Ladies and Gentlemen - Two new sticker packs arrive in the BBM Shop

BBM Stickers
By James Richardson on 15 May 2014 06:37 am EDT

Just a quick heads up for you folk that are into your BBM Stickers. There are now 'Ladies' and 'Gentlemen' packs available for you to purchase if that's your thing. 

Both packs come from Andre Jolicoeur - a illustrator art guy from Canada. His work had appeared all over the world on billboards, magazines, in games, TV shows etc, so he knows his stuff.

Both packs contain 25 stickers of either guys or girls with various expressions and you can pick them up for the regular Sticker price of £1.50/$1.99.

While I'm not a big user of Stickers myself it's certainly encouraging to see them growing. From my point of view though the selection could be much greater - possibly where BlackBerry are missing out on some easy revenue? 

If these two look your cup of tea hit up the Shop from within BBM and enjoy.


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Go BlackBerry and get those new revenue streams!

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Can someone do an article on how stickers are doing? Are they being used and what's the projected revenue at this point?

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Am very curious about this. I initially thought they'd be a bad idea since there are other messaging apps that offer stickers for free. But I have actually purchased a few packs myself, can't explain why lol.
I guess I'm just a silly idiot, but I haven't been able to help myself from purchasing some of these overpriced things lol.
Very curious about sales numbers.

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Well. If you're an idiot, so am I. Love the stickers :)

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I also didn't think people would buy them..... then I went and bought some! Only problem is no one has the ones I paid for, so they apparently don't show up if I send them. I didn't know the receiver doesn't get to see the sticker if they haven't purchased it. So I just stopped using them.

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Are you sure? That would be a ridiculous limitation.

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That's not true. If you send a sticker receiver will see it even if he didn't buy it. At first time when they recive it there is a lag before receiver can see it. I think the BBM has to download the sticker. After first time averything works like a charm. Oh, and on Android 2.3 i think there is no sticker option so they just see text that you send them a sticker.

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They deserve a sticker for this.

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NFL ,MLB , FIFA World Cup, English Premier league (soccer), IPL (Indian Premier League) cricket... shall I go on?

BlackBerry...Get it done!!! ©

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SciFi themes would be nice.


I'm all for an NHL sticker pack that has NHL team logos and caricature versions of players. I'd like to see a sticker pack of The Big Bang Theory created as well. Baziiinga!!

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There needs to be some world cup stickers asap!

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Sometimes they should put some of them out for free.. It is not the same speech about the price or the fact I cannot afford them.. As for apps: some are paid ones,some are free,some are free with in-app purchases. They can deliver small packs of 4-5 stickers for free for example.. My 2 cents :)


So right.

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Monica Buruato

I agree that there should be some free packs as well as some animated ones, if possible. If they are trying to compete with other messaging services, then this would be sensible.


I like your animated stickers idea (if possible). :)

Dave Bourque

It's possible. they already have gif compatability



Oooh yeah! Animated stickers would be great! Gifs might be cool too. Not sure what the best way to implement that would be though.

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Nice... but stickers are too expensive...

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Yeah. Should be more like $0.50 USD. At least that's what I value them at.


At least these packs have 25 stickers. That seems to be a lot more than the other packs had, right? Maybe worth the $2?

I also like the style of these characters.

@James - maybe posting pics of the complete set in each pack would be a nice preview?



There's a new Indonesian sticker pack available for free

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But only for the Z3?

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Michele Guzzini

Still too much expensive for how they are useful.

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Terrible need cute stickers for flirting.. the new Indonesian stickers are good though and free.

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Here's an idea BBRY/BBM...

Make a website that would allow users to make their own stickers to use and charge a "pay-per-render" fee. I rather cartoon/stickerize (YES!..."Stickerizer") myself to use with my BBM contacts. The stickers will become more personable and more comprehending to my BBM contacts.

And to maximize this service, allow the stickers to be outputted to other platform formats.

If you had this right now, I would definitely stickerize myself.


I kite this idea! Take it further: if you send a self-created sticker, can it then be purchased for use by the recipient? BlackBerry could get half and you the creator could get half! Maybe as a credit towards the BlackBerry World or other BBM Shop purchases.

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Too many copyright restrictions if the BBRY allow users to sell their own generated stickers. So I would pass on that feature.


