manager and select "Device"->"Restore..." then "Select device data and settings" scroll down and check "Xploding Boxes Data" and click "Restore".

Hopefully BB10 will add something similar to Apple's icloud to make this process simpler.

XB progress can be restored via Desktop Manager. Check it out; it's actually listed as its own line item in Backup and Restore.

Good to know. Thanks. I always wipe and reinstall all apps fresh to ensure no old bugs are retained, but I will make an exception for XB.

I just L-O-V-E Xploding Boxes!!! This game is perfect, whether you have 5 minutes to spend or if you have an hour while watching the TV with your TV series-addicted GF ;) There is close to no loading time (not much on the 9800, almost none on the 9900) and the levels are just awesome and the difficulty is getting harder as you go on, without being to hard!! Another interesting point is that if you play on a vertical phone (like the 9800) the levels are turned around on a horizontal phone (like the 9900 or the playbook) wich make them look like totally new levels!! There is only one problem I have, is that I have never been able to get the Full Version on my PlayBook (I tried with every OS, even the OS 2.0, even after a Security Wipe but nothing to do...) Besides that, this game is just AMAZING!! Too bad for Ebscer its only available on the BB because if this was available on Android or iPhone, this would be as popular as Angry Birds, but I love the fact it makes us special and made my iFriends jealous;) Congrats to Ebscer for this awesome game!!

I have the full paid version on my PlayBook with no issues with all of the 1.x PB OS versions - haven't installed 2.x yet.

Okay, seems like Im the only one with this problem!! I'll contact Ebscer about this, thanks for your feedback!!