Sweet! But how would we control the unauthorized use of copyrighted material? There are bound to be a few...


Refer to my comment to HaberNik's suggestion. It's not necessary if the user is not selling them. I can use BBRY's logo for my own use all I want as long its not intended for marketing/revenue use. I don't think BBRY would get in trouble just for outputting your sticker to be compatible with BBM and/or other messaging platforms. Pretty much a sticker generator, but at a cost.


Yeah, my screen wasn't refreshed when you posted your comment. If I had seen it, I wouldn't have bothered posting mine. :)

Aaron Cake

Excellent idea! I'd definitely make my own set of stickers for my friends and I. We have so many in-jokes it would be hilarious having our own stickers.


Here is the form if you want to make stickers for BBM.

But as far as I understand, BlackBerry wants to keep the quality level very high if I read the relevant bullet point in the BBM FAQ:

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I don't know what the issue is.... just look at some of the apps in BlackBerry world; some of them blow chunks and cost a few bucks, some of them are crazy good and the developers put them up for free..... why not let the market decide? Besides, everyone knows a niche market or two that they could gear the stickers to, and naturally others may find them fun and exciting too... I say open it up!


Still waiting on stickers that I really want to purchase...



Exactly! I'm not paying $1.99 for shitty stickers.

- sport teams
- Anime
- Video Game icons


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Strange, my shop is currently completely empty.

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And now it's not; of course.

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And they suck.

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I would buy a pack of dejected Boston Bruins and Bruin Fans stickers in a heartbeat.


Only one free pack of stickers available for BBM while other messenger platform have a lot of free stickers. Which is the reason why a lot of Asians are still using WeChat, Line and Viber even BBM already have stickers.

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Take note bbry, make some sticker like popular tv, sports theme, world cup soccer as its coming up.

Ps. Loving this dark theme on cb for Android apps from your blackberry 10 browser


More shit that cost more than an actual app... PASS

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Utterly boring packs...Personal opinion.



I just don't see how you can use most of them in a conversation. More of the standard emoticon type would be useful.

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I wish they were more money. $2 just seems so cheap when you consider what a $0.99 app gets you.


It's good they keep getting more stickers but they will need more free ones to compete with messenger and viber

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The ladies sticker pack is way more beautiful than the gentlemen sticker pack and I'm jealous

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Not interested in motionless stickers. Thanks

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Drop the prices and I'll probably buy a couple more if they come out with some ones I like. I bought one pack just to support BlackBerry a little, but won't be buying anymore at $2.



My issue is that the don't move with you. I switched from my Z30 to my Z10 and lost the stickers. I eventually went back to my Z30 but had loaded the latest leak (so it had been wiped) and again no stickers. For $ would think I would be able to keep the stickers.

I went back to the shop hoping that I could just reinstall them...nope.

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I just want some basic stickers: "I love you" "I miss you", I want you, a big kiss. Simple things like that. Can someone please make these. No more art crap that people don't understand what they mean when I send them.

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Free sticker please

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I like these. Much better. Work is also good.

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If you buy the stickers, does the recipient also need to have bought them? Or only the sender?


I will buy a Star Wars sticker pack...original trilogy characters only.

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I'm know by saying this I will be called cheap and hear comments like a coffee is more and $2 won't break the bank.....but all that isn't the point. The stickers that they have come out with so far should free (with the exception of South Park and WWE). I would pay more than 2 bucks for licensed ones. I'd pay $5 easily for an NHL pack all day. Bring on sports and entertainment. The Simpsons, Family Guy etc. Like I said, it's not about spending $2. I've purchased a lot over the years. But $2 for a set of 12 no name stickers or .99 for a game with HD graphics that took a lot to build.... doesn't add up. What's worse is I bought South Park and went to send it to a friend and they can't even see the sticker unless they purchase it. I love that bbm is generating revenue, but let's get some big name stickers on here!!!

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It's so garbage how there aren't any free stickers since launch and the BlackBerry stickers are a small amount.

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I don't like how it automatically sends the sticker and you can add text before it sends, if you catch the wrong one its too late its gone! And I'm not that desperate to pay for a sticker pack.

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Aza Rudee

we should have more free sticker

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